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Ukraine Meet Your Future the Islamic State of Iraq

The same cabal that removed Saddam Hussein from Iraq and installed a more “Western friendly” government in Iraq has now brought that business model to Ukraine.  Blowback is coming to town.

What have these lunatics unleashed on the world?   Were they so anxious for the rapture that they sped it up in their “new world order”rapture plan?  That emotionally/mentally unstable child they birthed in Iraq then abandoned has become a violent schizophrenic teenager.  

The “Rosemary’s baby” they birthed in Ukraine just had its coming out party and introduction to the world at the G7 summit.  Everyone but the members of the G7 can see that the Biden/Nuland “baby” birthed in Ukraine isn’t quite right.  It’s evident that there is something extremely, dangerously wrong with the baby’s brain.  

You would think that the neocons and Zionists that seized control of the U.S. government in a Supreme Court coup on December 12, 2000 would rethink their failed policy of imperialism around the world.  You would think, but you would be wrong.  They are doubling down on failure.

The debate over America’s Middle East policy has reached a new level of surreality.  In the wake of President Obama’s West Point commencement address last month—in which he pledged to “ramp up” U.S. support for Syrian rebels seeking to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad—Washington elites are exhorting the Obama administration to do much more.  Former U.S. ambassador to Syria Robert Ford urges intensified training and more advanced weapons for “moderate” opposition fighters; others argue for direct U.S. military involvement.  At the same time, Washington has been stunned by the success of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has seized Mosul, Iraq’s second-largest city, and several other strategic targets, and is drawing close to Baghdad.

Really?? Washington has been stunned that the Islamic State in Iraq comprised of radicals they armed and trained to take over Syria has turned on them.  Have they learned anything?  The answer is no.

Unfortunately, Washington seems determined to compound its appalling policy choices in Iraq with equally grievous choices regarding Syria.  For over three years, America has provided Syrian oppositionists with “nonlethal” aidtrained opposition fighterscoordinated with others openly providing lethal aid for U.S.-vetted recipients, and extended high-level political backing to the anti-Assad campaign—including serially reiterated public demands from Obama that Assad “must go.”  Yet, from the conflict’s start it has been clear that opposition fighters would not dislodge Assad, no matter how much external help they received—because, from the beginning, the constituencies supporting Assad and his government have added up to well over half of Syrian society.

What’s really sad is that the people of the world are suffering the most horrible circumstances because of the actions of the corrupt government in the United States of America.

Objective measures of public opinion in Syria are not as robust as any serious analyst would like.  Nevertheless, for over three years, every piece of relevant data—including multiple polls, participation in the February 2012 constitutional referendum and the May 2012 parliamentary elections, participation in this month’s presidential election (including by thousands of refugees), and other evidence—indicates that a majority of Syrians continues to back Assad.  Conversely, there is not a scrap of objective evidence suggesting that anywhere close to a majority of Syrians wants Assad replaced by some part of the opposition.

These realities were readily observable in spring 2011; we have been writing and speaking about them for over three years.  Yet the Obama administration decided, within weeks after the outbreak unrest in parts of Syria in March 2011, to support oppositionists seeking to overthrow Assad.  It did so—as administration officials told the New York Times in April 2011—because it calculated that destabilizing Assad’s government would undermine Iran’s regional position.

So, people of Syria be damned the “new world order” is here and what a world it is.

This was a colossally irresponsible exercise in policymaking-by-wishful-thinking, for two reasons.  First, outside support for opposition fighters—a sizable percentage of whom are not even Syrian—has taken what began as small-scale, indigenously generated protests over particular grievances and turned them into a heavily militarized insurgency that could sustain high levels of violence but could not actually win.  

So the U.S. government has taken opposition fighters, who are not even Syrian, and heavily militarized the insurgency for maximum killing without winning.  Is there no world court that can bring these people to justice?

Second, it was utterly foreseeable that backing an armed challenge to Assad would worsen the threat of jihadi militancy—in Syria, in neighboring countries like Iraq, and beyond.

Yes, it was foreseeable unless you are part of the American Enterprise Institute, Cato Institute, Heritage Foundation, AIPAC, Council on Foreign Relations and the whole neocon network that is killing America and the world.

Three years ago, at the beginning of the Syrian conflict, the Islamic State of Iraq—formed in 2006 from Abu Musab Az-Zarqawi’s “Al-Qaeda in Iraq” movement—was on the ropes.  Reinvigorated through the creation of an externally supported insurgency in Syria by the United States and America’s European and regional partners, it rebranded itself in 2013 as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria and, like the Taliban in Afghanistan before 9/11, has taken over swaths of both Syria and Iraq with lightning speed.

Washington has only itself and its collaborators in the anti-Assad crusade to blame for such an outcome.  As ISIS captures more cities and territory in Iraq, it is also capturing stockpiles of weapons and military equipment that America supplied to the post-Saddam government—weapons and equipment that will enable further gains by ISIS fighters.  Against this backdrop, calls to increase the flow of weapons into neighboring Syria are a case study in Einstein’s (apocryphal) definition of insanity—“doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.”  Calls for the United States to “go back” to Iraq, to undo the horrific damage it has already done there, are equally delusional.

The neocons in the U.S. have unleashed a horror on the world that will end up requiring the U.S. to join with Syria and Iran to beat back the monster the U.S. has created.  The result will be Americans killed on the battlefield with munitions supplied by America.

Neither the interests of ordinary Syrians and Iraqis nor the interests of ordinary Americans will be served by Washington doubling down on its ill-considered arming of brutal and unrepresentative militias.

So that brings us back to Ukraine, the latest country where the corrupt U.S. government has overthrown the government and installed a “Western friendly” banker as president.  Even after the farce of an election in Ukraine the violence is rapidly escalating due to the Biden, Kerry and Nuland Rosemary’s baby they birthed.  

The elected government of Ukraine was overthrown in a coup orchestrated by Biden/Kerry/Nuland when Yanukovych rejected a European Union trade agreement that called for extremely harsh austerity on the people of Ukraine.  Instead Yanukovych signed an agreement with Russia that would have secured a $15 billion dollar loan, reduced energy prices and increased social programs.  Therefore the CIA ousted Yanukovych.

So how is Ukraine faring now that the CIA installed government is in place?   From Global Research’s article:  Ukraine: New President Escalates Austerity, CivilWar; Popular Resistance Deepens

The newly elected president of western Ukraine is deepening the disastrous course to civil war of his interim predecessor. Within hours of his election on May 25, Petro Poroshenko ordered jet fighters, helicopter gunships, artillery and snipers to back fascist storm troopers from western Ukraine in attacking the airport and surrounding neighbourhoods in Donetsk in the east, the country’s fifth-largest city.

Right-wing militias and army units also resumed shelling of the city of Slavyansk following the election. It lies north of Donetsk. Among the targets struck by the shelling were a primary school, a children’s hospital and houses

Attacks against Slavyansk have been going on for many weeks. Kyiv regime forces suffered a heavy blow on May 29 when a helicopter carrying General Serhiy Kulchytskiy and 12 or 14 soldiers was shot down outside the city and all its occupants died. Kulchytsky was the head of training of Kyiv’s National Guard. That’s the storm trooper force created in the wake of the secession of Crimea from Ukraine in March. It is composed of volunteers from right-wing and fascist political movements across Ukraine.

The formation of the National Guard has been prompted by the refusal of many soldiers in Ukraine’s conscript army to fire on fellow citizens. Since the beginning of Kyiv’s assaults in eastern Ukraine in April, there have been frequent reports of mutinies and other forms of refusal by army conscripts to fire on citizens. The frequency of soldier rebellions is growing.

So the CIA “elected” government of Poroshenko can’t get the Ukrainian army to kill their neighbors, so just bring in Blackwater who will kill indiscriminately. 

Poroshenko has continued the inflammatory rhetoric of his predecessor, terming the broad movement for autonomy in eastern Ukraine as “terrorist” and saying he does not recognize the plebiscite vote in the Crimea Peninsula region in March that saw the region secede from Ukraine and join the Russian Federation.

The business tycoon has affirmed that he wants to sign an economic agreement with the European Union that would devastate the country’s industry and radically impoverish a large part of its population.

So we are to believe that the Ukrainians elected a president that vowed to sign an economic agreement with the E.U. that will devastate the country’s industry and radically impoverish a large part of the population?

Mainstream reporting in the West has shamefully downplayed or ignored the role and influence of rightist and fascist forces in Ukraine. It has failed to report the significance of the formation of the storm trooper National Guard…

Since the overthrow of the elected president Viktor Yanukovych in February, a broad movement has arisen in eastern Ukraine that opposes the political and economic direction of the governing regime that came to replace him. Europe’s governments and financiers are demanding a rupture of existing relations with Russia and the implementation of an austerity program that would see the elimination of support for much of the coal, steel and other manufacturing industries in Ukraine and a further slashing of its already meagre social programs.

Poroshenko is a symbol par excellence of the old guard of post-Soviet Union Ukraine. He is part of the business class that rose to wealth and prominence through the privatization and plundering of the state-owned economy of the Soviet era. He and his fellow robber barons have run Ukraine’s economy into the ground over the past 20 years.

Yes, Ukraine take a look at Iraq and you will see your future.  Like what you see?   I didn’t think so.  The same cabal that removed Saddam Hussein from Iraq and installed a more “Western friendly” government in Iraq has now brought that business model to Ukraine.  Blowback is coming to town.  God have mercy on us all.

By Patricia Baeten

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