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All Monsanto’s Men Part III - Greece the Canary in the Central Bankers’ Coal Mine Finds Love in the Nick of Time

If you are reading this blog, and I know you are, what the fuck is the matter with us?  How did we become so stupid that we would sit back and accept the rape and destruction of ourselves and our children?  Why would we elect these people?  Maybe the answer lies in this article from Truth Dig:


According to a new study from Princeton University, American democracy no longer exists. Using data from over 1,800 policy initiatives from 1981 to 2002, researchers Martin Gilens and Benjamin Page concluded that rich, well-connected individuals on the political scene now steer the direction of the country, regardless of – or even against – the will of the majority of voters. America’s political system has transformed from a democracy into an oligarchy, where power is wielded by wealthy elites.

Yeah no shit, democratic elections in America ended December 12, 2000 when those “wealthy elites” overturned a presidential election in America.

…the doctrine that “all men are created equal” – that all people have “certain inalienable rights,” including “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” – is an American original. And those rights, supposedly insured by the Bill of Rights, have the right to vote at their core. We have the right to vote but the voters’ collective will no longer prevails.

I guess America is pretty well screwed because we have a “two party” system of government created by the two parties.  Every election since 2000 has been completely controlled by the two parties. 

For instance in the 2008 primary the Democratic party refused to acknowledge the votes of American voters in Florida and Michigan because their preordained candidate Barack Obama lost those primaries. 

The Democratic Party of Florida sued the National Democratic Party to have their votes counted and a cherry picked court in Florida ruled that the two parties are not bound by election laws. From LA Times.

TALLAHASSEE, FLA. — Congressional Democrats from Florida sued their party Thursday, hoping to restore national convention delegates stripped from the state because it scheduled an early presidential primary.

The party violated the Constitution and federal voting laws by taking away Florida Democrats' ability to have a say in choosing the presidential nominee, says the lawsuit filed by Sen. Bill Nelson and Rep. Alcee L. Hastings against the Democratic National Committee and Chairman Howard Dean.

"For the DNC to say to the fourth-largest contingency of Democrats in the nation that their votes will not matter in next year's presidential primary is not only shocking and ironic, but we believe is illegal," Hastings said at a news conference in Washington.

The national party's rules committee voted to take away Florida's 210 delegates after the state party chose to go along with a Jan. 29 primary. That date was set by Florida's GOP-led Legislature and signed into law by Gov. Charlie Crist*.

(*Crist has since changed his party from Republican to Democrat)

Thus democratic elections no longer exist in America.  The two parties determine the order and timing of state primary elections, control the debates and determine who may participate and now, due to a spate of Republican led initiates to roll back Civil Rights laws, control who is allowed to vote.

So America’s democracy is dead, killed like Julius Caesar by the very people entrusted to preserve life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.  In the same Truth Dig article, voters in countries around the world that choose anti-austerity candidates are immediately punished, like in Greece.  


In Greece, the left-wing populist Syriza Party came out of nowhere to take the presidential election by storm; and in Spain, the populist Podemos Party appears poised to do the same. But for over a century, no third-party candidate has had any chance of winning a US presidential election.

And what happened a century ago?  The Federal Reserve Bank was formed by a handful of Senators collaborating with Wall Street Bankers.  These are the words of James Madison regarding a central bank:

“History records that the money changers have used every form of abuse, intrigue, deceit, and violent means possible to maintain their control over governments by controlling money and its issuance.” -James Madison

How prescient were the words of James Madison?  Just look at what happened to Greece when their people voted against the crushing austerity demanded by the central banks of the world, all controlled by the Federal Reserve Bank.

When governments of any size need to borrow money, the megabanks in a position to supply it can generally dictate the terms. Even in Greece, where the populist Syriza Party managed to prevail in January, the anti-austerity platform of the new government is being throttled by the moneylenders who have the government in a chokehold.

Thomas Jefferson summed up what would happen if the people ever allowed their currency to be under the control of a central bank:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks…will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered…. Thomas Jefferson

So the new anti-austerity Tsipras Government in Greece is at the mercy of the European Central Bank who is playing hardball and demanding more pain and crushing debt for the Greek people.  From Forbes:


The tensions between Greece and the European Central Bank (ECB) have been palpable for some time – years even. But they have recently become increasingly public and relations have become more strained.

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has described the ECB as “asphyxiating” the Greek economy by depriving it of much needed liquidity. Unsurprisingly, this has provoked the ire of the fiercely independent (at least in his mind) ECB President Mario Draghi – reports abound of him shutting Tsipras down at a meeting on the side-lines of last week’s EU summit.

Why have tensioned escalated between the ECB and Greece?

Beyond its usual role in the Troika (which oversees the EU bailout in Greece) and its hard-nosed insistence of stringent economic reforms there are a couple of key decisions which have brought tensions back to the surface…. the ECB will not accept Greek government bonds as collateral – another decision which still irks the Greeks.

Just as the ECB thought they had Greece just where they wanted them, Tsipras had an Ace up his sleeve.  From The Telegraph.


Greek defiance mounts as Alexis Tsipras turns to Russia and China

Two months of EU bluster and reproof have failed to cow Greece. It is becoming clear that Europe’s creditor powers have misjudged the nature of the Greek crisis and can no longer avoid facing the Morton’s Fork in front of them.

Any deal that goes far enough to assuage Greece’s justly-aggrieved people must automatically blow apart the austerity settlement already fraying in the rest of southern Europe. The necessary concessions would embolden populist defiance in Spain, Portugal and Italy, and bring German euroscepticism to the boil.

Emotional consent for monetary union is ebbing dangerously in Bavaria and most of eastern Germany, even if formulaic surveys do not fully catch the strength of the undercurrents.

Sheesh, who has the upper hand now, Greece or the ECB that has stripped the people in the EU of their wealth, health and general welfare?

Yet if the EMU powers persist mechanically with their stale demands… they risk setting off a political chain-reaction that can only eviscerate the EU Project as a motivating ideology in Europe….

Alexis Tsipras leads the first radical-Leftist government elected in Europe since the Second World War….  There are faint echoes of what happened to the elected government of Jacobo Arbenz in Guatemala, a litmus test for the Latin American Left in its day.

His experiment in land reform was famously snuffed out by a CIA coup in 1954, with lasting consequences. It was the moment of epiphany for Che Guevara (below), then working as a volunteer doctor in the country.

A generation of students from Cuba to Argentina drew the conclusion that the US would never let the democratic Left hold power, and therefore that power must be seized by revolutionary force.

We live in gentler times today, yet any decision to eject Greece and its Syriza rebels from the euro by cutting off liquidity to the Greek banking system would amount to the same thing, since the EU authorities do not have a credible justification or a treaty basis for acting in such a way.

So the ECB loans are just another form of coup against any populist government.  Seems the well laid plans of the Central Banks to strip countries of their wealth, land and mineral rights have hit a snag.  Enter stage right, Russia’s Vladimir Putin.   From The Telegraph:


Russia ready to offer Greeks cash in return for assets

Kremlin could provide cash-strapped Greeks a credit line and discounted energy supplies as Alexis Tsipras meets with Putin

Ha, ha ha.  That’s got to piss off the Central Banks, it’s like Bonnie Raitt’s song Love In the Nick of Time.

Russia could offer debt-ridden Greece controversial loans and discounts on supplies of natural gas in exchange for the country's "assets", according to reports in Moscow.

Alexis Tsipras, Greece’s prime minister, is due to arrive in the city on Tuesday and will meet Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, on Wednesday.

Athens overtures to Moscow have raised fears the Leftist government is pivoting east in search of alternatives sources of finance as it bids to avoid bankruptcy. Ahead of his visit, Mr Tsipras condemned economic sanctions on Moscow as “a road to nowhere”.

Greece's dalliance with the Kremlin has also attracted criticism for potentially undermining the EU's united front against Russia's military intervention in Ukraine.

Aaah, yes that thorn in the side of the corrupt EU and the “new” America, Vlad the Impaler strikes again.  But be careful, it sounds a lot like the deal Putin offered and was accepted by Ukraine’s elected leader Yanukovych, who was promptly overthrown in a CIA coup.

Martin Schulz, the president of the European Parliament, said on Saturday that it would be "unacceptable” if Mr Tsipras “jeopardised Europe's common policy on Russia” in return for Kremlin aid.

But Kommersant newspaper quoted an anonymous Russian government source on Tuesday saying that lines of credit were on the table.

“We’re ready to consider the question of providing Greece discounts on gas: the price for it is tied to the cost of oil which has significantly fallen in recent months,” the source said.

“We are also ready to discuss the possibility of granting Greece new loans. But here we, in turn, are interested in reciprocal moves – in particular, in Russia receiving particular assets in Greece.”

Oh boy, that Putin really knows how to play the game, giving NATO, the EU and America a red ass spanking again.

The source did not identify the assets concerned, but Russian media said the Greek gas company DEPA could be among them. Stakes in train operator TrainOSE and sea ports in Athens and Thessaloniki are also potential targets.

Moscow is Greece's largest trading partner on account of its huge reliance on Russian natural gas.

Athens' energy minister has invited Russian companies to explore natural gas and oil reserves off the country's eastern coast. In return, Greece has indicated it is willing to support the Kremlin’s new pipeline plan though Turkey, known as "Turkish Stream".

Looks like the EU and the ECB just experienced what Mohammed Ali termed as “Rope-a-Dope.

EU officials fear any Russian rescue loans or other sweeteners could persuade Athens to veto sanctions on the Kremlin over Ukraine, where Russia has supported separatists fighting Ukrainian government forces.

Yes, America’s puppet government in Kiev needs heavy support from America and the EU and Greece having the ability to veto Russian sanctions would render Poroshenko just the latest Emperor with no clothes.

And guess what?  Bingo, Greece found love in the nick of time.  According to CNN Money, Greece has made its payment.

The government submitted a new list of reforms last week, detailing the government's plans to tackle tax evasion and fraud.

But the list also includes a number of measures that are likely to spark a backlash from the creditors, including reversing earlier reforms that could cost the Greek government an extra 1.1 billion euros ($1.2 billion) this year….

The government is reported to be facing a bill of 1.7 billion euros for public sector wages and pensions by the end of the month.

The relationship between Greece and its creditors has deteriorated after the new Greek government accused the lenders of bullying over its 240 billion euros bailout, and demanded a renegotiation of terms or even another debt haircut.

The Greek canary in the coal mine has survived another day, and just like in Bonnie Raitt’s song, they found love in the nick of time.

By Patricia Baeten

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