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American Think Tanks’ Global Destruction of Democracy and Hybrid Police Forces

American think tanks’ plans for the global destruction of democracies have come full circle.  America, the petri dish where the think tanks laid the foundation for destruction of society, is erupting in civil violence pitting citizens against a hybrid police force that was the brainchild of the RAND Corporation.

Through urban renewal, corporate for-profit charter schools for minorities, destruction of the social safety net and the destruction of families through a for profit prison system created by Wall Street banks, democracy is dead or dying.  

Engorged in wealth stolen from the U.S. Treasury, the Federal Reserve Bank and the Central Banks of the world have used the assets of the EU, NATO and America to fund private mercenary armies marauding across America, the Middle East, Eurasia and the Pacific Rim.

According to Lew


The RAND Corporation, one of the most fecund research arms of the Military-Industrial-Homeland Security Complex, has released a study entitled A Stability Police Force for the United States: Justification and Creating U.S. Capabilities.

The SPFOR (to use the inevitable acronym) would be a “hybrid” military/law enforcement unit created within the U.S. Marshals Service (USMS) for use “in a range of tasks such as crowd and riot control, special weapons and tactics (SWAT), and investigations of organized criminal groups” — both abroad, in UN-directed multilateral military operations, and at home, as dictated by the needs of the Regime….

The RAND study, which was conducted for the U.S. Army’s Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute, recommended using the Marshals Service rather than the US Army’s Military Police as host for the SPFOR in order to avoid conflicts with the Posse Comitatus Act, which forbids (albeit in principle more than in practice) the domestic use of the military as a law enforcement body.

So you have a billionaire think tank making recommendations on how to create an extrajudicial police force for “controlling” the people when they rise up and demand accountability for the destruction of their country and government.

Back in 1961, the U.S. Government produced a document entitled “Freedom From War” that envisioned the creation of a globe-spanning United Nations “Peace Force” that would work in collaboration with a militarized “internal security” force in each country….

While the monstrosity headquartered on the East River is a proper target of our scorn and hostility, the new RAND study underscores the fact that if “peacekeepers” end up patrolling American streets, they probably won’t be foreigners in blue berets, but homegrown jackboots commanded by Washington.

A recent interview in Pacific Rim with John McMurtry, a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada, describes the destruction of the social systems in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Ukraine etc. 


Whenever any nation has an independent government with fossil fuel, financial, agricultural or strategic resources not yet subjugated to transnational corporate control, there is a US-led campaign to destroy it.

Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, Syria have all experienced this over many decades dating from the overthrow of the social-democratic president Mossadegh of Iran in 1953 to Syria’s still mildly independent social state being destroyed to the roots today.

Lebanon was a civilized center of the Middle East before warred upon by Israel in 1982 and has been civil-war divided ever since.

Iraq’s region-leading social state with universal health-care, free higher education, public water and electricity, local agricultural and food subsidies has been subjected to genocidal destruction and civil war imposition from 1990 to now, with Syria being destroyed by foreign-supported civil war from 2011.

Libya’s long-time leader was first welcomed into the Western fold after 2000 and his opponents deported and renditioned by British M-15, then jihadis were joined by massive NATO ‘humanitarian bombing’ in 2011 to overthrow his social state, and Libya too is now in civil war chaos.

Induced civil wars are the divide-and-rule policy across borders, and especially successful social states like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and Libya where their people are clearly better off than neighbouring peoples under US diktat…

All are orchestrated into sectarian insanity and internecine wars. At the same time vast new profits, resources, lands, price climbs, markets, agribusiness and – most of all – looting of public resources and finances by private foreign financiers and corporations proceeds more freely with stable social fabrics destroyed, not only in the victim societies but at home…

The RAND Corporation has been writing guidelines for puppet governments installed after the CIA instigates “riots” and removes the elected governments.  In Ukraine after the CIA removed their elected president Yanukovych, he was replaced with think tank approved billionaire, Poroshenko.  RAND’s plan for Poroshenko was leaked to the press. From Russia Times an interview with activist Don Debar:


Even if the leaked plan of ‘handling’ Ukrainian crisis was not produced by the RAND corporation, events on the ground very much resemble the shocking points of the memo and the “guidelines for genocide” exported by the US, Don Debar from CPR News told RT.

A memorandum, recently leaked to online media, suggested surrounding eastern Ukrainian cities and placing citizens in internment camps. The document bears a logo of RAND corporation think-tank, but the company denies producing such a report.

RT: What do you make of this leak? How realistic does it sound?

Don Debar: Well actually knowing something about RAND Corporation, that is where reports credit the memo, it rings very true. RAND Corporation in the 1950s, for example, was contracted to take a look at the emerging political power of minorities in the cities.

People were learning, as they got concentrated at the ghettos, people actually learned that they could accumulate political power, elect people to Congress, and state legislators and things. And this became a problem for the status quo.

So RAND basically advised them to destroy neighborhoods, scatter the populations to the four corners of the region and thereby decimate political power. And urban renewal accomplished that. As far as its coming from RAND it is quite credible to me, it is the kind of work that they engage in.

When you look at Ferguson, Missouri and Baltimore, Maryland it looks like the RAND plan, destroy neighborhoods and scatter the populations to decimate the power to elect your government.  It works the same in any nation, just like Hermann Goering said in the Nuremburg Trials:

"Why of course the people don't want war. Why should some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece? Naturally the common people don't want war neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood.

But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders.

That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country."

Goering is right, it works the same in any country, to provoke a civil war you must have one group of people in a country driven into hatred of another group of people in the country and destroy the country from within. 

So how did think tanks use the “Goering doctrine” in America?  According to an LA Times Article from 1989, Enterprise Zones.  Sounds a lot like what the Republican Party is peddling today as Opportunity Zones.  The same anti-Democratic ideas are as popular today in the GOP as they were in the 80’s.  

In 1989 the plan was called Enterprise Zones, today Barack Obama and the “Reagan Democrats” that shoe horned him into the White House have embraced the plan that has proved to be devastating for America in the past.  From Bloomberg in1992.


Conservatives have said for a decade that inner cities… The urban solution: Give businesses tax breaks, and they will come.

Now, in the wake of the Los Angeles riots, the "enterprise zones" notion is moving out of right field. Suddenly, much of Washington is working on a plan to sweeten existing, state-sponsored enterprise programs with federal tax breaks. The aim is to create jobs by providing tax relief to businesses that settle in the desolate areas.

Yep, the GOP and the “Reagan Democrats” never get tired of the same old failed idea, it just gets recycled and recycled devastating the world, while enriching the few.

LIGHT INDUSTRY. The program has long been popular outside of Washington: Since 1982, 38 states have created 600 enterprise zones in blighted inner-city neighborhoods. Phoenix Lighting Products Corp., a manufacturer of lighting equipment on Chicago's depressed West Side, opened its doors four years ago with the help of a 57% reduction in state and local taxes. Says co-owner David Hesse: "It would have been really tough to make it without the enterprise zone."

But experts believe that few businesses will want to move into troubled neighborhoods--even if federal aid is available. "The additional cost of doing business in these communities is significant enough that tax incentives alone can't offset the cost of insurance, security, and the ability to recruit a skilled work force," says Chris Walker, a researcher at the Urban Institute, a Washington think tank…

There are some basic drawbacks to enterprise zones. Some businesses move into the zones from outside--a zero-sum game that creates jobs in one area at the expense of another. And the goal of employing residents often isn't met, largely because companies can't find the skilled workers they need in the community.

That’s right, pick winners and losers and then pit them against each other for necessities of everyday life.

In the Benton Harbor (Mich.) enterprise zone, for instance, the 101 companies that get tax breaks are encouraged to hire residents from the community, which has a 28% jobless rate

But David J. Yardley, an executive at TRIAX Inc., a custom metal fabricator, says no more than 40% of the 40 jobs at his company go to city residents. Few locals have the required skills for the engineering and support-staff jobs, he says. "It's not the residents' fault," he says. "They're just entrapped in a cycle of poverty."

HALF THE TAX. New Jersey's enterprise-zone program is considered one of the best--and, at nine years, one of the oldest. Nearly 2,500 companies have moved into 10 New Jersey zones, where they're exempt from paying sales tax on personal property and on the cost of materials to renovate buildings.

So with a record like that a prudent person would probably look at the Clinton years of successes, but there are no prudent persons in the GOP nor in the “Reagan Democrats” only think tank lackeys, like Rand Paul.  Paul was front and center in 2013 with his version of “enterprise zones” supported by Barack Obama and Paul Ryan.  From Breitbart:


During his trip to Detroit, Paul will also give a speech to the Detroit Economic Club, where he will unveil a new economic empowerment policy called “Economic Freedom Zones.”

Here we go again.

Some of the idea we took from Jack Kemp who had something called ‘Enterprise Zones.’ But we’ve gone a little bit farther because we think in some ways the ‘Enterprise Zones’ never quite lived up to their potential because they weren’t dramatic enough. 

Oh, so the Enterprise Zones didn’t work, not because it’s a for-shit idea, but it didn’t inflict enough pain on the people, “they weren’t dramatic enough.”  So what does Paul offer to make them “dramatic” enough?

Paul said this kind of a plan would be able to save Detroit without a federal government bailout — something that he had previously told Breitbart News would never happen on his watch…

“The difference is with this is if you leave your money in the hands of successful businesses, you’re not deciding who the winners and losers are; the customer is,” Paul said…

Paul thinks the Republicans should flip these issues on their heads; all while getting results with true conservatives economic policies in the inner city…

Paul said he thinks Republicans need to go out into these communities and actually talk to people, like he has done. “I think one of the best examples of that is Jack Kemp,” Paul said…. He tried to go into the impoverished neighborhoods, visit soup kitchens, visit the community centers and find where there is a place where you connect with people.”

Well after the overthrow of the American government, you won’t have to travel far to visit an impoverished neighborhood.  However, after sequester and slashing all safety nets across the board, you’d be hard pressed to find a soup kitchen with food.

The think tanks in America with their media monopoly, their cable TV funded C-Span programming, Republican operatives on the Supreme Court turning back the clock on civil rights and voting rights laws, plan to spend billions on electing a new lackey to continue with the status quo:  American Think Tanks’ Global Destruction of Democracy And Hybrid Police Forces

By Patricia Baeten

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