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Syria Ground Zero in the CIA’s War of Terror: The French Connection

Syria has been ground zero in the CIA’s war of terror and the “convenient” timing of the horrific attack on innocent civilians in Paris have many who have intimate knowledge of CIA operations  questioning if the Paris attacks were actually false flag attacks.  From Paul


Another Paris False Flag Attack? — Paul Craig Roberts

At 7pm on Friday 13th we do not have much information about the “terrorist attacks” in Paris other than that Paris is closed down like Boston was after the “Boston Marathon Bombing,” also a suspected false flag event.

Possibly believable evidence will be presented that the Paris attacks were real terrorist attacks. However, what do refugees have to gain from making themselves unwelcome with acts of violence committed against the host country, and where do refugees in France obtain automatic weapons and bombs? Indeed, where would the French themselves obtain them?

The millions of refugees from Washington’s wars who are overrunning Europe are bringing to the forefront of European politics the anti-EU nationalists parties, such as Pegida in Germany, Nigel Farage’s UK Independence Party, and Marine Le Pen’s National Front Party in France. These anti-EU political parties are also anti-immigrant political parties.

The latest French poll shows that, as a result of the refugees from Washington’s wars, Marine Le Pen has come out on top of the candidates for the next French presidential election.

By supporting for 14 years Washington’s neoconservative wars for US hegemony over the Middle East, establishment European governments eroded their electoral support. European peoples want to be French, German, Dutch, Italian, Hungarian, Czech, British. They do not want their countries to be a diverse Tower of Babel created by millions of refugees from Washington’s war.

To remain a nationality unto themselves is what Pegida, Farage, and Le Pen offer the voters.

Realizing its vulnerability, it is entirely possible that the French Establishment made a decision to protect its hold on power with a false flag attack that would allow the Establishment to close France’s borders and, thereby, deprive Marine Le Pen of her main political issue…

So is Dr. Roberts correct, were the attacks in Paris on Friday the Thirteenth a False Flag?  From Stephen Lendman at Paul Craig


Profile of a False Flag
by Stephen Lendman

Evidence known so far strongly indicates false flag responsibility for Friday’s Paris attacks. They’re usually identifiable the way fingerprints ID people.

They’re strategically timed, most often for what’s planned to follow….

The 9/11 incident provided a treasure trove of giveaways showing what happened was other than the official narrative. The most obvious was how could a handful of terrorists outwit America’s 16 intelligence agencies, including sophisticated NSA eavesdropping on anyone or anything suspicious back then?...

…Will Friday’s Paris attack unravel the same way? Odds strongly suggest it.

Important clues already exist. Again most important: How could a few terrorists outwit French intelligence? The attacks were a carefully orchestrated, well planned military operation requiring some degree of sophistication…

Operatives were armed with automatic weapons and explosive belts. How could they have entered attack sites unnoticed? How was this possible – dressed in black heavily armed?

They were well known to French security agencies, likely kept under surveillance. Why was nothing done to prevent the attacks or intervene straightaway once they began?

Syrian and Egyptian passports were found at the Stade de France stadium, one of the attack sites, begging the obvious question: Why would operatives carry IDs? Clearly they were planted – the Mohamed Atta scheme redux….

French President Francois Hollande straightaway blamed ISIS despite no evidence indicating its involvement. His behavior was an automatic red flag….

Hollande’s low 12% approval rating needed something to boost it. Following the January Charlie Hebdo/kosher market attacks, his popularity increased by 21%.

On 9/10/01, George Bush’s approval rating hovered around 50%. A day later, it shot up to 90%. Expect Hollande to get a similar boost, especially after vowing “pitiless war” on ISIS.

Yes indeed, as Stephen Landman points out False Flag attacks are “strategically timed, most often for what’s planned to follow” and what was to follow?  Why the G20 Summit of course. Prior to the Paris terrorist attacks, the CIA war against Assad was rapidly losing support.  From New YorkTimes


AL UDEID AIR BASE, Qatar — As the United States prepares to intensify airstrikes against the Islamic State in Syria, the Arab allies who with great fanfare sent warplanes on the initial missions there a year ago have largely vanished from the campaign.

The Obama administration heralded the Arab air forces flying side by side with American fighter jets in the campaign’s early days as an important show of solidarity against the Islamic State….

But as the United States enters a critical phase of the war in Syria, ordering Special Operations troops to support rebel forces and sending two dozen attack planes to Turkey, the air campaign has evolved into a largely American effort….

The engagement of Western allies, like France and Australia, has also been limited. They have conducted a smattering of strikes in Syria, but have reserved most of their firepower for Islamic State targets in Iraq.

Canada’s new prime minister, Justin Trudeau, has promised to fulfill his campaign pledge to end Ottawa’s role in the air campaign altogether. And none of the Western allies appear eager to join the United States in basing warplanes at Incirlik air base in Turkey, a move that would make it easier to increase strikes against militants in northern Syria and Iraq…

Defense Secretary Ashton B. Carter has promised Congress that the air war in Syria will escalate “with a higher and heavier rate of strikes,” including more attacks against top Islamic State leaders and oil fields that remain one of the group’s main financial lifelines. But the revamped effort is already facing challenges…

The recent election of the hard-left Jeremy Corbyn as the leader of the Labour Party and Russia’s military intervention in Syria have made it even less likely that Mr. Cameron will call for a vote.

Yes, the “recent election of the hard-left Jeremy Corbyn” made it less likely that Cameron would call for a vote to escalate the war in Syria and demand the removal of Bashar Assad, the elected Syrian president.  But with the “terrorist attack” in Paris, the opposition to the Syrian fiasco has been muted.  From BBC News:


Jeremy Corbyn has cancelled a speech in which he was set to defend his leadership of Labour, in light of the Paris attacks…

He had planned to talk about foreign policy, the economy and politics.

Mr Corbyn had been due to say that he would take no lectures in patriotism from the Conservatives….

The Labour leader was set to say: "For the past 14 years, Britain has been at the centre of a succession of disastrous wars that have brought devastation to large parts of the wider Middle East.

"They have increased, not diminished, the threats to our own national security in the process".

He would have added: "What's pro-British about a government that slashes support for serving soldiers and military veterans?

"How is it patriotic to take money from the poorest, from working families, and hand control of your country to a super-rich elite?"

The CIA has been overtly arming and training mercenaries to fight in Syria and to remove the democratically elected Assad from power.  From Wall Street Journal:


The U.S. and its regional allies agreed to increase shipments of weapons and other supplies to help moderate Syrian rebels hold their ground and challenge the intervention of Russia and Iran on behalf of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, U.S. officials and their counterparts in the region said.

The deliveries from the Central Intelligence Agency, Saudi Arabia and other allied spy services deepen the fight between the forces battling in Syria, despite President Barack Obama’s public pledge to not let the conflict become a U.S.-Russia proxy war.

Saudi officials not only pushed for the White House to keep the arms pipeline open, but also warned the administration against backing away from a longstanding demand that Mr. Assad must leave office.

In the past month of intensifying Russian airstrikes, the CIA and its partners have increased the flow of military supplies to rebels in northern Syria, including of U.S.-made TOW antitank missiles, these officials said. Those supplies will continue to increase in coming weeks, replenishing stocks depleted by the regime’s expanded military offensive.

An Obama administration official said the military pressure is needed to push Mr. Assad from power…

In addition to the arms the U.S. has agreed to provide, Saudi and Turkish officials have renewed talks with their American counterparts about allowing limited supplies of shoulder-fire man-portable air-defense systems, or Manpads, to select rebels.

Those weapons could help target regime aircraft, in particular those responsible for dropping barrel bombs, and could also help keep Russian air power at bay, the officials said.

Mr. Obama has long rebuffed such proposals, citing the risk to civilian aircraft and fears they could end up in the hands of terrorists….

Why Obama capitulated to the CIA and allowed the agency to supply unvetted enemies of the State of Syria with advanced weaponry is a mystery given the CIA’s past history of failure.  From


US Weapons Drops Arming Unvetted Syrian Rebel Factions

Past US programs of smuggling arms into Syria for “vetted” rebel factions have mostly failed, and left a lot of weapons in the hands of Islamist factions like ISIS and al-Qaeda. Incredibly, with the return to throwing arms at Syria’s Civil War, the US is moving away from the vetting part.

Pentagon officials are conceding that this week’s airdrops of weapons and ammunition to rebels in northeast Syria are going to wholly unvetted forces, saying it is a “moot point” since the rebels are meant to be fighting ISIS, and not the Syrian government.

The problem here is pretty clear, because one of the big reasons for vetting was to try to keep US weaponry out of the hands of factions that might give them to terrorist groups. That the factions are in close proximity to ISIS doesn’t “moot” the question of whether the groups are ultimately going to sell or give the arms to ISIS.

Pentagon officials are refusing to talk about the “restrictions” on these arms drops, but did say that they “ask” the factions to use them to fight ISIS, and apparently that’s tantamount to a full-fledged vetting process these days.

The CIA’s war in Syria has been a failure and Russia’s bombing campaign against the CIA backed rebels has been a giant success.  From Express U.K.:


More than 800,000 refugees RETURNING to Syria as Putin OBLITERATES Islamic State

MORE than 800,000 refugees are set to return to Syria thanks to Vladimir Putin's efforts to smash the Islamic State

Last month Moscow launched a bombing campaign against the twisted State terror group, which controls vast swathes of Syria and has forced thousands of people to flee the country.

Many desperate asylum seekers have made their way to Europe via boats to Greece, with David Cameron agreeing to let 20,000 in Britain over the next five years.

But Russia's bid to wipe out ISIS has been so successful that almost a million Syrians are elected to return to their homeland, Russian politician Dmitry Sablin claimed.

The senator, who recently visited Syria, said: "[Syrian president Bashar al] Assad praised the actions of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria.

"He said thousands of terrorists are now fleeing Syria, and refugees are returning."

Russian fighter jets have destroyed 285 ISIS and al-Nusra Front targets in the war-torn country over the past three days, according to Russian media.

The al-Nusra Front – the Syrian branch of Al-Qaeda – was formed in 2012 during the on-going Syrian civil war.

Putin's military operation began on September 30 after an official request from Assad, his long-time ally…

"People in Syria are now discussing their future. They want to rebuild their country.

"People are now walking safely through the streets of Damascus. There are fountains and restaurants open.

"Before Russia engaged it was terrifying to live there."

The Paris terrorist attacks have changed the focus of the G20 Summit.  From Reuters:


Obama vows effort to eliminate Islamic State as G20 seeks common Syria strategy

U.S. President Barack Obama vowed on Sunday to step up efforts to eliminate Islamic State in Syria and prevent it from carrying out attacks like those in Paris, while European leaders urged Russia to focus its military efforts on the radical Islamists.

Speaking at a G20 leaders summit in Turkey, Obama described the killings in Paris claimed by Islamic State as an attack on the civilized world and said the United States would work with France to hunt down those responsible….

Washington already expects France to retaliate by taking on a larger role in the U.S.-led coalition's bombing campaign against Islamic State.

But European Council President Donald Tusk said Russia too should focus its military operations on Islamic State, rather than on the Syrian opposition battling President Bashar al-Assad, urging cooperation between Washington and Moscow.

Meanwhile British Prime Minister David Cameron used the G20 Summit to attempt to persuade Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop bombing the “moderate” terrorists who are armed and financed by the U.S.  From The Guardian:


David Cameron is to hold his first bilateral talks with Vladimir Putin at the G20 summit in Turkey, where he will seek to persuade the Russian president that his country’s bombing campaign in Syria is only going to prolong the conflict.

The prime minister, along with other western leaders, was taken aback by Putin’s launch of a bombing campaign in Syria designed to prop up the country’s president, Bashar al-Assad, that has targeted moderate opposition groups in addition to Islamic State. Cameron will attempt at the summit to persuade the Russian president that Assad is a barrier to long-term peace in Syria.

Syria, ground zero in the CIA’s war of terror, will now be the launch pad of World War III as any opposition to the illegal war against the Syrian government is stifled.  Remember the words of Herman Goering at the Nuremberg trials:

"Of course the people don't want war. But after all, it's the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism, and exposing the country to greater danger."

By Patricia Baeten

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