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The Turkey Trot or the Saudi Swing? Can Putin and Trump Save the West from Waltzing into a Nuclear Death Trap in Syria

The people of America, France and Britain are told that we have a coalition fighting with us against ISIS in Syria but the truth is America, France and Britain are doing the bidding of Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  Turkey and Saudi Arabia call the tunes and their Washington based dance partners, the follow their lead.

The goal of Turkey and Saudi Arabia is to have the West use their blood, treasure and military to remove Assad which will bog the West down in a war in Syria to draw in Iran and Russia.  The Washington based neocons, like fleas on a dogs back, believe they own the dog.  How dangerously wrong they are. 

Turkey and Saudi Arabia are more than happy to perpetuate the ignorant fantasies the Western world has deluded their citizens into believing, all the while waltzing the West into a thermonuclear death trap in Syria.

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” 
George Santayana in The Life of Reason, 1905

The West would be wise to remember the past as they embark on this fools’ mission in Syria.  Sadly it’s impossible to remember the past if they deny the past even occurred.  From Syrian Free Press:


To this very day the Armenian Genocide, which began within the borders of the Ottoman Empire in 1915, has been vehemently denied by the Republics of Turkey and Azerbaijan. Both Israel and the United States of America have likewise refused to acknowledge the historical reality of the Armenian Holocaust. 

Why should these nations adamantly persist in their denial of such a well documented crime against humanity?  Because 100 years later in 2015 there is now indisputable evidence that the very same countries are perpetrating a similar genocide against the people of Syria, especially against the Christian communities as occurred during the Armenian Genocide… 

Only by understanding the true origin of the Dönmeh of Turkey and the Wahhabi of Saudi Arabia will the Greater Israel Project and the ongoing Syrian Holocaust be properly understood.

The entire Arab Spring — from start to finish — was planned in the capitals of the Zio-Anglo-American Axis just as each revolution was manufactured in the various Middle Eastern capitals.

Every protest and riot throughout the Arab Spring was staged, just as every revolution and civil war had been fabricated in those nations which the Axis powers had targeted for a government overthrow.

In fact, not a single Arab Spring event has occurred without the fastidious planning and precise coordination of the CIA and MI6, DGSE and MOSSAD. The Western powers not only engineered every rebellion in the Mideast, as they continue to do so, they have been very careful to execute each coup d’état in such a way that the newly installed leaders are always loyal to them, not to their respective citizenries.

Only with this understanding can the current Mideast wars and conflicts, genocides and holocausts, refugee crises and exoduses be comprehended.  Looking through the lens of history, particularly the most cataclysmic events of the 20th century, will likewise inform one’s understanding that history is once again repeating itself.

The Execution Plan for the Armenian Genocide Duplicated in Syria

And as the West carries out the genocide in Syria on behalf of their dance instructors in Saudi Arabia and Turkey they engage in a favorite parlor trick of the right wing, accuse your adversary of perpetrating the crime you are committing.  From Voltairenet:


The Russian Foreign Ministry has denied Turkish accusations that Russia is conducting ethnic cleansing in Syria, saying they are groundless and demonstrate Ankara’s detachment from reality…

Turkish leaders, including President Recep Erdogan, have been accusing Russia of deliberately targeting ethnic Turks in Syria after the downing of a Russian warplane on the Turkish-Syrian border.

A Turkoman militant group killed the pilot of the downed bomber as he was parachuting to the ground, an act the US State Department claimed was self-defense, but which the Geneva Convention unambiguously forbids. Russia launched retaliation attacks on militants in the area after the incident.

Speaking at a weekly briefing, Zakharova lashed out at the ongoing Turkish incursion into Iraq. Last week, Ankara sent a tank battalion into western Iraq and refused to withdraw despite protests from Baghdad.

“Judging by the reaction of some members of the UN Security Council, the actions of the Turkish military were a surprise even for its closest allies. Although thanks to the notorious block solidarity they refrained from critical comments directed at Ankara over those actions that blatantly violate international law,” she said.

She added: “It is becoming increasingly clear that if there is one thing they know how to do collectively in NATO, it’s staying collectively silent.”

The spokesperson said the UN Security Council will soon discuss the conflict over the Turkish incursion and that hopefully the scrutiny would restrain “hotheads in Ankara...”

So far Turkey has been bombing Kurdish forces more than those of IS, seeing them as a threat to national security. This put Ankara at odds with the US, which is leading an international coalition fighting IS in Iraq and Syria...

Yep, Washington’s coalition are being played for fools doing Turkey’s bidding.  And if you think there’s anything resembling a free press in the U.S. or West, you are sorely mistaken.  The Western media whores aim to please in any way, just to maintain access.  Fortunately the carefully choreographed press conferences are being challenged by real journalists from Russia Today:


Iraq is furious at Turkey’s military incursion, but the US State Department doesn’t seem too concerned. Its spokesman stonewalled RT’s questions about the Iraq-Turkey row, getting personal in the process.

Turkey has sent tanks and hundreds of soldiers to a base near the city of Mosul this past weekend, and on Wednesday, TURKISH JETS BOMBED KURDS IN NORTHERN IRAQ. The government in Baghdad has described the actions as a violation of Iraqi sovereignty, has issued an ultimatum to Ankara to withdraw, and has even asked NATO to rein in its errant member.

The dispute has compelled the Iraqi parliament’s Defense and Security Committee to ask for a review of the security agreement with the US-led coalition, as committee member Hamid Mutlaq told RT on Wednesday.

When asked about it by RT’s Gayane Chichakyan, however, State Department spokesman John Kirby first said he was unaware of Iraq’s concerns.

The US wants “any action against ISIL – inside Iraq, specifically – to be done with full cooperation and [in] coordination with the Iraqi government, and their sovereign permission,” Kirby insisted, noting that he had said the same thing months before, as the Pentagon spokesman and uniformed admiral.

“Now there is this dispute between Turkey and Iraq over the presence of a small number of troops,” the State Department spokesman added dismissively. “And we want Turkey and Iraq to work this out. And they are. You are trying to find a way to make this some kind of a divisive issue.”

Chichakyan asked a follow-up question about whether Iraq has a legitimate concern over “the situation where the US invites forces to Iraq and the US is leading this coalition… but when something goes wrong, the US says it’s none of our business – like what is happening with the Turkish troops.”

“Ah, come on,” Kirby moaned, “again another ridiculous question.” He then made personal comments about both the journalist and the company, saying Chichakyan should be “embarrassed” to ask such a question before claiming that “RT very rarely asks any tough questions of their own government.”

Is it really “ridiculous” or “baseless” to ask a question about what the Iraqis obviously consider an important issue, one that they are obviously not “working out” bilaterally with Turkey, from a diplomatic spokesman representing the country so fond of pointing out its leadership of the 65-nation coalition? You be the judge.

America spends billions arming and training Kurdish troops, then Turkey kills the Kurdish troops we armed and trained.  How do you suppose this will turn out?   From Zero Hedge:


Most Iraqis, be they civilians, military personnel, or government officials, do not trust Americans.

At a base level, that makes all kinds of sense. After all, the US did launch what amounted to a unilateral invasion of the country just a little over a decade ago, and when it was all said and done, a dictator was deposed but it’s not entirely clear that Iraqis are better off for it.

ISIS controls key cities including the Mosul, the country’s second largest, and security is a daily concern for the populace. The Americans are still seen - rightly - as occupiers, and Washington’s unwillingness inability to effectively counter ISIS has created a culture of suspicion in which most Iraqis believe the US is in cahoots with the militants for what WaPo described as “a variety of pernicious reasons that have to do with asserting U.S. control over Iraq, the wider Middle East and, perhaps, its oil.”

Some of the distrust, the US contends, is fostered by Iran. Tehran wields considerable influence both within the Iraqi military and in political circles in Baghdad. When Ash Carter announced that the US was set to send an “expeditionary targeting force” to the country to assist in raids on Islamic State targets, PM Haider al-Abadi flatly rejected the proposal, saying that “Iraq does not need foreign ground combat forces on Iraqi land." Abadi rejected a similar Pentagon trial balloon involving Apaches helicopters last month.

Meanwhile, Tehran’s Shiite militias threatened to attack any US soldiers operating on Iraqi soil. “We will chase and fight any American force deployed in Iraq. Any such American force will become a primary target for our group. We fought them before and we are ready to resume fighting,” a spokesman for Kata'ib Hezbollah said.

Similarly, influential Shiite lawmakers like the infamous Hakim al-Zamili have called on Abadi to seek direct military intervention from Moscow to expel foreign forces from the country.

Now, in the latest example of just how tenuous Washington’s grip on the region has become, the Iraqi parliament's Security and Defense Committee is calling for the review and cancellation of Baghdad’s security agreement with the US.

“The government and parliament need to review the agreement signed with the United States on security because the United States does not seriously care about its fulfillment,” committee member Hamid al-Mutlaq, a senior Sunni lawmaker told Sputnik on Wednesday. “We demand that it be annulled,” he added.

Who will fill the void you ask? You guessed it:

"Soon, a meeting [of the committee] with Prime Minister Haider Abadi will be held, at which we will propose cooperating with Russia in carrying out airstrikes against IS and in the fight against terrorism in Iraq," another committee member said earlier this week.

Recall that this is precisely what we said would happen once we learned in September that Russia, Iran, Iraq, and Syria had set up a joint intelligence sharing cell in Baghdad.

And Iraq isn’t the only “democratic miracle” brought to you by the stooges in Washington and their allies in Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  Looks like their other “successful liberation” in Libya is looking for Russia and Iran to provide protection.    From Jafria News:


After Syria & Iraq Now Libya Wants Russian Support to Fight the NATO & Saudi Backed Wahabi IS Terrrorists

In an interview with Sputnik, Libyan Prime Minister Abdullah al-Thani has signaled his country’s readiness to coordinate efforts with Russia if it decides to fight ISIS, also known as the ISIL, on Libyan territory.

He added that Libyan authorities welcome initiatives from any country which provides support and helps restore stability in Libya.

According to him, Libyan authorities expect the arrival in their country of a large number of ISIS Terrorists who fled the Russian air strikes in Syria, with many of them already in Libya…

Libya is now undergoing through a political gridlock that came after the overthrow, public lynching and execution of Muammar Gaddafi during the armed conflict in 2011.

A standoff has emerged between the legally-elected parliament, based in the eastern Libyan city of Tobruk, and the pro-Islamic General National Congress in the capital Tripoli, Sputnik said.

On September 30, more than fifty Russian aircraft, including Su-24M, Su-25 and Su-34 warplanes, commenced precision airstrikes on ISIS targets in Syria at the behest of Syrian President Bashar Assad; IRNA reported.

Do those stooges in Washington really think Turkey is subservient to them?  Do those stooges in the State Department really think this coalition has a winning strategy?  Looks like the some of the European Union members fearing the day of reconing sure to come when it’s time to pay the piper.  From Mint Press:


‘Turkey Acts Like ISIS Ally, Should Not Be EU Member’ Says Czech President

Turkey should not become an EU member, said Czech President Milos Zeman, adding that Ankara sometimes behaves like an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) ally, even though Turkey is part of NATO…

“It removes oil from Syria which finances Islamic State,” Zeman said, as quoted by Czech newspaper Parlamentni Listy…

Zeman suggested Turkish policy stems from the principle “the enemy of my enemy is my friend,” referring to Turkey’s suppression of the Kurds, “who are the only ones who have fought effectively with IS,” the newspaper reported.

The president maintained this is the reason why Turkey should be approached with caution and has no reason to be an EU member.

President Zeman also dismissed the EU’s intention to pay €3 billion (US$ 3.28 billion) to Ankara in order to better cater for the needs of 2.2 million Syrian refugees in the country…

Tsk, tsk.  Lie down with dogs and get up with fleas, so the Czech President doesn’t trust the Washington supported NATO ally, Turkey.  How about Washington’s other major ally in their “war” against ISIS in Syria, Saudi Arabia.  Oh, oh, what’s this?  From Mint Press:


Saudi Arabia Bigger Threat To UK Than Russia, Says Former London Mayor

Russia is not as much a threat to Britain and the West as Saudi Arabia, Ken Livingstone has claimed at a conference in Moscow hosted by the pro-Kremlin television station Russia Today.

“The simple fact is, the West doesn’t face a threat from Russia,” the former Mayor of London said. “We now face a threat from Muslim fundamentalism. Most of which has been funded by Saudi Arabia, our principal ally, which has funded the most intolerant strand of Islam which bears no relation to the teaching of the Prophet Mohammed.”

US funding of mujhadeen in Afghanistan was responsible for 9/11 he claimed.

Russia was getting a bad press and President Vladimir Putin was being demonised he also claimed. “In Britain no one is told about the discrimination against Russian-speaking people in the Baltic States, no one is told that it was actually pressure from the EU that insisted to the then Ukrainian president that they wouldn’t sign a trade deal unless they stopped negotiating a trade deal with Russia, and then when the president decided that he wouldn’t do that, oddly enough he was overthrown...”

Hmm, funny he’d bring up the paradise that the CIA run State Department and NATO installed in Ukraine when they overthrew the elected government.  Why just the other day, Veep Joe Biden was issuing warnings to Ukrainians.  “Accept the illegitimate government of Poroshenko and Yatsenyuk and the horrors that come with that or else.” From Financial Spots:


Biden Warns Ukraine of Backsliding on Corruption

President Barack Obama sent Vice President Joe Biden there Monday to underscore that, although the West is preoccupied with the implications of the Paris and San Bernardino terrorist attacks, the climate change conference in Paris and continued fighting in Iraq and Syria, it is still concerned about Ukraine's problems…

Biden also mentioned his frequent communication on a weekly basis, both with the Ukrainian Prime Minister and President. Biden Makes Trip To Ukraine In Sign Of US Support "As long as you continue to make progress in fighting corruption and build a future of opportunity for all Ukraine, the US will stand with you", US Vice President said….

A recent poll showed only 7% of Ukrainians believe the fight against corruption has yielded any results…   

US Vice President Joe Biden said today Washington remained fully determined to see Russian Federation adhere to a shaky Ukrainian peace agreement and hand back Crimea to Kiev. He will reiterate the US' position concerning Russia's illegal annexation of Crimea and its current involvement in desabilizing eastern Ukraine.

"We do not know if there is any other historical precedent for a foreign official giving a speech like this", said one senior United States administration official in a teleconference with reporters. So Biden, apparently does not want Ukraine to rock the boat. However, it is not clear if Biden will touch upon possible additional military assistance to Ukraine during his visit early next week.

The United Nations has warned of grave humanitarian problems and rights abuses in eastern Ukraine, and highlighted the continued flow of Russian weapons and fighters into a conflict that has now killed more than 9,000 people.

Yes that insignificant flea, Biden is shooting his mouth off in Ukraine, blathering threats as if the stooges are in Washington control anything.  Washington is a pawn of Saudi Arabia unable to make a move without permission.  From RINF News:


How the Richest Man in the World Rules the U.S. from Riyadh

Saudi Arabia Leads the Jihadist Nations; U.S. Assists Them

Did you know that Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to the United States during 1983-2005, the Saudi Prince Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud (affectionately known in the U.S. as “Bandar Bush”), had donated millions to Al Qaeda before the 9/11 attacks, according to the sworn court testimony of the man who had served as Al Qaeda’s bookkeeper and as the bagman who personally collected the mega-donations to Al Qaeda, all in cash?

How come you didn’t read about that in newspapers and magazines, and hear about it on TV ‘news’-reports; and why was this stunning and crucially important testimony published only at small independent news-sites, such as here? (Evaluate it for yourself there, and figure out for yourself why the man there testifying is still kept hidden away in a U.S. super-max prison, and why his testimony has been hushed up.

Even though American Presidents have changed, America’s international policies haven’t. Barack Obama protects George W. Bush, who previously had protected “Bandar Bush.” Obama, who publicly condemns torture, even privately protects Bush’s agents who perpetrated tortures.)

Americans, like the citizens of some other countries where elections are held, are told by the ‘news’ media that it’s a ‘democracy,’ even if it’s actually not. Is the U.S., really  a “democracy”?

The great investigative historian F. William Engdahl headlined December 9th at sott, “Investigating Saudi Arabia’s sponsorship of Turkish politics, terrorism, and the frenzied conflict in Syria,”  and he put together the pieces of the type of major news report about the Saudi-run U.S. operation … 

…the top priority of America’s foreign and military policies is to serve King Salman al-Saud of Saudi Arabia (the world’s richest person), and to conquer his major oil-and-gas competitor Russia, by removing heads-of-state who are allied with Russia…

…the U.S. is really just a ‘democratic’ front for the Saud family, in the final analysis. And the Sauds were aristocrats even before the United States existed…

 “The Syrian regime is finished as far as we and the majority of the Syrian people are concerned. [The Syrian people] will not allow President Bashar al-Assad to remain at the helm.” That’s a bald lie, a knowing falsehood from him...

Even Western polls show that in a free and fair, internationally monitored election, the Syrian people would overwhelmingly choose Bashar al-Assad over anyone else to lead Syria. That’s why U.S. President Obama opposes any such election in Syria, and why Russian President Putin insists that it be held.

And speaking of elections, Donald Trump has upended the entire corrupt Republican/Democratic Presidential primary.  Donald Trump, as well as “liberals” like Bill Mahr have called for America and the West to get out of the way and allow President Putin of Russia eradicate ISIS in Syria. 

Yes, that’s right, Donald Trump has come to the ball and has cut in on Turkey and Saudi Arabia and is waltzing the West out of the certain nuclear death trap in Syria and Saudi Arabia is not happy about it.  From MSN:


Trump 'a disgrace', Saudi billionaire says

 Donald Trump is a disgrace and should pull out of the United States presidential race, Saudi Arabian billionaire Prince Alwaleed bin Talal tweeted late on Friday.

"@realDonaldTrump You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America," Alwaleed said on his official Twitter account, @Alwaleed_Talal.

"Withdraw from the U.S presidential race as you will never win."

Alwaleed is an unusually outspoken member of the Saudi royal family, who chairs Kingdom Holding Co.


A statement early Saturday from Alwaleed's office said his tweet was in response to Trump's "anti-Islam statement".

Alwaleed is a devout but moderate Muslim.

Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican nomination, has been lambasted both in the US and abroad for his proposal made on Monday to temporarily bar Muslims from entering the US.

Trump's comments followed a shooting rampage by a Muslim couple in San Bernardino, California, which left 14 dead.

So the question is, will America take Barbara Bush’s advice and leave the dance with the one that brung ya?  Or, will America and the West turn to the new suitor at the ball and waltz away from the nuclear death trap with Donald Trump?

By Patricia Baeten

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