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NATO, Turkey and Saudi Arabia’s Worst Nightmare President Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s decisive win in South Carolina has launched his meteoric vault toward the White House.  In his speech after he was declared the winner of the primary election he took on the military industrial complex with a fervor not seen since President Dwight Eisenhower. 

The beneficiaries of Bush and Obama’s Evil American Empire invading and destroying nations throughout the world have been Turkey and Saudi Arabia.  Along with their NATO allies, America has spent trillions of dollars on the military industrial complex while our roads and bridges fail and jobs have been shipped to third world countries.

The unparalleled destruction of Syria as well as all of the Middle East, Eurasia and Africa will come to an end under President Donald Trump and the world is taking note.  From The Atlantic:


SPARTANBURG, S.C.—Donald Trump pulled off a big win in South Carolina Saturday night, pulling in about a third of the vote and far outpacing any of his rivals…

Trump ticked off the key elements of his platform—the border wall, a stronger military, winning at trade, and defeating ISIS….   And while he said he’d get the military the equipment it needed, he also promised to kill costly pork projects whose only constituency was in Congress. (While he didn’t use the phrase, it was an unusually direct hit on the military-industrial complex.)

It has been over 15 years since the 9-11 attacks that destroyed the World Trade Center, which allowed the administration of George W. Bush to enact the Project for a New American Century’s New World Order.  

The 9-11 Commission identified Saudi Arabia as the funding source for the attacks, but those 28 pages of the Commission’s report have been sealed by both the Bush and Obama Administrations.  From LaRouchepac:


On June 2, 2015, at a press conference in Washington, D.C., Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY), flanked by former Sen. Bob Graham (D-FL), Reps. Walter Jones (R-NC), Stephen Lynch (D-MA), Thomas Massie (R-KY), and representatives of the 9/11 families, announced that he had introduced S.1471, a bill to declassify the 28 pages from the original Joint Congressional Inquiry into 9/11. The Senate bill is co-sponsored by Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Ore.) and Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY). H.Res.14, a House bill introduced in January by Jones, Lynch, and Massie, called for the release of the 28 pages….

All of the speakers—the Senators, Congressmen, and family representatives—singled out Saudi Arabia as the well-spring of the 9/11 attacks and subsequent jihadist terrorism. They all demanded that President Obama fulfill his promise, made on at least two occasions to the 9/11 families, that he would make the full 28 pages public….

Pressure is building in both Houses of Congress. The Obama Administration's current 'strategy' in the Middle East, and the terrorism deployed from that region, has created a global tinderbox, ready to ignite at any moment.

First in Libya, then in Syria, Obama's support for so-called "moderate rebels," has effectively blown up in the United States' face. Finally, in the summer of 2014, the terrorizing advance of ISIS across Iraq and parts of Syria made it official: the "War on Terror," launched in the aftermath of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the U.S., and our foreign policy since, has been a failure.

Indeed, the so called “War on Terror” has turned into an American led “War of Terror” with America subservient to Saudi Arabia and Turkey and the results have been disastrous.  From Mint Press:


Turkey Demands Unconditional US Support In Fighting Syrian Kurds

Over the weekend, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu demanded that the US pledge “unconditional” military support for Turkey in the fight against the Kurdish YPG, a Syrian faction which has been the primary US ally in fighting ISIS.

“The only thing we expect from our US ally is to support Turkey with no ifs or buts,” Davutoglu insisted, reiterating the claim that the YPG was behind last week’s Ankara bombing, despite a Turkish faction, the TAK, claiming it.

Can you imagine Turkey telling President Trump “The only thing we expect from our US ally is to support Turkey with no ifs or buts?”

Turkey has repeatedly demanded the US sever ties with the YPG, and the US has repeatedly rejected those demands. Turkish officials appear to be hoping that the Ankara bombings, and the dubious claims of YPG involvement, will force the US into shifting their policy.

With the US and Turkey both already condemning the Syrian military for its gains against ISIS however, the shift against the YPG would be tantamount to backing ISIS’ territorial claims in northern Syria, and leave the US with literally no allies in the region.

Man, do you believe that crap?  US neocons and Turkey are condemning Syria for protecting their own country.  God, can this shit get any worse, I guess so.  From Sputnik News:


'One Must Be Blind Not to Realize That Russia is Defending Europe in Syria'

The threat to European interests in the Middle East comes not from Russia, but from Turkey and Saudi Arabia, says French Middle East expert Roland Lombardi. Ankara in particular has a great deal to lose, and in its desperation might try to pull NATO into a reckless military campaign against Russia, the analyst warns….

Lombardi bluntly asked. "One must be either blind or a complete idiot not to notice that, when Russia defends its interests in the Middle East, it is simultaneously defending the interests of Europe, and particularly those of France," the analyst bitingly added….

"Let's not deceive ourselves," the analyst says. "Today, the only threats to the world order are our 'allies' – the Turks and the Saudis; the same people whose double game with some terrorist and jihadist groups has appeared out in the open; the same people who still want to install the Salafists or the Muslim Brotherhood in Damascus and in all the Arab capitals affected by the Arab Spring."

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's dream of becoming the neo-sultan of a neo-Ottoman empire has been fading before his eyes, Lombardi warns. Facing growing international isolation, Ankara is supported in its Syria policy only by Saudi Arabia. And  here, more and more frustrated, the world is in danger of a Turkey attempting to involve NATO in a war against Russia.

Yep, that’s right.  The only allies the American government has in the war against Syria are Saudi Arabia and Turkey, who have laid a trap for the stupid America in Syria.  America is taking down the entire world along with it.  From GlobalResearch:


The Syrian Endgame, “A Lost War is Dangerous”. US-NATO, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, “Losers on The Rampage”

How a war is lost is a serious and dangerous business. After Henry Kissinger helped sabotage the 1968 Paris peace talks, for domestic political reasons, the War in Vietnam raged for another seven years. In the end Washington’s loss was more humiliating, and millions more lives were destroyed.

The Geneva process over Syria is in many respects different, because it is a charade. The NATO and Gulf monarchy sponsors pretend to support Syrian ‘opposition’ groups and pretend to fight the same extremist groups they created.

Yet the dangers are very real because the Saudis and Turkey might react unpredictably, faced with the failure of their five year project to carve up Syria. Both countries have threatened to invade Syria, to defend their ‘assets’ from inevitable defeat from the powerful alliance Syria has forged with Russia, Iran, Iraq and the better party of Lebanon.

It should be clear by now that every single anti-government armed group in Syria has been created by Washington and its allies. Several senior US officials have admitted the fact. Regime change has always been the goal. Nevertheless, the charade of a ‘War on ISIS’ goes on, with a compliant western media unwilling to point out that ‘the emperor has no clothes’….

Would Washington allow Erdogan and the Saudis to initiate a major escalation, without US approval? I think not. Obama resisted Saudi and Israeli provocations, when the Iran deal was imminent. Even Bush could not be provoked into a confrontation with Russia, when invited by Georgia’s Mikheil Saakashvili.

For its part, Russia is well prepared for a provocation across the Turkish border. Logic suggests that the losers must lose. But this is a dangerous time.

I think maybe the question isn’t would Washington allow Erdogan and the Saudis to initiate a major escalation, but can Washington control the Frankenstein’s monster they created in Syria.  From Mint Press: 


US-Backed Rebels Fight One Another In Northern Syria

American armed and trained Syrian rebels are losing ground to American armed and trained Kurdish militants in northern Syria.

The recent Syrian military offensive in Aleppo Province has the US keen to throw even more aid at rebel factions, including some Islamist-leaning groups….

This was done with an eye toward them fighting the Syrian military, and maybe ISIS, but instead they’re locked in a growing battle with the Kurdish YPG, itself the recipient of massive amounts of US weaponry, meaning once again two US-armed factions are in open war in Syria….

US efforts to arm rebel factions initially focused on the Free Syrian Army, but as the group became increasingly irrelevant on the ground, the US began courting other rebel factions they thought were more capable of fighting ISIS, but as they added to the number of factions they were arming in this increasingly complex war, it was inevitable they’d be on both sides of some fights.

Are you wondering where the Pentagon is getting all this money they’re throwing to terrorists to overthrow elected governments like Assad’s in Syria?  From U.S. News:


Inside the Pentagon’s ‘Slush Fund’

Obama’s inability to eliminate the “OCO” budget leaves war planners awash with unregulated money.

It’s been called war planners’ crack cocaine, a shifty accounting scheme or a habit-forming opiate imbibed government-wide. Barack Obama pledged to eliminate it at the beginning of his presidency, but its potency has only grown stronger since. Now, it accounts for the unregulated spending of $60 billion or more in taxpayer dollars per year, with no end in sight….

Get used to the Overseas Contingency Operations budget.

The OCO was known from 2001 to 2009 as “the supplemental” and is now considered a de facto slush fund. It began as the war budget President George W. Bush needed for the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan without having to go back to Congress…

But another benefit for war planners is that the Pentagon does not have to release details publicly on how specifically this money will be spent….

…this year the proposed budget actually grew by $200 million despite thousands fewer combat troops in Afghanistan and, technically, none in Iraq.

The appropriators put stuff in there that serves their interests. And they move money around like Three-Card Monty.

“Now everybody’s corrupt with regard to OCO.”

The Pentagon's Overseas Slush Fund Is Getting Even Slushier

The president this year released an OCO budget of $58.8 billion, in addition to the $582.7 billion base budget, up from the contingency fund’s $58.6 billion budget last year and a base budget of $580.3 billion.

With $8.5 trillion missing at the Pentagon these neocons like self-proclaimed Zionist, Joe Biden and his cronies at the State Department like Victoria Nuland are gearing up to end the world before we can elect a new President.  From Paul Craig Roberts:


The Neoconservatives Are Brewing A Wider War In Syria

The neoconservative Obama regime set-up the Syrian government headed by Assad for overthrow. A long propaganda campaign conducted in Washington’s behalf by the Western media portrayed the democratically-elected Assad as a “brutal dictator who uses chemical weapons against his own people….”

With the “red line” drawn, a false flag chemical weapons attack was staged, or an accident occurred, that Washington used to say that Assad, despite the US warning, had crossed the “red line.”

Preparations for an invasion began, but hit two roadblocks. David Cameron, Washington’s puppet prime minister of Great Britain was unable to deliver British support for the invasion as the Parliament voted it down. This left Washington uncovered and vulnerable to the charge of naked aggression, a war crime.

Russian diplomacy threw up the other road block by securing the removal of all chemical weapons from Syria.

Their invasion plan frustrated, the neoconservatives sent the jihadists they had used to overthrow Gaddafi in Libya to overthrow Assad….

In order to protect themselves, Russia, Iran, and Hezbollah have come to the support of Syria.  The Russians are there legally at the invitation of the Syrian government. The US is there illegally. 

Russian air power in support of the Syrian Army has turned the tide against the Islamist State.

The invaders are being driven out. The neoconservatives cannot accept this defeat.

Washington is preparing a Syrian invasion by Turkey and Saudi Arabia, the purpose of which is to split Syria in half with Washington controlling the eastern part with the oil fields…

So Trump’s victory in South Carolina, after dispelling the myth that George W. Bush kept America safe after the 911 attacks, is a harbinger of things to come in this election season.  Trump, like Eisenhower before him understands that America cannot be great again unless the military industrial complex is reigned in.  From Reason:


Donald Trump Denounces Wasteful Pentagon Spending, Vows Great Defense W/No Additional Spending

At an appearance in New Hampshire, Trump went into full Tea Party Beast Mode, attacking virtually every aspect of government spending, including what President Eisenhower famously vilified as the "military-industrial complex":

On defense, in a race in which all of his Republican rivals favor increasing military spending, Trump promised instead to go after waste and profiteering in the defense industry. "I hear stories, like they're ordering missiles they don't want because of politics, because of special interests," Trump said. "Because the company that makes the missiles is a contributor…"

Trump has at times espoused the idea of letting Russia and other countries "fight ISIS in Syria," with the United States only coming in later once things have calmed down….

There are whole weapons and aircraft systems that are needlessly expensive…  consider the F-35 fighter jet, which exemplifies everything that is wrong…

The jet, which will be obsolete by the time it is actually up and running properly (which may never actually happen), has a price tag of at least $1.5 trillion and will likely need to use really old planes to support it on missions. None of this has stopped the Pentagon from going ahead and ordering 404 of the occasionally airborne boondoggles over the next few years….

Trump railed against pharmaceutical companies. He railed against oil companies. And insurance companies. And defense contractors. And he set himself against a political system that he said allows big-money corporate "bloodsuckers" to control the government with campaign contributions.

"Whether it's the insurance companies, or the drug companies, or the oil companies, it's all the same thing," Trump said. "We're never going to get our country back if we keep doing this."...

So the beneficiaries of Bush and Obama’s Evil American Empire are NATO, Turkey and Saudi Arabia and with every winner there are many losers.  The biggest loser is America, our public schools have been replaced with Charter Islamic Madrassas run with taxpayer money by Turkish terrorist Fethullah Gülen. 

Gülen has funded trips to Turkey for congressional members, who then rewarded Gülen with H1B visas to bring teachers from Turkey to teach in his charter schools in America. 

Other losers are our members of the military who are sent to fight in Turkey and Saudi Arabia’s wars in the Middle East.  When our brave, selfless warriors return they are discarded like garbage by our government and have their benefits slashed through sequestration. 

Our States and Puerto Rico have been bankrupted, our water poisoned, our homes foreclosed on, our medical delivery system turned over to Wall Street and our prisons privatized.  Banks no longer serve our communities and overtly provide money laundering services for terrorists.    

We have seen the return of debtors’ prisons and local police departments are funded by innocent citizens’ property seizures.   The list goes on and on.  But Donald J. Trump doesn’t need the funding of the military industrial complex to become President.  The American people have become servants to the politicians who claim to serve the American people.

President Donald J. Trump is NATO, Saudi Arabia and Turkey’s worst nightmare.  However Trump will destroy the Masters of War in our government and thus America’s 16 year nightmare will finally be over.

By Patricia Baeten

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  1. one point in your blog post that i would contend as incorrect is here (in the GlobalResearch excerpt):
    "After Henry Kissinger helped sabotage the 1968 Paris peace talks, for domestic political reasons, the War in Vietnam raged for another seven years. In the end Washington’s loss was more humiliating, and millions more lives were destroyed."

    ... i am going to contend that the U$A / Viet Nam war was actually a WIN - for the military industrial complex. they couldn't give a flying fuck about the lives lost ... it was all about ramping up how much the U$A public could / would swallow in terms of acts of inhumanity in war, dollars spent on war, and the hijacking of patriotic zeal - giving permission to your government and military to do absolutely anything - in the name of your bullshit "freedom and democracy" ... to chants of U$A ... U$A ... U$A ... as evidenced by every subsequent conflict.

    the U$A / Viet Nam war set the tone of your national attitude to all future military engagements ... there was engendered in the population a position of no expectation of winning.
    this is great for the military industrial complex as the dollars keep rolling in if you cant win a war ... ergo the good wars that have come since ... the war on drugs, the war on terror, the war on the american people - gotta love the 4th, that'll keep the money rolling in for years to come whilst the Empire turns on itself.

    as for the position of the U$A in relation to Turkey, Iran, Syria, Russia ... and let's not forget Israel (which by the way, is conspicuous in it's almost complete absence from your otherwise excellent post - curious given the subject matter), i recommend you get yourself a copy of The WikiLeaks Files - which has analysis on leaked cables to pertaining to all these players.

    if i might quote one small passage that may peak your interest and settle your concern that the text is anti-semetic (p264)
    *Summing up the Israeli establishment's apparent glee, Israeli columnist Sever Plocker quipped. "If WikiLeaks had not existed, Israel would have had to invent it."*

    warm regards from outside the walls of Empire U$A ... thx for the post - and have a nice day.