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British exit CIA’s EU Criminal Enterprise for Independence Americans Remain in Bondage

The people in the United Kingdom have spoken and they have opted for their freedom from the bondage of the CIA creation called the European Union.  America is not so lucky we remain in bondage.  The European Union was a CIA creation devised after President Truman formed the CIA with the purpose of destroying national sovereignty.  From David Stockman:


The “European Movement,” which was and still is the “grassroots” organization that relentlessly pushed for the creation of a European super-state, was financed to the tune of $1 million a year by the “American Committee for a United Europe” (ACUE), which was founded by Allen Dulles …. who would become a CIA’s director…

Covert US financial support to the European federalist movement never amounted to “less than half” of the various groups’ budgets. The money was funneled through the Ford Foundation, the Rockefeller Foundation, and other private conduits…

The ACUE agitated for the Marshall Plan – a giant serving of globaloney that funneled billions of American taxpayer dollars to postwar Europe –   sponsoring speaking tours by pro-unity European politicians and cultural figures, and putting direct pressure on Congress to release the funds. Radio programs, print media, and all forms of mass communication were utilized – at taxpayers’ expense – to push the “European idea.”

Indeed, the American sponsors of this “European” project directed every aspect of the pro-unity Astro-turf “movement…”  “Papers show that it treated some of the EU’s ‘founding fathers’ as hired hands, and actively prevented them finding alternative funding that would have broken reliance on Washington.”

All of this ancient history should give us a new perspective on current events. When thousands of demonstrators showed up in the streets of Kiev waving EU flags, and demanding the ouster of President Viktor Yanukovych, there was nothing spontaneous about it. The “deep state” covert agencies of the Western powers were in it up to their necks, of that we can be sure…

The fact of the matter is that it is far easier for Washington to control Europe with one central authority at the reins than it is dealing with dozens of separate sovereignties. Indeed, the very idea of national sovereignty as the foundation of international relations is something the empire-builders of the Beltway, and their bag-men in the capitals of Europe, would like to do away with…

The globalist idea is a central canon of the War Party. For if national borders are to be erased – and the very concept of national sovereignty relegated to the dust heap of history – then the job of justifying Washington’s wars is made much easier.

That is the crux of the matter, without borders and national identity wars are made easier.  The European Union is a pawn to subjugate the member states’ citizens to hideous austerity and allow the pillaging of their wealth and natural resources.  That is what makes the Brexit so earth shattering and Donald Trump understands this.  From Express U.K.


The UK has taken back their country: Trump congratulates Britain over 'great' Brexit vote

US presidential hopeful Donald Trump has congratulated the people of Britain for taking back its country after the momentous Leave vote but says he does not see Scotland voting for independence.  The billionaire said "it is a great thing" because UK have "taken back their country" as he touched down at his Trump Turnberry golf resort in Scotland following Britain's decision to leave the European Union.

He arrived in his "Trump" emblazoned helicopter at the Turnberry resort in South Ayrshire to officially open the revamped resort he bought in 2014, just an hour after Prime Minister David Cameron sensationally announced his decision to stand down in October…

He said Obama had been "bold" by endorsing the EU - a mistake which led to this morning's result…  "I think a lot of people don't like him and I think if he had not said it I think you're result might have been different."  He added: "He got involved, I don't know if that was through a friendship with David Cameron.  "It could have been. I understand friendship and I can understand why he did it, but I think it is something that he shouldn't have done.  "It's not his country, it's not his part of the world…

"People are angry all over the world. They're angry over borders, they're angry over people coming into the country and taking over and nobody even knows who they are.  "They're angry about many, many things in the UK, the US and many other places.”  "This will not be the last."

He said UK divisions "will heal" as "it is a great place" adding: "I said this was going to happen and I think it is a great thing.  "Basically, they took back their country. That's a great thing.  "I think we're doing very well in the United States also, and it is essentially the same thing that is happening in the United States.

Trump is right of course, the people of the world are very angry and don’t trust the oligarchs who have seized control of their governments.  That is what the Brexit vote was about, not xenophobia that the corporate media monopoly is pushing.  That is how they divide people call them racists if they “vote the wrong way”, i.e. against the status quo.  The world is sick of Washington’s wars.  From Sputnik News:


Information continues to come in about the Brexit vote. A member of the British Army said that 90% of the lads in his unit voted to leave.

They voted exit because they do not believe they should be involved in Washington’s wars. He said that his unit agreed that the wars are dictated by Washington, via Brussels, and not by the British people.  He also said that that the soldiers were “taking their own pen” to the ballot box, because “they only use pencils at the polls and they could be rubbed out and changed.”

Those British lads were wise to take their own pens to the ballot box, their elections have been rigged just like the American elections are rigged.  But this time they used paper ballots so Washington’s puppet Cameron couldn’t steal the election.  From OpEd News:


What's the Big Lesson of the UK 'Brexit' Vote for us in the US? It Was Accomplished with Paper Ballots

The decision by a majority of UK voters to reject membership in the European Union in Wednesday's hotly-contested referendum has been a devastating defeat for the corporatist domination of the European political and economic scene. It throws the corporate duopoly in the UK into turmoil, and also has the EU bureaucrats and the banking elite in Brussels and the financial capitals of Europe in a panic, lest other countries' voters, as in Spain and Italy, or even France and the Netherlands, decide to follow suit.

And the reason the opponents of UK membership in the EU were able to win against all that powerful opposition, has, in no small part, to do with the fact that all the voting was done on paper ballots.  Compare that to the US, where voting, for the vast majority of people, is done on machines, in many cases electronic machines that leave no paper trail of individual votes, or even of vote totals per machine…

The lesson of Britain's 'Brexit' referendum, like the hotly contested presidential election I witnessed and covered in Taiwan in 2004, both of which contests were conducted using paper ballots, and the latter which was subjected to a recount that returned an almost identical result after tons of paper and millions of ballots were painstakingly inspected and hand-counted all over again, is that democracy can only work if voting is scrupulously honest and absolutely verifiable.

Americans cannot break out of the Wall Street bondage unless they return to paper ballots.  After the American government was overthrown in 2000 congress passed the Help America Vote (the right way) Act that codified into law the electronic vote tallying machines that are privately owned.  But the corruption in our voting process doesn’t stop there.  From Fortune:


Wall Street Won't Let Elizabeth Warren Be Hillary Clinton's Vice President

Democratic Wall Street donors are reportedly warning Hillary Clinton not to choose Elizabeth Warren as her running mate.  The Massachusetts senator has been one of the most outspoken figures against the banking industry since the 2008 financial crisis, and donors tell Politico that if Warren is the pick for vice president, it could really hurt Clinton’s donations.

One Democratic donor said putting Warren on the ticket could drive Clinton’s entire Wall Street base away. Sheila Krumholz, executive director of the Center for Responsive Politics, says that could be a huge problem for her. “Things are so volatile now with all of the outside groups that all it can take is pissing off one billionaire on Wall Street to make it difficult….”

Screw them, Hillary this campaign is not about how much money you can raise, all that money is a negative.  Get the money out of our elections, look at Donald Trump he beat 16 candidates heavily financed by billionaires.  Hillary 2016 is braindead, get rid of your high paid advisors, you are running the worst campaign I have ever seen.  From CNN:


Trump's campaign dwarfed by Clinton's

Through the end of last month, the period covered by the most recent FEC filings, Trump’s campaign spending was less than a third of Clinton’s ($57 million to $182 million) and Trump had assembled a staff about one-tenth the size of hers (70 employees to 732), and spent less on offices (Trump last month paid $101,000 in rent vs. $328,000 for Clinton), the analysis found…

He did little to assemble the trappings of a traditional campaign during a chaotic primary in which he dispatched 16 rivals for the Republican presidential nomination, many of whom ran more traditional, and expensive, campaigns.

The $57 million Trump had spent through the end of April is only slightly more than the $54 million spent by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who dropped out of the race more than two months ago, and it’s far less than the $81 million spent by Ted Cruz. The Texas senator assembled a sophisticated microtargeting machine that helped keep him in the race until he dropped out this month, after being trounced by Trump in the Indiana primary.

Last month, as Trump was struggling to put away Cruz, Trump’s campaign spent $2.7 million on advertising, while Clinton spent $12 million on digital and broadcast media buys as she sought to put away her rival for the Democratic nomination Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders.

Yet Clinton’s campaign appeared to be preparing for the general election, spending far less than Sanders, whose $207 million in total spending marks him as the cycle’s biggest spender. He continued spending briskly in April, dropping $38.6 million, compared to $23.9 million by Clinton. Sanders spent almost twice as much as Clinton on media and payroll (despite a slightly smaller staff), as well as more on online advertising and direct mail.

And speaking of braindead, Paul Ryan the puppet of billionaire oligarch’s is again pimping the oligarch’s plan to privatize social security and raise the age for Medicare in his “Better Way” plan.  When he speaks he speaks to his constituents, “the haves and the have mores.”  From The Atlantic:


Paul Ryan Has a Plan, But No One Is Listening

Donald Trump’s oafish hegemony over the news cycle leaves little room for the House speaker’s earnest pleas to talk about congressional policy.

How do you put a crowd of congressional interns to sleep? Gather them in the cool, quiet serenity of the Capitol’s Statuary Hall and have them sit for an hour while a parade of House members delivers more or less the same speech over and over and over again… at Thursday’s rollout of the fourth piece of Speaker Paul Ryan’s “A Better Way” agenda—this one on how Congress must reclaim its constitutional authority—did not actually doze off.

But as the event ground on, many visibly zoned out or turned their attentions to texting or perusing Snapchat. At one point, the young woman next to me (one of a trio of interns from Representative Joe Wilson’s office) stopped bothering to glance up from her phone when it came time to applaud; she’d simply clap in the general direction of the podium, eyes glued to the screen balanced on her lap…

Thursday, with way too many lawmakers on hand to sing the same basic notes: The Constitution rocks, unelected bureaucrats are bad, and executive overreach is ruining America. Only the examples of regulatory outrage varied, based on each speaker’s home district: Keith Rothfus of Pennsylvania’s 12th denounced the burdens on coal plants; Doug Collins of Georgia’s 9th talked about poultry-farming regulations; Bradley Byrne of Alabama’s 1st bemoaned the tightening of red-snapper season; French Hill of Arkansas’s 2nd shredded the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Water Rule; and so on… 

As the logic goes in Congress: Why have just three or four lawmakers explain a proposal when a dozen or more will happily hold forth for the cameras?  Which guarantees redundancy and tedium, but makes perfect sense when you consider that Ryan’s entire “A Better Way” project is a grand exercise in messaging that, in addition to positioning his conference as the party of ideas, is also meant to give individual members a chance to impress the voters back home with all the deep policy thinking they’ve done.

Unbelievably braindead but that is what you get when big money is allowed to buy our politicians.  Dumb asses.  Donald Trump gets it, he is a political genius planning his trip to Scotland to coincide with the Brexit vote.  Absolutely brilliant, landing his “Trump helicopter” as the Brexit vote was announced.  But in America this is how the billionaire-owned corporate press is reporting on Trump. From the Washington Whore Post:


In new poll, support for Trump has plunged, giving Clinton a double-digit lead

Support for Donald Trump has plunged as he has alienated fellow Republicans and large majorities of voters overall in the course of a month of self-inflicted controversies, propelling Democrat Hillary Clinton to a double-digit lead nationally in a new Washington Post-ABC News poll.

The survey finds sweeping unease with the presumptive Republican nominee’s candidacy — from his incendiary rhetoric and values to his handling of both terrorism and his own business — foreshadowing that the November election could be a referendum on Trump more than anything else.

Roughly two in three Americans say they think Trump is unqualified to lead the nation; are anxious about the idea of him as president; believe his comments about women, minorities and Muslims show an unfair bias; and see his attacks on a federal judge because of his Mexican American heritage as racist.

Nearly one-third of Republicans and Republican-leaning independents say Trump is unqualified for office, and 18 percent say he does not represent their beliefs, exposing deep fissures in the GOP base as Trump struggles to unite conservatives going into next month’s national convention in Cleveland.

The lobotomized Washington Post is one of the worst, most biased, anti-Trump rags on the market.  Owned by right-wing billionaire Jeff Bezos, they have advocated for non-natural born American citizens being eligible for the American Presidency and backed Canadian TedCruz so that tripe is not surprising.  So let’s see what Larry Johnson has to say at his blog “No Quarter.”


BREXIT–A Harbinger of a Trump Victory?

What the voters did to the establishment and the elite narrative in the U.K. is comparable to what voters in the United States are likely to do to the establishment here when they vote for Trump. The voters in the U.K were angry at the European Union passing and trying to enforce laws on the average person in the U.K. that, from the standpoint of those average souls, was unjust interference in their liberty. There also was anger at stagnating economic conditions and the favoritism being shown towards immigrants at the expense of British nationals.

The vote to leave the E.U. was seen as an act of defiance against the internationalists and the status quo. We are seeing this same phenomena in the United States and, just like the elite in the U.K., our own power brokers are ignoring the looming Tsunami of voter anger.

If you watched the coverage of the aftermath of this voting massacre of the status quo you would have felt you were on the threshold of Dante’s Inferno because the pundits were screaming, “Abandon all hope ye who enter here.” While there is likely to be short term economic turmoil with currencies fluctuating up and down, this probably will not be the financial disaster that the elite are predicting, at least in the U.K.

The short term effect in the United States is that U.S. dollar will be further strengthened. That means we will pay less for foreign oil but the effective price of things made in the United States will increase. That means fewer exports and a damper on manufacturing here. On the other hand, our financial institutions will have ample supplies of dollars and, in theory, should be able to make a lot of loans which could in turn have a stimulative effect on the economy.

The real effect is the political fallout. This marks the beginning of the end of the European Union. Time to short that bad boy. France and Spain will likely be the next to exit and, once different countries start heading for the political exit, the E.U. will fall apart.

Thursday also was a horrible day for Barack Obama. Mr. Nobel Prize’s exhortations for U.K. voters to stick with the E.U. were rebuffed. Although the media sought to portray the vote outcome as “razor thin,” at 52% win normally, in the U.S., is described as a significant, major victory. In 2012 Obama won 51.1% of the vote compared to Romney’s 47.2% and I do not remember anyone on the Democrat side insisting that Obama eked out a narrow win…

The rejection of the status quo in the U.K. is comparable to the rejection of the status quo here in the United States. And Hillary Clinton is the status quo candidate, which is why she will not win in November barring a complete collapse of Trump.

The political left loves “Globalization” and the myth that everyone is the same. In truth the Globalization push favors the large corporate and financial interests at the expense of the poor and the middle class. That inequity has sparked this 21st Century revolt and is a major force driving the success of the Trump.

Thank you Britain, you have shaken off your chains and sternly rebuked the CIA’s European Union criminal enterprise and have shown Americans the way to freedom.  The only question now is, will America demand that their votes be counted in November or will they remain in bondage?

By Patricia Baeten

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