Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Trump’s campaign Chief Paul Manafort attacked by treasonous media

First published in Blasting News

Paul Manafort, Trump’s campaign chief who worked with the ELECTED Ukrainian president prior to the CIA coup, is viciously attacked by media.

Veep Joe Biden campaigning for Hillary Clinton proclaimed “Donald Trump cannot be given the nuclear codes!”  PNAC member Biden a self-proclaimed Zionist, was up to his ears in the coup in Ukraine.  Biden’s son Hunter and John Kerry’s stepson Chris Heinz are collecting million dollar salaries at the CIA’s Ukrainian energy company Barisma Holdings. 

CIA Ukrainian Coup

In 2013 after a failed CIA coup against elected President Viktor Yanukovych, the CIA set up a tent city in Maidan Square equipped with first-aid stations and canteens.  Enraged by Yanukovych’s snub of  the EU trade deal in favor Vladimir Putin’s, the demonstrators demanded Yanukovych’s ouster.   The CIA backed “color revolution” was part of PNAC’s "eastern neighborhood policy" introduced in 2005 by W. Bush.

 The policy to expand NATO by annexing four post-Soviet states within Moscow’s orbit is designed to surround Russia.  Of the four countries, Ukraine was the main prize because of its size, geography and history.  The EU’s trade deal rejected by Yanukovych required allowing Monsanto to take over the agricultural industry in Ukraine.  Ukraine, with the most pristine soil in the world had a law banning the introduction of GM crops.

Ukraine ravaged

Other onerous terms of the EU deal included cuts in pensions for retired people of 15 percent, suspension of future pension payments, increased rent for gas production from 20% to 70% and doubling the cost of gas to the average consumer.  In the deal reached with Putin, Moscow would buy $15 billion of Ukrainian government bonds and reduce the price of natural gas exports to the country by 33%. 

After the CIA coup, 33 tons of Ukraine’s gold worth $3 billion dollars was flown to the New York Federal Reserve Bank in an unmarked CIA plane.  Victoria Nuland, PNAC’s point man in Ukraine boasted that it was a nice down payment to the $5 billion the US had spent to overthrow the elected government.  Soon afterward RAND Corp. released their “Plan for Poroshenko,” Ukraine’s newly CIA installed president.

RAND’s plan

RAND’s 3-stage plan for the newly “liberated” Ukrainian people was first isolation of the people and considering them terrorists until proven otherwise.  Isolation included encircling the region and blocking the flow of goods and persons while shutting down all communications.  Second bombarding the region through ground assaults, airstrikes and possibly chemical and nuclear attacks.  Lastly, once the territory is cleared internment camps with trials and executions for resisters.

A horrified Crimean people, where Russian has had a warm water seaport for over 200 years quickly held a referendum and decided to become part of Russia.  Donald Trump has called for normalization of Russian-American ties.  Paul Manafort, who is Trump’s campaign manager is under assault by the American press for having worked with the Yanukovych Government prior to the coup. 

Media treason

The CIA controlled American media is touting “handwritten” ledgers showing $12.7 million in so-called undisclosed cash payments Manafort received from Yanukovych from 2007 to 2012.  The documents were provided by the “newly formed National Anti-Corruption Bureau” in Poroshenko’s Ukraine.  While the “handwritten” ledgers are not official government documents, they are being used to accuse Manafort of being a Russian backed evil doer, proof the Trump campaign is backed by Russia.  Charge up the batteries on your “bullshit” detectors America because they are going to need them.

By Patricia Baeten

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