Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Oligarchs outraged Trump has the exposed election is rigged

Donald Trump is correct the election is rigged but not by the voters rigged by the RNC and DNC and their billionaire donors. 

The war room

When a gaggle of women was marched out by the press to make claims against Donald Trump for alleged sexual assault, it was like Deja vu all over again.  We’ve seen this rodeo before in 1992, when daddy Bush’s FBI director Louis Freeh dispatched 200 agents to Arkansas brandishing fists full of dollars to comb through trailer parks seeking women to make the same claim against Bill Clinton.  While Clinton, a polished politician had a war room to deflect the mud slung his way, Trump a political neophyte has been largely on his own. 

Media promotes attacks

With carnival barkers like CNN’s Jake Tapper drumming those drums on his show non-stop calling the unsubstantiated claims, substantiated because the women came forward.  I guess Tapper doesn’t know the meaning of substantiated or doesn’t want to know.  Now we are finding out the Bush/Trump tapes were released by Bush Family loyalist and Paul Ryan’s top advisor Dan Senor.  Senor, who is married to Campbell Brown the ex-NBC commentator and current charter school enthusiast, was also part of the Bush team who brought us the Iraq war. 

The election is rigged by RNC and DNC

Trump is right, the election is rigged.  Rigged by the two parties who have rigged every election since 2000.  The election rigging begins at the headquarters of the DNC and the RNC long before the primary begins.  The duopoly agrees on a candidate then forms the election rules around the desired outcome.  But this election the two candidates they hate most managed to get the most votes, and they are pissed.

The real election fraud

While actual voter fraud is rare, the GOP has devised “caging lists.”  Caging lists are lists of voters in GOP controlled states that are compared to names of voters who voted in other GOP states.  Any similar names are determined to be fraudulent votes and are cancelled.  Gregory Palast has been investigating these “caging lists” and this is what he found.


This is the story of the investigation of the theft of the 2016 election — it’s a crime still in progress — and a hunt for the very rich guys behind the crime” ... it all starts off with the GOP’s outrageous voter fraud claims catching Palast’s eye…  Donald Trump’s claims of people “voting many, many times”…. “Is there really a gigantic conspiracy of one million Democrats to vote twice, or is it a massive scheme to take away the votes of a million innocent people?”

He had to get his hands on the list of “skanky double-voting fiends” to see for himself. And so he called officials in North Carolina, asking for the list of names — from the interstate “Crosscheck” program spearheaded by Chis Kobach — but he got the brush-off. Undeterred, he called officials in 28 other states, and was told repeatedly that the Crosscheck list of supposed criminals was “confidential.”

Finally a secret source provided the list of 7.2 million suspects in 29 states… one thing immediately jumps out: The first names and last names may match, but the middle ones don’t. There’s “George Joseph Peck” matched with “George R. Peck,” “William Trad Price” matched with “William E. Price,” “Angela L. Reeves” matched with “Angela Kay Reeves.” The list goes on and on like that. 

This is where the 2000 flashback comes in, providing the template for everything we’re seeing today in various, more sophisticated forms. “Ex-cons willing to go back to prison just for voting?” That was Palast’s original incredulous response back in 2000. Sure enough, after beating the bushes, “I couldn’t find a single illegal voter.”

Crosscheck’s PowerPoint presentation says they use Social Security numbers and birthdates, but the lists contain neither. “They don’t want to capture double voters,” Palast concludes. “It’s just a bunch of common names.”

Yes Donald the vote is rigged but the poor voters are not the culprits.  In addition to “caging lists” there are the voter I.D. laws a byproduct of the caging lists.  Claiming millions of voters are voting in more than one state with crosschecking names of voters, the GOP has demanded voter I.D. laws.  ALEC, the Koch Brother’s legislative bill mill, writes cookie cutter legislation that is introduced to state legislatures.  The voter I.D. laws we are seeing today are a product of ALEC.

Yes Donald the election is rigged.  It’s the electronic voting machines they are programmed to flip the votes.  In a recent Democratic primary in Florida, a state that has all electronic voting machines with no paper trails, Congressman Alan Grayson led ex-Republican turned Democrat Patrick Murphy 70%-30%.  The President, Vice-President and Senate Minority leader have all denounced Grayson and supported Patrick Murphy in the Senate race.  Voters went to the polls, and a miracle occurred.  Murphy received 70% and Grayson 30%.  It’s called vote flipping.  Yes Donald the election is rigged.

Yes Donald the election is rigged.  It is rigged in every imaginable way and is aided and abetted by big media, owned by the billionaires who buy elections.  Now the media is watching in horror as Donald Trump makes rigged elections a centerpiece of his campaign.  Big media has been trying to destroy the two front runners since the get-go.  In spite of years of investigative reports showing American elections are rigged, bought, unfair and undemocratic, big media is desperately trying to put lipstick on that pig.  The oligarchs are irate with Trump for tearing the scab off America’s 16 year-old unhealed wound.  The election is rigged.

By Patricia Baeten

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