Wednesday, November 9, 2016

America joins Brexit and takes the off ramp from the Bush/Obama fascism freeway

The nightmare that began December 12th, 2000 when the American government was overthrown by rightwing Zealots hell bent on a New World Order of endless war is now over.  America has joined the UK to forge a new era of power to the people.  The global banking cartels who engorged themselves on the largess of nations will now be put to heel.  Let the healing begin.  The FBI, CIA and Pentagon who have usurped the power of the Executive Branch and have been running rogue agencies answerable to no one will no longer have free reign with unlimited access to America’s treasury.

Draining the swamp

That great sucking sound you hear is the plug being pulled and the swamp being drained.  Who won last night?  The American people and the people of the world.  Who lost last night?  The Democratic and Republican elite, who have benefited from the decimation of America over the last sixteen years.  It is time to clear the decks and start from scratch under a Donald Trump Administration.  No holdovers.

Drain the FBI swamp of political hacks

The FBI, the great domestic surveillance agency and protector of the American people has been infiltrated with political hacks bent on destroying America.  There’s a saying, one bad apple spoils the barrel.  The FBI has not been spoiled by a bad apple at the bottom, but has been spoiled by a rotten layer at the top.  It is time to skim the scum off the top and allow the career agents comprised of attorneys and forensic accountants to take over to protect America from enemies foreign and domestic.

The reign of James Comey has been marked with the stupidity and clumsiness that comes when the top is filled with political hacks who are more interested in destroying political enemies than protecting the American people.  Comey’s defiance of his superiors at Justice and his Don Quixotic crusade against Hillary Clinton along with his GOP vigilante cheerleaders have tarnished the agency.  From Politicus


DOJ Complaint Filed Against FBI Director James Comey For Interfering In Presidential Election

A complaint has been filed against FBI Director James Comey with Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility that accuses him of interfering in a presidential election.

The Democratic Coalition Against Trump filed a complaint with the Department of Justice Office of Professional Responsibility on Friday against FBI Director James Comey for interfering in the Presidential election, following the FBI’s decision to open up an investigation into Secretary Clinton’s emails this close to Election Day. Federal employees are forbidden from participating in political activities under the Hatch Act….

“It is an obvious attack from a lifelong Republican who used to serve in the Bush White House, just to undermine her campaign…  Director Comey’s motives for sending the letter 11 days before a presidential election have been questioned by both Republicans and Democrats.

Hopefully a Trump Administration will put America first and advance an America-first hierarchy at the FBI to replace the current failed leadership.  It is time for the FBI to concentrate on preventing terror attacks in America rather than investigating political enemies. 

Drain the Pentagon and CIA swamps of right wing political hacks

The CIA and Pentagon has been jam packed with neocons under the Bush Administration who have been overthrowing elected governments across the globe and threaten World War III.  These Zionist controlled lunatics who now serve in the Obama/Biden Administration recognize no restraints within the American Government.  From Consortium News:


New Cold War Spins Out of Control

U.S. enthusiasts for the New Cold War with Russia appear to be ignoring less-belligerent orders from President Obama and pushing for a dangerous escalation of tensions, reports ex-British diplomat Alastair Crooke… 

In the aftermath of the U.S. attack on the Syrian army positions overlooking and commanding the Dier A-Zor airfield – the airfield, whose daily “Berlin air-bridge” style flights, are the sole lifeline to a city long besieged by ISIS – the Russian U.N. Ambassador asked a pertinent rhetorical question at the United Nations Security Council: Who is running U.S. policy: Is it the Pentagon or the White House?

There was no official response, of course, but one was not necessary: the New York Times editorial board gave us the answer in its verdict of Sept. 15:  Praising the U.S. Secretary of State for his energetic, but “quixotic” diplomacy, the “Board” wrote:

“The [Syria ceasefire] agreement also has powerful critics inside the Obama administration, including Defense Secretary Ashton Carter. On Tuesday, Pentagon officials refused to say whether they would comply with their part of the deal, which calls on the United States to share information with the Russians on Islamic State targets in Syria if the cease-fire holds for seven days…

What is so surprising here is the non-surprise evinced by the editorial writers of the New York Times. The Board blandly states that the Defense Secretary and the Pentagon might not comply. Not a hint of surprise is evident at the constitutional implications of this open defiance of Presidential authority.

No, rather the Board seems to view it as quite natural and commendable that Carter should refuse to comply with this “unusual and risky” proposition. But this was not some “proposition for collaboration.” This was an agreed formal accord between the United States and another state – reached after lengthy negotiations, and done with Presidential mandate.

In brief, President Obama’s authority is no more – if it runs against the settled opinion of the Pentagon, the CIA, the New York Times, the Washington Post and of the Democratic Party’s Presidential candidate. It is not unreasonable therefore to assume that Obama’s grudging d├ętente with a Russian President that he personally, viscerally dislikes, is now no more than diplomatic chatter…

Challenging Obama’s Authority

Cross-accusations are flying over who did what in Syria these last days, but what comes through is that Obama is facing likely insurmountable dissidence, even open disobedience, within his own Administration…

How long do you think that “insurmountable dissidence and open disobedience” will last in a Donald Trump Administration?  Do you believe that Trump will be overruled by the Pentagon, the CIA, the New York Times and the Washington Post?  Hardly.

Heal the nation

Trump has vowed to work with all nations and to rebuild the American’s leadership in the world. It is time that America assume her role as a world leader instead of a world bully.  President Trump in ushers in a radical movement in America, a real revolution.  The kind of revolution Americans are hungry for.  From Times ofIsrael:


In victory speech, Trump vows to work ‘for all Americans’

US president-elect Donald Trump extended a conciliatory hand to Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton in his victory speech in New York early Wednesday, after Hillary Clinton conceded the US presidential election to the Republican.

Trump said it’s “time for us to come together,” pledging to be president “for all Americans.” He thanked Clinton, who called him to concede the result, for all her national service and congratulated her on a well-fought race…

“I pledge to every citizen of our land that I will be president for all of Americans.”  He said he plans to rebuild America, emphasizing development of transportation infrastructure and boosting the economy and “doubling growth” in the coming years.

Trump said he intends to deal fairly with all nations.  “We’ll get along with all other nations willing to get along with us…” 

Trump has pledged to act quickly to repeal Obama’s landmark health care law, revoke America’s nuclear agreement with Iran and rewrite important trade deals with other countries, particularly Mexico and Canada…

It’s a new day in America, this is what American elections are about.  Hillary Clinton put up a valiant fight and won the popular vote in spite of the unprecedented attacks by the FBI director and the GOP controlled congress.  But in the end it was Donald Trump who prevailed and now America must come together and work to heal the deep wounds that have persisted since the stolen election of 2000. 

Democracy has been restored, the American people once again had a choice and a voice.  At some point Americans must decide if we want to continue with an Electoral College system where 12-15 states choose the president.  But for now, God speed and power to the people.  May peace and harmony return to the world.

By Patricia Baeten

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