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Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and the GOP’s radical financial terrorist attack against America

Radical financial terrorism is running rampant across the globe.  The banking cartels who lavish wealth on politicians who serve them are the biggest threat to humanity.  U.S. President Donald Trump was elected to hold these financial terrorists in check and restore fairness and good governance to America.  But politicians like Ryan and Pence are where they are because they preserve the financial terrorism, not because they are a threat to it. 

December 12, 2000 the American government was overthrown by GOP congress members along with Zionist Democrats Chuck Schumer, Joe Lieberman, Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy.  Since the congressional cabal completed the repeal of Glass Steagall and the deregulation of the banking and insurance industry, the banking cartels have ravaged countries across the world.  Country after country the financial terrorist banking cartels have murdered through illegal wars, coups against elected officials and crushing austerity programs. 

Trillions have been stolen by the financial terrorist banking cartels and lavished on the “elected” politicians who serve them.  In 2008 Barack Obama was selected to succeed W. Bush and continue the banking cartels global financial terror.  When Donald Trump won the GOP primary he wasn’t allowed to choose his running mate; right-wing extremist Mike Pence was chosen by Paul Ryan and the GOP.  With Pence as Vice President the GOP was able to fill Trump’s cabinet with the most extreme Koch Brothers caucus members to complete the financial Armageddon set in motion during the Bush/Obama regimes.

Once the chessmen are in their place and ready to deconstruct America, Trump will be impeached and the New World Order will be complete.  It will be the death of our Republic.  From State of the Nation:


The Death of the Republic

The deep state’s decision in ancient Rome—dominated by a bloated military and a corrupt oligarchy, much like the United States of 2017—to strangle the vain and idiotic Emperor Commodus in his bath in the year 192 did not halt the growing chaos and precipitous decline of the Roman Empire.

Commodus, like a number of other late Roman emperors, and like President Trump, was incompetent and consumed by his own vanity. He commissioned innumerable statues of himself as Hercules and had little interest in governance. He used his position as head of state to make himself the star of his own ongoing public show. He fought victoriously as a gladiator in the arena in fixed bouts. Power for Commodus, as it is for Trump, was primarily about catering to his bottomless narcissism, hedonism and lust for wealth. He sold public offices so the ancient equivalents of Betsy DeVos and Steve Mnuchin could orchestrate a vast kleptocracy…

Trump and our decaying empire have ominous historical precedents. If the deep state replaces Trump, whose ineptitude and imbecility are embarrassing to the empire, that action will not restore our democracy any more than replacing Commodus restored democracy in Rome. Our republic is dead.

Societies that once were open and had democratic traditions are easy prey for the enemies of democracy. These demagogues pay deference to the patriotic ideals, rituals, practices and forms of the old democratic political system while dismantling it…  Thomas Paine wrote that despotic government is a fungus that grows out of a corrupt civil society. This is what happened to these older democracies. It is what happened to us.

Our constitutional rights—due process, habeas corpus, privacy, a fair trial, freedom from exploitation, fair elections and dissent—have been taken from us by judicial fiat… 

Corporations, cannibalizing the federal budget, legally empower themselves to exploit and pillage. It is impossible to vote against the interests of Goldman Sachs or ExxonMobil. The pharmaceutical and insurance industries can hold sick children hostage while their parents bankrupt themselves trying to save their sons or daughters. Those burdened by student loans can never wipe out the debt by declaring bankruptcy…

Companies have orchestrated free trade deals that destroy small farmers and businesses and deindustrialize the country. Labor unions and government agencies designed to protect the public from contaminated air, water and food and from usurious creditors and lenders have been defanged…

Much of the press, owned by large corporations, is an echo chamber for the elites. State and city enterprises and utilities are sold to corporations that hike rates and deny services to the poor. The educational system is being slowly privatized and turned into a species of vocational training.  Wages are stagnant or have declined. Unemployment and underemployment—masked by falsified statistics—have thrust half the country into chronic poverty. Social services are abolished in the name of austerity. 

The outward forms of democratic participation—voting, competing political parties, judicial oversight and legislation—are meaningless theater…  The relationship between the state and the citizen who is watched constantly is one of master and slave. And the shackles will not be removed if Trump disappears.
Ah yes, such is the state of the nation.  President Trump did not bring this to America and he may be the only person that can stand in the way of this unholy juggernaut.  But Ryan and Pence’s man Mick Mulvaney has put forth a budget that is a culmination of the financial terror attacks already begun under Bush/Obama.  From Newsweek:



Before this year, the few of us who had heard of Mick Mulvaney knew only that he was one of the Republican Party’s most extreme anti-government ideologues, a leading Tea Partier who helped to force out John Boehner as Speaker of the House and who was willing to hold the debt ceiling hostage as a means to advance his reactionary agenda.

Now, Mulvaney has been installed as Donald Trump’s budget director and his job is to try to explain to the American people why Trump’s proposed deep cuts in small-but-crucial social programs are the path to economic nirvana and social justice. It is not going well.

This should not be surprising, because the proposed cuts are indefensible, both as a question of economic policy and as a matter of simple morality. What is especially interesting about Mulvaney’s approach so far, however, is that he has decided to try to convince people that he is being “compassionate” even as he proposes to stop feeding hungry people and take away programs on which the most vulnerable Americans rely.

In fact, Mulvaney has turned out to be what we might think of as an even less impressive version of House Speaker Paul Ryan, who has been trying for years to dress up harsh cuts to the least fortunate among us as freedom-enhancing, empowering opportunities that will allow people to throw off the shackles of dependency…  Ryan at least has the ability to feign concern while talking about his victims, but Mulvaney has not yet figured out how to furrow his brow and look sincere.

In a recent press conference, Mulvaney tried to defend his proposed budget cuts for such essential programs as Meals on Wheels (a nutritional program for elderly citizens who cannot leave their homes) and subsidized school lunches for poor children. Under questioning about how he could be so lacking in compassion, Mulvaney was unmoved.

Yes the GOP only has compassion for the superrich who fund their campaigns and fill their personal coffers.  But this is nothing new, this started in the 1980’s under St. Ronnie of Reagan.  From Op Ed News:


The Trump Budget: cuts to the poor fund tax cuts for the rich: neoliberalism on steroids

In the 80's, the Chicago boys and Hayek all traveled to Chile to create the neoliberal model, using brutal force (with thousands killed and disappeared) in the hands of the bloody dictator Pinochet to impose "free market reforms." The result: a human rights catastrophe accompanied by economic collapse and nearly half the population reduced to poverty...and the creation of an instant class of millionaires. The same process was followed in Russia when the drunken dictator Yeltsin brought in conservative, free-market Harvard economists to administer shock therapy.

The result? The creation thru "privatization" or the selling off of public assets at pennies on the dollar to create an instant class of million and billionaires. This was the shortcut to the capital accumulation that is the goal of capitalism. The other result was economic collapse, as Yeltsin shelled Parliament with tanks, banned political parties and critical media, and the GDP fell by 40% and the per capita income fell to a level lower than under Communism, at $2K per year. (Today, after 16 years of Putin's rule, the per capita income is $14K and Russia has bought back many of the assets given away by Yeltsin).

As I am writing this essay, here is the headline from the Washington Post:

"Trump advisers call for privatizing some public assets to build new infrastructure

The Trump administration, determined to overhaul and modernize the nation's infrastructure, is drafting plans to privatize some public assets such as airports, bridges, highway rest stops and other facilities, according to top officials and advisers.

In his proposed budget released Tuesday, President Trump called for spending $200 billion over 10 years to "incentivize" private, state and local spending on infrastructure…

Trump advisers said that to entice state and local governments to sell some of their assets, the administration is considering paying them a bonus."

Almost all roads, bridges and airports are owned by the government, from cities to the Federal government, and airports, for instance, are a source of government revenue which helps keep taxes down. Speaking of keeping taxes down, in the same breath that privatization is being proposed, Trump's economic advisors are considering raising the Federal gasoline tax. The one dollar day tax cuts a median wage earner will get from the Trump tax plan (Trump will get millions) will be eaten up by such tax hikes…

Neolibealism: tax cuts for the rich, cuts in services to the poor, deregulation of banks and corporations, selling of public revenue producing assets to private profit-seeking corporations. The rich get richer, the poor get poorer as public funds are transferred to private pockets.

The Ryan/Pence budget is a prelude to Trump’s impeachment.  The Deep State will not stop until Trump is removed from office, dead or alive.  The Russia investigation is just another step in the process.  From State of the Nation:


Soft Coup in the Works: Deep State Setting Up Trump for Impeachment

There can be no doubt that Deep State has been using the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Democratic Party to overthrow the Trump administration since January 20th of 2017.

The agents of Deep State have also been employing all of the worst RINO’s in Congress (e.g. Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham) to assist in the unfolding conspiracy to impeach President Donald Trump.  Not a week has passed since Election Day that the MSM hasn’t taken advantage of every opportunity to publish fake news about Trump and/or his key advisors and appointees. 

Truly, no one has ever seen anything like the super-sensational circus that is being staged Inside the Beltway by Deep State—24/7.   Nonetheless, this whole political melodrama is deadly serious … from beginning to end…

There are actually two schemes being executed at once.

The impeachment set-up is quite obvious.  The other much more complex and convoluted conspiracy to inexorably bend the will of the POTUS to the commands of Deep State is far less apparent.  Nevertheless, this is the much “bigger story” which has the potential to send the American Republic into an unprecedented political, social and economic cataclysm…

Every politician has always been at the mercy of the MSM…while the MSM has always been completely controlled by Deep State.  Each and every pol is made or broken with the support or disapproval, respectively, of their local (and worldwide) media.

What Donald Trump has been experiencing is an all-out weekly attack on his presidency, his entire administration and the patriot movement which put him in the White House. Each day brings a new onslaught of false accusations and barrage of fake news.  With each daily news cycle the MSM concocts more false allegations against the president and his surrogates–with seemingly absolute impunity…

Not only has the swamp never seen such a politically unpredictable creature, every swamp monster in Washington and beyond now faces grave danger.

Political death by a thousand cuts

Deep State will not rest until Trump is either completely taken over or overthrown.  The intelligence community has already attempted to take control of him by proxies within his family and inner circle.  Nevertheless, Trump has still quite deftly utilized his wrecking ball to expose (and destroy) the entire political establishment.

Israel’s House of Kushner Now Runs the Trump Administration for the NWO Globalists

Deep State’s response to Trump’s incessant tweeting has been to encourage leaking throughout the West Wing.  In this way TPTB (The Powers That Be) are sending a message: the Executive Branch is literally owned and operated by the U.S. Government, Inc.  The POTUS is merely the CEO and President who serves at the pleasure of the secret (and unaccountable) board of directors…

Ultimately the saboteurs hope for Trump’s political death from within and without… There is no one in his administration who has not already been or who cannot be quickly compromised.  After a critical mass of fabricated trust-busting events takes place, Trump’s political capital will then be expended, even with his base.  This is their plan.

Key Point: The unlawful missile attack against Syria was a stealthily planned war crime that was ordered by President Trump but deliberately engineered by National Security Advisor H. R. McMaster.  Lieutenant General McMaster is not only an active U.S. Army service-member, he is also a longstanding employee of the Military-Industrial Complex.  In that capacity, he is an agent of Deep State who has absolutely no loyalty to Trump, but remains committed to his true masters whose primary objective is maintaining the perpetual war economy…

The much larger issue here is that Deep State is literally everywhere, and, therefore, unbeatable…  Trump has already taken his trusty wrecking ball to once venerated institutions and political brands within Deep State with extraordinary effect.  As follows:

Why did The Powers That Be (TPTB) decide to derisively dump the Clinton crime family, after ignominiously dethroning the Bush political dynasty, during the 2016 campaign season? Even the Obama legacy has been irreparably tainted by WiretapGate, Emailgate and Syriagate, all of which were blown wide open by The Donald.

Additionally, Candidate Trump was permitted to forever wreck and ruin the credibility of the Mainstream Media (MSM) with the searingly accurate label of “fake news”. He also took his wrecking ball to both the Republican Party establishment and the Soros-hijacked Democratic Party. By exposing them both as thoroughly fraudulent institutions that do not work for the American people, he completely wrecked both political brands.

The NWO globalists now work overtime to scuttle Trump’s “Titanic” before it hits the Deep State iceberg.  The globalists know that, with Trump at the helm of the ship of state, the USS Titanic luxury ocean liner might just be an icebreaker in disguise.  And everyone knows that the Russians make the world’s best icebreakers!

Paul Ryan and Mike Pence are agents of the Deep State who are already preparing for the transition after they get rid of Donald Trump.  Nothing is left to chance.  From The Intrepid Report:


Pence begins presidential campaign unofficially

On Wednesday, May 17, U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who has built his political career as both a fundamentalist Christian, and a client of the libertarian Koch brothers’ extensive fundraising network, made his unofficial but starting bid to become the U.S. president: he formed an organization to raise funds from billionaires and centi-millionaires, in order for Pence to be able to distribute those wealthy investors’ funds to Republican politicians (especially to ones in the U.S. Senate and House) whom Pence favors, and who might reasonably then be expected to return that favor by their supporting a Pence bid to become the U.S. president…

This type of organization is called a “leadership PAC,” and the donors to it are thereby entrusting to the politician who has formed it that politician’s ability and power to serve as the given donor’s agent to select other politicians to become agents of that given donor—Pence is thus becoming a financial middle-man, to control the distribution of those donors’ cash.

While President Donald Trump’s White House grapples with the fallout from his firing of the former FBI director, Vice President Mike Pence has taken steps to begin building his own political war chest...  There are only two ways in which Pence can replace the current U.S. president, Donald Trump, while Trump is serving his four-year elected term in that office:

The well-known method is by the sitting president’s becoming impeached by 50%+1 members of the U.S. House of Representatives, and then actually removed from office by a subsequent two-thirds vote of the members of the U.S. Senate. Of course, Mr. Pence would be helped in this method if some of those members of Congress are partially relying upon Mr. Pence in order to be financially able to retain, or else to become advanced from—such as to become a Cabinet member in a President Pence’s administration—their current office.

The less well-known method is yet more subject to being influenced by the existing holder of the office of the U.S. Vice President; and this is Section 4 of The 25th Amendment, which starts with:

Whenever the Vice President and a majority of either the principal officers of the executive departments [i.e., the Cabinet members] or of such other body as Congress may by law provide, transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and the Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office, the Vice President shall immediately assume the powers and duties of the office as Acting President.

Bingo!  Trump’s entire cabinet was selected by Koch Brothers’ tool Mike Pence who is Vice President.  Pence is already funneling money into Koch loyal congressional members so that when Trump’s cabinet declares he is unable to “discharge of powers and duties of his office” the Koch caucus in congress will, out of loyalty to the Kochs stand with the Vice President.  Game, set, match. 

In other words, the Tea Party’s Mulvaney’s budget is just the beginning of the Paul Ryan, Mike Pence and the GOP’s radical financial terrorist attack against America.  They just need to remove the impediment placed in their way by the American people.  The Trump wrecking ball.

By Patricia Baeten

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