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Deep State brings in Warlocks to conduct Trump Witch Hunt

The testimony of James Comey before the Senate Intelligence Committee was reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials of 1692.  Like the Salem Witch Trials the Comey testimony was the result of paranoia and injustice fomented by an FBI Dictator who believes himself to be above any law or scrutiny in his service to the Deep State.  From David Stockman at LewRockwell:


The Imperial City Unhinged----J. Edgar Comey's Big Fat Nothingburger

Comey’s ballyhooed testimony contains nothing not already known, nothing remotely about obstruction of justice, and, in fact, nothing that matters at all. It’s just a replay of the self-serving tommyrot Comey has been leaking all along.

It is a smoking gun in only one sense: It proves why the sanctimonious Comey should have been fired on day one and why the apparent Wall Street assumption that it can count on “Washington governance as usual” is so dangerously misguided.

The sum and substance of RussiaGate, in fact, is the evidence-free assessments, judgments, surmises, inferences and innuendos of Deep State operatives who have been dead set against Donald Trump from the very beginning; and who were given leave during the campaign and transition by Obama’s top national security advisors—–the despicable duo of Susan Rice and John Brennan—-to blatantly abuse the Spy State’s tools and machinery to smear and besmirch the Donald and challenge the fundamental legitimacy of his election.

That brings us to J. Edgar Comey. From the very beginning with his backhanded acquittal of Hillary last July, he has conducted himself as FBI Dictator, not director

Taking Trump aside for a private one-on-one, Comey had the gall to serve up that unvetted and unverified garbage when he knew full well that it had been paid for by Trump’s political opponents—first the Romney apparatus and then Hillary Clinton’s operatives…

The proposition that the Attorney General and FBI director operate in some insulated and antiseptic sphere above the president’s authority as head of the executive branch has been  an entirely self-serving invention of the Deep State in the years since Watergate…

The January 6th presentation of the Steele “dossier” to Trump was an outright act of Hoover-style blackmail by the FBI director; and a ringing statement that the phony “Russian meddling” narrative would be used against the White House whenever it suited the purposes of Comey and the Deep State he represented…

Yet in the end, Flynn got fired for trying to make peace with Russia—-a nation that is no threat to America and which has every reason to take umbrage at NATO’s encroachment on its very borders.

When Flynn was fired on February 13, in fact, Trumped praised him fulsomely and offered no plausible reason for his dismissal because there wasn’t one. The Donald and his greenhorn team had simply panicked in the face of the RussiaGate hysteria generated by the Deep State and amplified and propagated by the mainstream media.

Indeed, the premise for the witch hunt hearings is based on “the proposition that the Attorney General and FBI director operate in some insulated and antiseptic sphere above the president’s authority.”  This display was just the opening salvo for the disgusting witch hunt to come as the Deep State’s handmaiden warlocks prepare for years of wasted time and treasure in the hopes of bringing down our elected president.  So who are the warlocks that the media is fawning over heaping the highest of praise on?  From Coleen Rowley at Op Ed News:


Russia-gate's Mythical 'Heroes'

The mainstream U.S. media sells the mythical integrity of fired FBI Director Comey and special Russia-gate prosecutor Mueller, but the truth is they have long histories as pliable political operatives, writes ex-FBI official Coleen Rowley.

Mainstream commentators display amnesia when they describe former FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey as stellar and credible law enforcement figures. Perhaps if they included J. Edgar Hoover, such fulsome praise could be put into proper perspective.

Although these Hoover successors, now occupying center stage in the investigation of President Trump, have been hailed for their impeccable character by much of Official Washington, the truth is, as top law enforcement officials of the George W. Bush Administration (Mueller as FBI Director and James Comey as Deputy Attorney General), both presided over post-9/11 cover-ups and secret abuses of the Constitution, enabled Bush-Cheney fabrications used to launch wrongful wars, and exhibited plain vanilla incompetence.

TIME Magazine would probably have not called my own disclosures a "bombshell memo" to the Joint Intelligence Committee Inquiry in May 2002 if it had not been for Mueller's having so misled everyone after 9/11. Although he bore no personal responsibility for intelligence failures before the attack, since he only became FBI Director a week before, Mueller denied or downplayed the significance of warnings that had poured in yet were all ignored or mishandled during the Spring and Summer of 2001.

Bush Administration officials had circled the wagons and refused to publicly own up to what the 9/11 Commission eventually concluded, "that the system had been blinking red." Failures to read, share or act upon important intelligence, which a FBI agent witness termed "criminal negligence" in later trial testimony, were therefore not fixed in a timely manner. (Some failures were never fixed at all.)

Worse, Bush and Cheney used that post 9/11 period of obfuscation to "roll out" their misbegotten "war on terror," which only served to exponentially increase worldwide terrorism.

It’s amazing what constitutes as honor, integrity and honesty today.  This whole debacle is a staged coup against a sitting president by our congress and people embedded in the Trump Administration by the Deep State.  It’s like a scene from Julius Caesar.  From Mike Whitney at Information Clearing House:


Rosenstein and Mueller: the Regime Change Tag-Team

Let’s say you own a big US corporation but need help managing your domestic accounts. So you hire a bright, young man named Bruno who just graduated from Harvard Business School with a Masters in corporate finance.  And the first day on the job, you discover that Bruno has secretly employed a private detective who has obtained subpoena power to dig through all of your business accounts, all your investments past and present, all your taxes going back decades, and any personal transactions you might have made in the last 20 years or so… 

And, of course, Bruno knows that the information he gathers is going to be deliberately tweaked to look as suspicious as possible, then it’s going to be leaked to the press and splashed across the headlines, then it’s going to be presented as evidence to a Grand Jury, and then, finally– after months of excruciating testimony and nonstop mud-slinging– it will be used in criminal proceedings that will lead your removal as CEO of your corporation…

By appointing a Special Counsel, Rosenstein not only destroyed any chance Trump had at achieving his policy objectives, he also effectively rolled-back the results of the 2016 presidential election…  We can now be 100 percent certain that Trump’s political agenda will never get off the ground. Which is good, right, since the Trump’s “pamper the rich and screw-the-working-man” plan was crappy policy anyway? So, good riddance.

But was that Rosenstein’s decision to make? Is that how democracy is supposed to work? Does one unelected, meddlesome lawyer at the DOJ get to overturn the results of the election and bring the government to a screeching halt..? 

But Rosenstein doesn’t like democracy, he’d rather do the work of his paymasters who want to see Trump drawn and quartered before he’s given the boot.

“His paymasters”? Rosenstein has paymasters?

Yer darn right, he does. Rosenstein didn’t make the decision to appoint a Special Counsel by himself. That’s baloney. He got his marching orders from someone else higher up the foodchain.  Does anyone seriously believe that a second-string attorney at the Justice Department would launch a full-blown attack on the president of the United States unless he got the greenlight from the deep-state fatcats who operate behind the scenes?

As it stands, the witchhunt is going forward without a shred of solid evidence, without any eyewitnesses, without a hint of wrongdoing, and without any probable cause…   

And Rosenstein didn’t pick hatchetman Robert Mueller by himself either. That’s more malarkey. Mueller was picked by the same shadowy throng of elites that selected the 9-11 Commission, the big money guys who own this fecking country lock, stock and barrel. In this case, they wanted a political assassin who could be trusted to do everything in his power to force Trump to resign.  Mueller was the perfect man for the job, a cold-blooded Mafia hitman who won’t leave his fingerprints at the scene of the crime.

In his more than 10-year stint at the FBI, Mueller managed to conceal his utter contempt for the law behind a mask of smug sincerity and icy self-righteousness.  His qualifications speak for themselves.  Here’s a little background on Mueller from Sputnik News:

“Robert Mueller, picked as special prosecutor to investigate President Donald Trump, violated the US Constitution as FBI Director by using secret domestic spy programs, National Security Agency (NSA) whistleblower William Binney told Sputnik…

James Comey, Mueller’s successor as FBI Director, who was fired by Trump on May 9 had also been willing to ignore the US Constitution in order to use NSA data collected without any legal warrant against ordinary criminals, Binney recalled.”

Nice. So instead of dogging-down the crooked bankers on Wall Street who blew up the financial system and fleeced We The People out of trillions of dollars, Mueller spent his time stomping on the Fourth Amendment so he could add a few more warm bodies to our ballooning prison population. Way to go, Bob.

And there’s more about Mueller that people should know, too, like the fact that he was the architect of an FBI entrapment program that lured simple-minded gangbangers into terrorist scams and then threw them in the slammer for the rest of their lives. 

This is why the bigshots chose Mueller to spearhead their Russia hacking witchhunt. They figure his experience with entrapment will help him to bag his biggest trophy yet, the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. That’s the plan at least.

So what are the odds that Trump will get a fair shake in this deal?

How about zero? There’s zero chance that Grand Inquisitor Mueller and his Star Chamber assistants are going to conduct an objective, independent investigation. In fact, the whole Special Counsel meme is just an attempt to dignify the railroading of the Chief Executive.

Comey was so anxious to destroy Trump that Comey has become a cartoon character. Or as Victor David Hansen put it Comey is a tragic figure.  The more he tries to salvage is character the more he denigrates it.

Yes indeed, Trump has zero chance getting a fair deal with the Deep State’s dream team of henchmen.  This team will come up with a conclusion first then building a case to support that conclusion.  The plan was already there before Trump took office.  This has been a set up since the beginning and Comey testified under oath that he leaked information on Trump in order to ensure a Special Prosecutor is assigned the case.  From The Independent UK:


James Comey says he leaked Trump meeting memo in order to secure appointment of special prosecutor

James Comey has said he leaked memos of his conversations with Donald Trump to the media in order to trigger the appointment of a special prosecutor.

In comments that suggested the former FBI Director was concerned about the ability of his own Justice Department to oversee the investigation into possible collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow, Mr Comey said he decided to pass on the information after seeing one of Mr Trump’s tweets.

“The president tweeted on the Friday after I got fired that I’d better hope there are not tapes,” Mr Comey said.

He said he then woke up on Monday thinking that if there were tapes, there might be corroboration. Mr Comey said he asked “a friend of mine to share” the memo he had written about his conversation with Mr Trump “with a reporter…”

“I thought it might prompt the appointment of a special counsel,” said Mr Comey. “I said to him ‘make sure this gets out’.”

Speaking on Capitol Hill, Mr Comey told senators that the Trump administration had told lies and defamed him and the FBI after the President fired him on May 9.

Sounds like a disgruntled former employee who wanted revenge after being fired.  Sounds like this whole Special Prosecutor thing has been in the works for a long while.  And the Special Prosecutor has building up a dream team of the Deep State’s most loyal of handmaidens.  From CNN:


Legal dream team in white shirts and dark suits

Right out of the gate, Mueller brought on three partners from his former law firm, Wilmer Hale, with significant litigating experience in high stakes cases: Aaron Zebley, who previously served as Mueller's chief of staff at the FBI; Jeannie Rhee, a former federal prosecutor and top official at the Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel; and James Quarles, who worked on the Watergate investigation as a young prosecutor…

Mueller has also reportedly recruited skillful prosecutors from within the highest levels at DOJ -- including Andrew Weissmann, chief of the Criminal Division's fraud section, who served as former director of the Enron Task Force and general counsel under Mueller at the FBI.

Sheesh, what is this the trial of Alger Hiss?  How much is that going to cost us?

Jared Kushner's New York Observer ran a series of scathing stories depicting Weissmann and then Assistant Attorney General Leslie R. Caldwell as a strong-arm prosecutors that "ran roughshod" over defendants' rights during the Enron investigation, but during his tenure with DOJ, he's won a series of honors, including the Attorney General's Award for Exceptional Service in 2006.

So is this Weissmann character going to recuse himself from the Russia-Gate probe?  It sounds like he has a bone to pick with Jared Kushner.  So who else is on this kangaroo court?

But perhaps the most significant hire to date was reported by the National Law Journal on Friday: deputy solicitor general Michael Dreeben, a prolific Supreme Court advocate who oversees the Justice Department's criminal appellate docket.

Preet Bharara -- former US attorney of the Southern District of New York, who has had his own tussle with Trump and had a ringside seat to Comey's testimony Thursday -- tweeted that Dreeben is one of the "top legal and appellate minds at DOJ in modern times."

"It appears that Bob Mueller is recruiting the smartest and most seasoned professionals who have a long track record of independence and excellence," added Bharara.

That “tussle” Bharara had with Trump was that Trump fired him.  It appears that Bob Mueller is recruiting the highest paid, most reliable agents of the Deep State.  All of this and yet to-date there has been no evidence of Russia doing anything to affect our election.

And former acting US solicitor general Neal Katyal, who is a partner at Hogan Lovells and one of the lead attorneys for Hawaii in the travel ban lawsuit against Trump, agrees that the choice of Dreeben is telling.

"You don't bring Michael Dreeben onto something ordinary," said Katyal. "He's the top criminal law practitioner in the United States."

Oh, come on.  The Mueller Team appears to be made up of Deep State Trump haters with a record of service to Wall Street and the Deep State.  There is no way that this impending witch hunt against Trump will stop until he is removed from office.  This team of warlocks chosen by Comey and the Deep State will surely find some witches during their multi-year, billion dollar witch hunt.  And the only ones who will get rich are the lawyers.  What a crock.

By Patricia Baeten

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