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Paul Ryan and GOP’s Final Solution for America: Death by trillions of tax cuts

I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.... The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."  ~~ Thomas Jefferson

Make no mistake about it, the GOP’s latest tax scam plan is designed to further enrich the banks and Wall Street on the backs of the middle class, the elderly, children and the infirmed.  After years of horrific legislation that has left America a hollowed out vessel unable to care for its own citizens, Paul Ryan and the GOP are ready to plunge a dagger into what’s left of the heart of America with their final solution, death by trillions in tax cuts for the rich.   From Salon:


Why are Republicans so cruel to the poor? Paul Ryan’s profound hypocrisy stands for a deeper problem

Paul Ryan has dreamed of slashing Medicaid since his keg-party days — and that blithe hostility is widespread.  Republican Paul Ryan, like most other members of the U.S. Congress, is a millionaire.

Christa Patton is 68 years old. She is frail and no longer able to leave her home. She lives on a fixed income. Patton told Van Jones on a recent episode of his CNN show "The Messy Truth" that she would not be able to eat without the Meals on Wheels program.

Paul Ryan is the speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives. By his own account, in college he used to hang out with his friends and drink beer while sharing his dreams of cutting Medicaid. When Ryan was 15 years old, his father died from an alcoholism related heart attack. Ryan and his family then received his father's Social Security survivor's benefits. Ryan used that money to attend college. This was not the only money that Paul Ryan received from the federal government. His family built its wealth from receiving government contracts.

Like his idol Ayn Rand (who argued against the very idea of government and the commons yet received Social Security and Medicare), Paul Ryan has combined meanness, cruelty and callousness toward the weak and the vulnerable with gross and unapologetic hypocrisy.

Republicans like Ryan — along with the millionaires and billionaires who comprise Donald Trump's Cabinet and inner circle — literally want to take food, shelter and health care away from poor people like Christa Patton. Today's Republicans view these Americans as useless eaters to be disposed of by means both passive and active.

The rape and pillage of America began in 1913 when an illegal cabal meeting at Jekyll Island sold out America to the Rothschild banking cartel.  The cartel reached its zenith in 2000 with the overthrow of the American government and the installation of George W. Bush as President of the United States.  With all the chessmen in place the 911 attacks gave cover for the cartel to plunge America into endless war and the destruction of everything America ever stood for.  From Veterans Today:


NEO – America Beaten, Down for the Count

The world knows America is done for… We could give dates, 9/11; or back in 1913 when America took on an illegal Rothschild central bank. Perhaps it really is 1913; and the America of today is the result of bleeding that began then.

It is always about debt. When nations take on a central bank, and all central banks are foreign owned, all controlled by the Rothschild family, their institutions crumble, the family, religion, their government, the courts, their media, all are targeted…  The reason 9/11 is critical has nothing to do with the endless war sweeping the world that it began, proxy armies, phony terror groups and teeming millions of refugees.

For America it announced the largest robbery in history, $10 trillion in assets, enough to buy the entirety of Europe, simply “disappeared.” Only days before 9/11 it was learned that $2.4 trillion was missing from the US military budget alone, according to Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld.

What few know is that the group investigating, in their entirety, were killed on 9/11 during the incident at the Pentagon. We call it an incident because calling it a terror attack or even an airline crash is unsupportable without throwing away any reason whatsoever.  Then we ask, who does such a thing, who would take down America, destroy their government, collapse their economy as in 2008, and allow a nation to be led by a leader known to be clinically insane? … 

By the end of 2007, America’s 5 leading investment banks were bankrupt, having “misplaced” trillions in assets. Most major corporations were the same, broke, hopelessly, to the extent that the Down Jones Industrial Average had to be reconfigured as the leading companies in America were no longer viable…

Between 2008 and 2010, unemployment in America rose to over 10%. Personal savings collapsed and personal debt rose to unimaginable levels while key industries like arms, oil and pharmaceuticals … made record profits.  With interest rates dropped to almost nothing by Bush 43, millions of America families sought to protect assets through buying homes that would otherwise be unwise, overlarge, unaffordable, sold on the idea of a ballooning real estate market by media pundits…

Most homes lost 60% of value across America and those forced to sell took on a lifetime of debt. Similarly, retirement savings typically lost 72%. A million dollar 401k that would return $5000 a month for life based on Clinton era rates and market performance was now only worth a little over $200,000 with an income potential of $200 a month. America’s middle class would work into their mid to late 70’s, with skilled and management retirees sentenced to a decade of menial labor on behalf of the banks that organized the crash…,

This is the business model of the world’s banking system. This is what is meant by “globalism.”

“This is the business model of the world’s banking system” carried out by the traitors “elected” to congress, not by the American people but by the banking cartels who control the elections in America.  Now their lackey Paul Ryan, who has Social Security to thank for his education and leg up in life after the death of his father, will usher in the “final solution for America” on behalf of his benefactors.  From World SocialistWebsite:


Following passage of Senate tax bill, US ruling class takes aim at Social Security and Medicare

The passage by the Senate of the Trump administration’s tax bill is a landmark in the decades-long ruling class offensive against the working class in the United States.

With no serious opposition from the Democrats, and with final passage of a tax bill by the end of the month following negotiations with the House all but assured, congressional Republicans are moving on to the next stage of the class war agenda: the gutting of Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

The Senate version of the bill adds $1.5 trillion to the federal budget deficit, triggering automatic cuts in spending for Medicare, the federal health insurance program for the elderly, of half a trillion dollars over 10 years, according to the Congressional Budget Office, and setting the stage for massive cuts in other social programs.

Last week, Trump declared at a Missouri rally, “We’re going to go on to welfare reform.” On Wednesday, Republican Senator Marco Rubio of Florida told business executives: “Many argue that you can’t cut taxes because it will drive up the deficit.” On the contrary, he argued, the costs can be offset by imposing “structural changes to Social Security and Medicare for the future.”

After eight years of Obama’s pillage of Social Security, first through “GOP designed payroll tax holiday” followed by higher deductions of income from working people’s pay checks, along with no increases in SS benefits the truly savage attacks on the American people is under way by both parties.  Make no mistake about it, no one in congress is there to benefit the American people.  Both parties are responsible for the miserable state in America with their insatiable appetite for war.   Spending for war is never offset, and the military industrial complex is engorged with funds stolen from the American people.  From The Free Thought Project:


In 2018 The US Gov’t Will Spend Nearly $2 Billion a Day — Solely on WAR

The price tag on the latest National Defense Authorization Act is $700 billion, which will cost American taxpayers nearly $2 billion every day in 2018.

While the United States Congress has struggled to pass legislation governing taxes and healthcare, it had no problem uniting on the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act—a bill that will ensure the U.S. continues to wage wars around the world, and that promises taxpayers will cover its costly expenses.  The price tag on the latest NDAA is a massive $700 billion, which means that for every day in 2018, American taxpayers will spend nearly $2 billion on war…

“This bill passed the House 356 to 70, including more than half of the Democratic caucus. It passed the Senate by voice vote—not a single Democrat opposed it…”  The 2018 NDAA approves $634 billion for the Pentagon.

This was done despite the fact that a recent report on the budgets of the Department of Defense and the Department of Housing and Urban Development, found that between the two departments, they have lost over $21 trillion in the last 17 years—enough money to pay back the U.S. National Debt…

Almost a trillion dollars a year is spent to overthrow elected governments in countries that have the audacity to sit on top of some of the world’s largest mineral reserves.  With almost a trillion dollars a year given to the Pentagon and its slush fund the Overseas Contingency Fund, America’s warriors must receive the best medical care in the world after they are wounded.  But alas no, the only ones receiving gold plated medical care through the Pentagon are our arm chair warriors in congress.  From Veterans Today:


NEO: The Unseen Victims of America’s War Machine

How many more lives will America’s wars claim?

When the war drums begin, the first victim is reason, this is no secret at all. I recently met with a group of Russian war veterans about this issue – how those who fight wars are victims just like the armies of refugees and the dead strewn across the landscape, and are now called “collateral damage”, which may well represent a countless multitude…

In a world where America openly supplies al Qaeda with weapons of mass destruction, where Israel and Saudi Arabia fight side by side, and where “alternative facts” are used to support government policies, dissent itself is now a form of terrorism.

Military veterans aren’t all equal. Just visit Washington DC or towns like Annapolis, Maryland. There the strutting peacocks in uniform have profited greatly from war, wars they risked nothing fighting, wars they were paid to support and defend, not the nation, the United States mind you, but war itself, the business, the racket, the game…

In 1970, I returned from Vietnam and began medical treatment in the huge government system run by the Veterans Administration. My own injuries seemed minor as I entered the filthy hospital in Ann Arbor, Michigan where amputees lived on gurneys all over the building, stored in kitchen areas, storage closets, overflowing urine bags, the stench of gangrene, the moaning of endless pain and hopelessness…

This is what was really there, I saw it, I remember every minute of it. In 1938, American author and screenwriter, Dalton Trumbo, wrote an anti-war novel called Johnny Got His Gun. Trumbo was later blacklisted as a Russian sympathizer and banned from writing though…

In 1938, disabled veterans were an inconvenience. They still are, except at election time when each new candidate promises to address the wrongdoing of their predecessor and, of course, in the end, nothing whatsoever changes…

In a facility where there are luxury suites for members of congress to receive the most expensive medical care in the world, free of charge, paid for by American taxpayers, disabled combat veterans lived in filth, in many cases medical treatment withheld until they agreed to sign away their rights to disability pension benefits...

Yes, Paul Ryan and his cadre of millionaire politicians receive their medical care in luxury suites free of charge while combat veterans live in filth and are forced to sign away their rights to a disability pension for fighting in wars that benefit the Federal Reserve Bank and its shareholders.  That is life in Paul Ryan and Ayn Rand’s America.  All their wealth and perks aren’t enough, now they want to pillage what is left of Medicare and Social Security to pay for tax breaks for their billionaire campaign contributors.  From Lew Rockwell:


The Stupid Party’s Tax Plan

In 1986, big gubmint tax and spending slasher Ronald Reagan unveiled a tax “reform” plan that continued the massive transfer of wealth from the poor and working classes upwards to the very wealthy. Reagan’s plan eliminated essential deductions for consumer loans (auto, credit card, personal) and overhauled the deduction for medical expenses, so that they had to have amounted to 10% of an individual or married couple’s income.

Donald Trump, as always dominated by the disastrous neocon thinking of Republican leaders like Paul Ryan, has released a new tax “reform” plan… Perhaps the most inexplicable aspect of this plan is its attack- and there is no other word to describe it- on home ownership…

Homeowners will no longer be able to deduct the property taxes they pay on their home under this plan….  Eliminating or nullifying the tax incentives for home ownership puts home values and middle-class homeowners at risk…  The Republican tax plan also eliminates some of the remaining deductions that poor and working class Americans still benefit from.

Student loans will no longer be deductible. The medical expense deduction that Reagan slashed dramatically will be eliminated. There will no longer be deductions for alimony expenses or moving expenses.  As perhaps the most laughable aspect of the entire plan, it leaves the dreaded Obamacare mandate intact, which means Americans can still be penalized for not having health insurance… the elimination of the Alternative Minimum Tax, which served to force the very wealthy with numerous loopholes and deductions to at least pay some tax.

And the centerpiece of the plan is a huge cut in the corporate tax rate, from 35% to 20%. Making a mockery of Trump’s rhetoric about forcing companies to move their industry back home, the plan permits companies to keep their profits offshore. The estate tax is also being eliminated, a benefit which will only apply to the absolute One Percent…

This tax plan will negatively impact a struggling real estate market, offer little if any tax relief to anyone except corporations, and eliminate the remaining deductions that the poor and middle-class most benefit from. It isn’t populist, won’t help the economy, and it certainly won’t make things any better for the majority of citizens…  The Stupid Party mantra regarding the lower corporate tax rate is that this will “create jobs” and an incentive to give pay raises to employees… 

True tax reform would start with auditing and abolishing the Federal Reserve, and adopting an honest money system that isn’t based on fractional lending, or more bluntly counterfeiting. “Our” debt belongs to the bankers, and isn’t our responsibility. It should be repudiated.

Our spending should reflect American interests, as candidate Trump stressed repeatedly, but President Trump has ignored. Rebuild the infrastructure. Bring all the troops home and stop starting pointless wars. Guard the borders and deport illegal immigrants. End the foreign visa work programs. America First and all that.

So there you have it, the GOP’s latest tax scam plan is designed to further enrich the banks and Wall Street on the backs of the middle class, the elderly, children and the infirmed.  Paul Ryan and the GOP’s real plan has always been the same, the Final Solution for America, death by a trillion tax cuts.  Now Ryan and the GOP can collect their blood money and retire their flag lapel pins, they have served their Wall Street masters and themselves well.  Trillions stolen from the Treasury by Wall Street and no cop on the beat.  This is Paul Ryan and the GOP’s Final Solution, death to America.

By Patricia Baeten

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