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Wake up people, the bankers have turned all countries into “Shit Holes”

Tent City 3, under I-5 in Seattle's Ravenna neighborhood.

"If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered....  Thomas Jefferson

President Donald Trump kicked up a shit storm this week when he was accused of calling Haiti and African countries “shit holes.”  It didn’t take long for the Deep State operatives in the Senate and House to cry “racist”, a moniker that has become the refuge of scoundrels.  President Trump was absolutely correct, but he should have expanded the term to include America and the European Union whose wealth has been extracted by the central banks leaving their people sick, broke, uneducated, hungry and homeless. 

In the year 2000 America had a surplus in its Treasury after our last President elected by the American people had raised taxes on the wealthy, created 24 million good paying jobs and encouraged the American people to invest in 401Ks and other funds to supplement Social Security for their retirement.  President Clinton’s rising tide lifted all boats and it was a prosperous, peaceful time in America.  Republicans and Democrats in the United States Senate impeached President Clinton on behalf of the central bank but were unable to remove him from office due to his high approval ratings.

The 100 year charter for America’s Central Bank known as the Federal Reserve Bank was set to expire in 2013.  America on solid financial footing and its people prospering was a grave threat to the existence of the Federal Reserve Bank that relies on America being in a constant state of war and indebtedness.  For that, the same Senators who impeached President Clinton colluded with the Supreme Court and the Bush cartel to install George W. Bush as president no matter how the people voted.  Bush had vowed to privatize Social Security and usher in private Charter Schools that were highly desired by Hedge Fund managers.

Vice President Al Gore handily won the election in spite of the widespread election corruption in Florida where candidate Bush’s brother Jeb was Governor.  On December 12, 2000 five corrupt members of the U.S. Supreme Court ordered an end to the recount of the Florida votes and installed the losing candidate, George W. Bush president.  Three days later the U.S. Senate in a lame duck session, passed the Commodities Futures Modernization Act that deregulated banks and insurance companies that opened the American economy to the biggest financial heist in the history of the nation.

After the messy election of 2000, congress passed the Help America Vote (the way the banks want) legislation that led to the corrupt two party system that has allowed congress to override the election results and install the candidate of the banks’ choice.  President Trump was able to beat the two parties at their own game and become President and has been under attack since.  From Lew


Love Him or Loathe Him, Trump is Liberating us All From The Empire's Lies

Trump and the Fine Art of Dialectics

Alexander Blok, one of the smartest and most noble of Russians, wrote this amazing essay on Catiline, a Roman rebel whose plot was crushed and who was utterly maligned by the father of all bullshit, Cicero.  So Catiline was this patrician, a decadent SOB who, when mistreated and challenged by the Roman establishment, organized the Roman deplorables and started a rebellion.

It was squashed of course, but for Blok, he remained a hero. Blok calls Catiline the Roman Bolshevik, and insists on approaching him not from Cicero’s moralizing NYT-like perspective, but from the perspective of World Revolution.

For Blok, as he puts it, the heart of the Roman Empire stopped when Christ was born. It continued for another few hundred years, but in a zombie-like state until its petty, militaristic, provincial, materialistic character was finally exposed as the bluff it always was, and it collapsed under the weight of its own corruption. And here is Blok’s paradoxical view: Catiline’s rebellion makes sense only from this perspective.

Catiline might have been corrupt, decadent, debauched and what have you. Yet, he did expose how rotten Rome was. For that, both Blok and Ibsen (another rebel against stifling bourgeois order) place Catiline in heaven. 

Which takes me to Trump. Whatever his critics say, he has it, and then some, but like Catiline, he fully exposes how corrupt, venal, and petty the established order is. The genie cannot be put back into the bottle. Mass media is exposed for what it is: a spinning machine for the militaristic oppressive order, a purveyor of fake news. And this is not the view of some obscure academic like Chomsky. It is the view of the President of the United States.

Isn’t it liberating?! No more butchery, bombing, and destruction, while the press conducts its cheer-leading campaign in support of another “humanitarian intervention”, be it Serbia, Iraq, or Libya. The genie is out of the bottle. People are not buying it anymore.

Very true, people are no longer buying the bullshit pumped out by the corrupt billionaire owned media that has become a war driven propaganda tool that was ushered in under the corrupt W. Bush Administration.  If Haiti is a “shit hole” it’s because the Bush/Obama Administrations made it that way.  After all it was the Bush-Cheney Administration that removed Haiti’s democratically elected president.  From Global Research:


The Kidnapping of President Jean Bertrand Aristide

Violates International Law and US Law

Beginning in early February 2004, the democratically elected President of Haiti, Jean-Bertrand Aristide, faced an armed rebellion starting from the North of his country and moving South.  The rebel leaders, whom U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell characterized as “thugs and criminals,” include former members of the dissolved Haitian army, drug dealers, and members of the former paramilitary organization universally recognized as having operated terrorist/execution squads during the 1991-1994 military coup…

The movement of the rebel army towards the South was rapid, as it was armed with M-16s and M-60s of American manufacture, and the national police had been eviscerated by the financial and arms embargo imposed on Haiti for the past few years, under the false pretenses of faulty elections…

On Feburary 26, the rebel army threatened to enter Port-au-Prince, and threatened President Aristide’s government and his life.  The civil opposition that had been calling for President Aristide’s resignation rejected the international proposals.  At this point, Colin Powell stated that the U.S. would not send troops to protect the democratically elected government until a political solution had been reached.

Two days later, the Steele Foundation, a U.S. company which had provided President Aristide with security under contract, informed him that the U.S. government had forbade the company from bringing in additional security forces to protect President Aristide.  The same day, U.S. diplomats told the President that if he remained in Port-au-Prince, the U.S. would not provide any assistance when the insurgents attacked, and that they expected the President, his wife and supporters would be killed.

Later that night, the U.S. Depute Charge de Mission (DCM) in Haiti, Luis Moreno, accompanied by a contingent of U.S. Marines, met with the President.  Moreno told him that only if he left at that moment, the U.S. would provide aircraft for him to leave, but that assistance was contingent on the President providing the United States with a letter of resignation…

In the early morning hours of February 29, the President and some family members were taken by Moreno and the Marines to an airplane rented by the U.S. State Department.  Moreno told the President that he must give Moreno a letter of resignation and agree to ask no questions about where he would be taken, or the President and his wife would be left at the airport and they would be killed.

Under extreme duress, President Aristide signed a letter of resignation and boarded the plane.  During the flight, despite their repeated requests, the President and his wife were forbidden from communicating with anyone in the outside world… 

Although both George W. Bush and Colin Powell had said they would not send U.S. troops to Haiti until there was a political solution, U.S. troops were ordered to Haiti within one hour of President Aristide’s departure.  Dick Cheney denied that the United States arrested or forcibly ousted President Aristide, saying that President Aristide, who had “worn out his welcome with the Haitian people,” had “left of his own free will.”

Shortly after President Aristide’s “resignation,” Boniface Alexandre was named acting president of Haiti.  All 3,000 people held in the National Penitentiary were freed on March 14, according to the Associated Press.  Several of these prisoners had been convicted of massive human rights violations, or were awaiting trial for massive human rights violations.  The UN news wire reported on March 5, that in Fort Liberte, recently released prisoners were said to be in charge of security…

The Observer reported a security vacuum throughout the country, and the BBC reported that rioters in Port-au-Prince looted stores, ransacked police stations, and set fire to gas stations.  There have been many brutal reprisal attacks on political opponents, extra-judicial arrests and killings, lack of effective civil authority, and disruption of humanitarian aid efforts.  Serious human rights abuses, political violence, and social turbulence have escalated to the level of a humanitarian crisis.

There has been a serious attack on the freedom of the press since February 29.  Staff from the Aristide government media continue to be attacked and beaten, some journalists have been forced into exile, and the U.S.-supported opposition now controls most of the airwaves.

And that my friends is how Haiti became a “shit hole.”   George H.W. Bush removed the democratically elected Aristide in 1991 but he was reinstated under President Clinton.  During Clinton’s Administration Haiti and America were peaceful prosperous places.  Once Bush Jr. was installed, Aristide was removed and Haiti and America were turned into “shit holes” once again.  All shit holes across the world have been victims of the Central Banks.  From Lew Rockwell:


As Sisyphus Fails Gold Will Ascend

Welcome to 2018 – a year that will be the culmination of at least 105 years of mismanagement of the Western financial system by governments, central bankers and the elite…

The year will also be marked by inflation increasing a lot faster than expected. This will include higher interest rates, much higher commodity prices, like food and oil as well as a falling dollar…

For a century, a reckless elite has controlled the system for their own personal gain and thus accumulated massive wealth. Ordinary people have been totally cheated into believing that they have benefitted by having all the material things that most of them can’t afford – be it a house, car, computer or iPhone. All on credit of course.

Whilst the elite owns most of the assets, ordinary people own the debt. Not just their own debt but also the public debt burden which irresponsible governments have built up including unfunded liabilities like pension and medical care. And when the financial system fails, ordinary people will suffer the most.

We have seen a century of debt buildup from virtually zero to $240 trillion. Global debt has doubled since the beginning of the Great Financial Crisis in 2006. This has led to asset bubbles and overvaluations never seen before in history. If unfunded liabilities and derivatives are included, the total burden amounts to $2 Quadrillion.

That is the enormous Sisyphean task that the world will have to struggle with in coming years. Although central banks and the elite seem clueless, they can clearly not be unaware of the gigantic size of the problem.

We know that these liabilities can never be settled. What happened in 2006-9 was only a rehearsal. In the last minute central banks orchestrated a massive rescue programme which included interest rate reduction, money printing, guarantees, liquidity injections plus allowing banks to value toxic debt at maturity instead of market. These measures temporarily postponed the inevitable collapse. They are unlikely to work next time but since the central banks have few other options left, they will try the same things again. But this next time they will fail…

Through manipulation they can easily create unlimited cryptos and hype the value. They can also electronically totally control individuals’ money and their transactions. This is the perfect Big Brother system and thus another frightening attempt to severely limit the money and freedom of individuals.  It is now very likely that Western governments will attempt to introduce such a cryptocurrency system in the next few years.

But there will be many obstacles since it is extremely unlikely that countries like Russia and China will accept a US, EU or UK cryptocurrency. These countries understand that all the new fake cryptocurrencies would be just as worthless as the currencies they would replace. China and Russia have a very different plan. They will introduce a gold and oil backed (crypto)currency which will be far superior to any new money that the West would produce. With this currency, China and Russia will become the dominant economic powers as the West declines into obscurity.

These major changes in economic trends clearly don’t happen quickly but over an extended period. Nevertheless, 2018 is likely to be a significant year, marking the beginning of the end of the latest, but certainly not last, corrupt financial system which has lasted 105 years.

Donald Trump calling Haiti and African nations “shit holes” wasn’t a racist slur but a recognition of the inevitable outcome of a financial system created by Central Banks to strip every nation of their wealth and enslave their people.  All countries across the globe dominated by Central banks have become “shit holes” by design.  On Christmas Eve 1913 Woodrow Wilson signed into law the illegal Federal Reserve Act dooming America and everyone they came in contact with to “shit hole” status.  That is just a fact that President Trump was acknowledging. 

As Thomas Jefferson said "If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered....  Wake up people, the central banks have turned the planet into a giant “shit hole” and that’s a fact.  

By Patricia Baeten

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