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The Rothschild British Empire’s war on President Trump and the American people

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their money, first by inflation and then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of their property until their children will wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”  ~ Thomas Jefferson

All ills in America are the direct result of the Rothschild British Empire.  Since the founding of America’s Central Bank, a/k/a Federal Reserve Bank in 1913, America has been driven to war every time peace and prosperity are occurring.   During the term of President Clinton, America saw unbelievable peace, prosperity and good paying jobs galore.  With Clinton’s peace dividend came a high standard of living for seniors, the introduction of Family Medical Leave and unprecedented investing in pensions, stocks, bonds, 401K’s and CD’s.  

President Clinton balanced the budget and had surpluses set for years to come, but the 100 year charter for the Rothschild British Empire’s Central Bank in America was set to expire in 2013.  The Central Bank needed a war and the only candidate that vowed to start that war was George W. Bush.  When Bush lost the election the CIA and deep state operatives overturned the will of the people and installed the loser, Bush as President. 

It is not the responsibility of the Federal Reserve -- nor would it be appropriate -- to protect lenders and investors from the consequences of their decisions.  — Ben Bernanke, Federal Reserve chairman, 2007

The 911 attacks were launched to provide a reason for endless war.  While the 2000 recount was going on in Florida, the U.S. Senate passed the Commodities, Futures Modernization Act that deregulated the insurance industry and Wall Street banks.  The CFMA ensured Wall Street’s as well as European banks’ reckless casino bets would be covered by America’s treasury. 

The global financial crash of 2008 was caused by deregulation of Wall Street and the insurance industry who were bailed out 100 cents on the dollar by the central bank as the American people were left homeless helpless, addicted.  Not only were they bailed out but the American people paid the criminal bankers exorbitant bonuses for a job well done.

Each and every time a “rogue” nation decides to dump the dollar America bombs them into oblivion, removes or kills their elected leader and enslaves their people.  Iran is the latest to dump the fiat currency known as the dollar.  Suddenly Iran is being blamed for the 911 attacks, just like Saddam was even though everyone knows the hijackers were mostly from Saudi Arabia. 

It is interesting to note that Saudi Arabia has a vested interest in keeping the dollar as a petro currency.  So now a court in America has demanded Iran pay $6 billion to the U.S. families of those killed on 911.  From Covert Geopolitics:


US Court Asks Iran to Pay $6 Billion for 1000+ Deaths During WTC911 False Flag

In another ridiculous geopolitical stunt, the Deep State corporate court of the US finds Iran “liable for the deaths of more than 1,000 people as a result of the September 11 attacks. They must keep the propaganda going as the major offensive to topple the Deep State out continues to inspire lively debates among geopolitical observers.

A judge in the US has issued a default judgement requiring Iran to pay more than $6bn to victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks that killed almost 3,000 people, court filings show.

Monday’s ruling in the case – Thomas Burnett, Sr et al v. The Islamic Republic of Iran et al – finds “the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, and The Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran” liable for the deaths of more than 1,000 people as a result of the September 11 attacks, Judge George B Daniels of the Southern District Court of New York wrote.

Iran is ordered to pay “$12,500,000 per spouse, $8,500,000 per parent, $8,500,000 per child, and $4,250,000 per sibling” to the families and estates of the deceased, court filings say.  A 4.96 annual interest rate will also be applied to the amount, starting from September 11, 2001 to the date of the judgement.  A default judgement is issued when a defendant does not contest the case in court…

Bear in mind that it was the UK royalty which financed the WTC911 Zionist operation through Saudi bank accounts for the purpose of preventing the announcement of the Global Settlements pertaining to the Collateral Accounts consisting of Asian historical gold behind the Deep State controlled global financial system.

“It is no coincidence that the century of total war coincided with the century of central banking.”
― Ron Paul, End the Fed

Hmmm.  Yes indeed, “it was the UK royalty which financed the WTC 911 Zionist operation” and it is the UK royalty who are now demanding war with Iran.  What is the reason for war?  From RT:


Iran drops the dollar. Others tried and were bombed. 'It's all about the banking,' says Lee Camp

Iran recently announced it is dropping the US dollar in foreign trade. Just as Iraq did shortly before it was invaded by the US, or Libya planned to before it was bombed by NATO-led allies. Lee Camp is starting to see a pattern.

The US is gearing up to abandon the Iran nuclear deal, which has all but killed Tehran's nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, because it's not restrictive enough. With Iran already saying it won't accept more demands or more sanctions, it's anyone's guess what kind of chain reaction might ensue.

Comedian Lee Camp's guess is pretty grim. He notices how Iran recently ditched the dollar in favor of the euro – something Iraq also did 18 years ago, a couple years before the US invaded it under the phony pretext of weapons of mass destruction. Libya wanted to do the same, although its leader Muammar Gaddafi wanted to establish its own currency, the gold dinar – but in 2011, NATO warplanes bombed his country to support an uprising against him. Almost immediately, the rebels formed their own central bank and were given leave by the US and the UN to legally sell oil from the land they controlled.

How handy, where do you think the “rebels” got their financing to start their own central bank?  This corruption is not owned by any political party exclusively in America.  The 911 attacks took place under George W. Bush which kicked off the Iraq/Afghanistan wars and multiple proxy wars across the Middle East.  Obama had his 911-type attack that was the Deep Water Horizon explosion after which he attacked Syria and Lebanon.  From State of the Nation:


Why BP?

Formerly known as British Petroleum, BP is well known in the Oil & Gas Industry to be an integral corporate arm of the British Government.  Although presented as a public corporation, it’s actually run by the key decision-makers in Rothschild banking cartel.

It is this all-powerful banking cartel that has aggressively pushed the fictitious Global Warming narrative from the very beginning.  That’s because the Rothschild clan, and all the banking families in their worldwide network, stood to financially gain tremendously from the “Global Carbon Control Matrix”, which they have been painstakingly putting into place over many years…

Back to BP, this specific supermajor was chosen to do the dirty deed in the GOM because as a foreign corporation they could get away with things that no U.S.-based oil and gas company could.

KEY POINT:  “How did BP, of all oil companies, come to be the
beneficiary of so much permitting largesse and regulatory laxity
that led to the unprecedented and illegal practice of deep drilling
in the Macondo Prospect?”

This question can only be answered satisfactorily when looked at through the lens of the massive and monolithic conspiracy to fabricate a shockingly tragic environmental catastrophe.  Consider that the US government openly, yet unlawfully, conferred special powers upon BP before, during and after the oil spill.  

No one had ever seen anything like it before.  Sovereign southern states taking direction from a foreign transnational corporation with a criminal record that stretches from the Gulf of Mexico to Prudhoe Bay, from the North Sea to the Caspian Sea, from the Canadian oil sands to Columbia farmlands… 

Similar to all highly consequential false flag operations over the past 100 years, the BPGOS had several different objectives.  Among all of those, it’s clear from the timing of the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon in the Macondo Prospect that this disaster was planned for the Obama presidency.  It really was meant to be his “9/11 defining moment”.  Instead, the BPGOS showed him to be a stone-cold traitor to the American Republic.  After all, only an utterly lawless and outright criminal administration would permit so much breaking of federal laws and state statutes, as well as flagrant violation of EPA rules and regulations… 

This preceding narrative became quite evident when an SOTN journalist received an authentic copy of a letter sent by the Kremlin in May of 2010.  This letter contained the explicit approval by Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin for the use of the two deepwater submersibles — Mir I & II — in the Gulf of Mexico.  Russian submersible technology was the most advanced in the world at that time and could have assisted significantly with repairing the gushing well. 

To those who facilitated this approval process, it was quite apparent that the White House Response Team was determined not to permit the Russian submersibles to enter the Macondo Prospect under any circumstances.  The baseless reasons for the Coast Guard’s rejection of what may have been vital assistance is now well understood.

If the freedom of speech is taken away then dumb and silent we may be led, like sheep to the slaughter. George Washington

Ex-Rothschild Banker and current French President Macron recently visited President Trump at the White House and spoke before congress.  In the speech Macron called for censorship in the form of outlawing “fake news”.  FromJonathan Turley:


Europe’s Invasive Species: We Should Keep Macron’s Oak And Send Back His Speech Limits

Below is my column in The Hill on the speech by French President Emmanuel Macron and his calling for the United States to join France in a crackdown on “fake news.” Our members were either clueless or complicit in this thinly veiled call for speech regulation on the Internet. However, there is growing pressure from Europe for the United States to abandon its long commitment to free speech — a call that is being heard by a rising number of academics and politicians.

French President Emmanuel Macron has won the hearts of many Americans, from his planting a tree at the White House to his passionate speech before a joint session of Congress yesterday. For civil libertarians, however, one moment will remain chilling and lasting. It is when Macron called for a joint war against “fake news” and declared, “Democracy is about true choices and rational decisions. The corruption of information is an attempt to corrode the very spirit of our democracies.”

While both Democratic and Republican members were on their feet in rapturous applause, Macron used code familiar to free speech advocates, and it is the antithesis of democratic values. Indeed, it is a mantra that has been used to roll back free speech in Europe, where leaders are about to do the same to the press in new internet regulations. While long rejected in this country, leading American politicians and academics appear eager to adopt this coded pitch of censorship.

I imagine that censorship would keep people from reading the articles cited in this blog.   Macron is wholly owned by the Rothschild cartel.  It is no surprise that the people of France are rejecting Macron’s austerity agenda for the people.  As an EU member the people are always on the losing end.  From RT:


EU was created to rip US off, Trump says as allies brace for trade war

The European Union was formed to rip off the US, President Donald Trump said during a rally, as he vowed to “take on” the bloc and China, saying that the days of “disastrous trade deals” are over.

Trump unleashed a tirade aimed at the European Union at a campaign-style rally in Michigan on Saturday. Taking aim at the EU's trade policies, Trump said that the bloc “was put there to take advantage of the United States.”

 “Not anymore, we told them that yesterday, actually the exact same words, not anymore, those days are over,” Trump said to a round of cheers.  The US leader hinted that he would stop at nothing to fix the trade imbalance, warning the crowd that they should expect some temporary setbacks on the way to a bright future for the US economy.

“In short term you may have to take some problems, long term – you're going to be so happy, we're going to get it opened up, or we’re not doing business with these other countries,” Trump said. While blasting the EU, China and Japan over trade, Trump said that his criticism of the “disastrous trade deals,” which he is busy “straightening out,” does not mean he has a personal grudge against those countries' leaders…

Trump’s new economic threat comes at a time when the 28-nation European bloc is bracing for a potential trade war with Washington. May 1 is the deadline for Washington's ultimatum to either limit exports to the US or face steep steel and aluminum tariffs.  Other US allies are facing the same choice.

The only one to have fallen in line so far is South Korea, which has agreed to cut 2.7 million tons of annual metal exports and double car imports from the US, its trade ministry announced in March…  Meanwhile, the EU countries have warned that arm-twisting by the US will not end well for either side in the long term…

The EU will not sit idle while its economy is being hit by the US, French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said. “The EU has to be ready to take all the appropriate decisions if the American administration decides to raise tariffs on the EU."

"I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets. The man who controls the British money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply." ~ Nathan Rothschild

All finance in the world is dominated by London.  Britain has tampered with American elections for a very long time, especially after the US government was overthrown in December of 2000.  It was British spies in collusion with America’s CIA and FBI that failed stop Donald Trump from getting elected.  They now are attempting to impeach or remove Trump in some other way.  From LaRouche pub.:


London Finance Dominates the World, Ruins Economies, Including America’s

April 15—After two years of a British dossier driving an attempted coup against President Donald Trump, and as the British government of Theresa Mayhem is attempting to force the President into a potentially unsurvivable confrontation with Russia, the recently released documentary, The Spider’s Web, demonstrates the full destructive power of the British Empire—today…

What is proven here is rather the truth insisted on by Lyndon LaRouche and EIR for many years. Not only is London the central driver of geopolitical manipulations, coups, and wars against rival or rising powers. London is also the world’s dominant financial power and has held the whip hand in making speculation, securitization, and drug-and-terror financing the main activities of global banking since the late 1960s.

Drawing the World’s Wealth to London

It (the film) lays bare the tremendous damage the City of London and its banks have done to the world economy—and the U.S. economy—since the 1960s. In its title, its creators are not referring to a secondary British empire, but to the re-establishment of the British Empire after its decisive military demise in the 1950s…

London’s havens, run directly by the Bank of England and City of London, have been drawing the assets of the world into the City of London’s banks for 50 years. This has made London again globally dominant financially, able to loot the developing countries and to drive the U.S. economy, among others, toward speculation over lending, “financialization,” highly risky “securitization,” and deregulation of Wall Street…

Moreover, by establishing the “bolt holes”—the Bank of England’s own word for tax-evading island wealth-sinks—and the rules enabling financial corporations and multinationals to pay minimal taxes, and wealthy individuals none at all, London has driven wealth inequality to unprecedented levels, gorgeously rewarded non-productive investment of nations’ savings, and triggered the growth of populism in opposition…

The Bank of England (BoE) in 1966 declared dollar operations in London out of its jurisdiction; they were officially occurring “Elsewhere.” “London,” says Shaxson, “was a place where senior bankers did not have to worry about the consequences of their actions” (as Wall Street has become since the 1990s). Wall Street banks all moved their international operations to London, where they remain…

Many attacks are launched against “Russian mafia” and “Russian oligarchs” as evil financial forces; but since as long ago as the late 1950s, Russians with wealth have been but fish in the sea of London “offshore” finance, often drawn to live in London and sometimes entrapped there. British Prime Minister David Cameron’s father, for example, designed secret trusts for such as these Russians to invest in.

London as the cause behind the screen—for the replacement of bank separation by bank deregulation, the looting of the developing countries, disinvestment in production, creation of “the 1%,” terror financing—is exposed in The Spider’s Web. Britain’s Second Empire is what the new paradigm of the New Silk Road has emerged to replace. Reinstatement of Glass-Steagall alone would begin the Empire’s destruction.

It should be noted that before James Comey became the Director of the FBI he was on the Board of Directors for HSBC Bank London.  HSBC was fined in America for money laundering and terrorist financing.  Now Comey along with his buddy Robert Mueller, the special prosecutor appointed to investigate Donald Trump and associates for colluding with Russia in the 2016 election are spiraling America into a Constitutional crisis.  Comey and Mueller used the Russia dossier written by a British spy as a basis for the unfettered investigation into the Trump campaign.  From Disobedient Media:


All Russiagate Roads Lead To London As Evidence Emerges Of Joseph Mifsud’s Links To UK Intelligence

Over the last few months, Professor Joseph Mifsud has become a feather in the cap for those pushing the Trump-Russia narrative. He is characterized as a “Russian” intelligence asset in mainstream press, despite his declarations to the contrary. However, evidence has surfaced that suggests Mifsud was anything but a Russian spy, and may have actually worked for British intelligence.

This new evidence culminates in the ground-breaking conclusion that the UK and its intelligence apparatus may be responsible for the invention of key pillars of the Trump-Russia scandal. If true, this would essentially turn the entire RussiaGate debacle on its head.

To give an idea of the scope of this report, a few central points showing the UK connections with the central pillars of the Trump-Russia claims are included here, in the order of discussion in this article:

1.      Mifsud allegedly discussed that Russia has ‘dirt’ on Clinton in the form of ‘thousands of emails’ with George Papadopoulos in London in April 2016.

2.     The following month, Papadopoulos spoke with Alexander Downer, Australia’s ambassador to the UK, about the alleged Russian dirt on Clinton while they were drinking at a swanky Kensington bar, according to The Times. In late July 2016, Downer shared his tip with Australian intelligence officials who forwarded it to the FBI.

3.     Robert Goldstone, a key figure in the ‘Trump Tower’ part of the RussiaGate narrative, sent Donald Trump Jr. an email claiming Russia wanted to help the Trump campaign. He is a British music promoter. 

4.     Christopher Steele, ex-MI6, who worked as an MI6 agent in Moscow until 1993 and ran the Russia desk at MI6 HQ in London between 2006 and 2009. He produced the totally unsubstantiated ‘Steele Dossier’ of Trump-Russia allegations, with funding from the Clinton campaign and the DNC. 

5.     Robert Hannigan, the head of British spy agency GCHQ, flew to Washington DC to share ‘director-to-director’ level intelligence with then-CIA Chief John Brennan.

Each of these strands of UK-tied elements of the Russiagate narrative can be substantially dismantled on close inspection. This untangling process leads to the surprising conclusion that UK intelligence services fabricated evidence of collusion in order to create the appearance of a Trump-Russia connection.

All ills in America are the direct result of the Rothschild British Empire.  The Rothschild British Empire has waged war against President Trump and the American people.  The Empire demands endless war to subjugate the American people to financial slavery.  President Trump is a clear and present danger to the Rothschild British Empire as he was pivotal in the people of Britain voting to Brexit the European Union.

Now that the two Koreas are working towards peace, largely due to President Trump, the British Empire is more dangerous than ever.  The American people are on the hook for $21 trillion of the $43 trillion the Federal Reserve Bank printed up to bail out the Rothschild Banks across the globe.  President Trump is America’s only hope to break those financial chains the American people are bound by. 

President Trump understands the evil that is the Rothschild British Empire and is fighting for the American people.  President Trump is making America and the world a better place and will prevail over the evil empire.  God speed President Trump.

By Patricia Baeten

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