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Germany Held Hostage: War in Ukraine or Fed Keeps Your Gold

In a Guardian article published on May, 6 the German foreign minister warned that war in Ukrainen is imminent.  The warning came after Ukrainian interior minister, Arsen Avakov claimed more than 30 pro-Russia separatists had been killed by Ukrainian troops.  According to the

Ukraine is close to war, the German foreign minister, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, has warned in interviews published in four European newspapers on Tuesday.

Dozens are feared to have died in clashes outside Slavyansk on Monday as Ukrainian troops clashed with pro-Russia separatists.

"The bloody pictures from Odessa have shown us that we are just a few steps away from a military confrontation," Steinmeier told El País, Le Monde, La Repubblica and Gazeta Wyborcza. He added that the conflict had taken on an intensity "that a short time ago we would not have considered possible".

The acting Ukrainian interior minister, Arsen Avakov, claimed that more than 30 pro-Russia separatists had been killed in fighting outside the key rebel town on Monday.

"We estimate that the terrorists lost more than 30 people," Avakov wrote on his Facebook page. The Guardian was unable to confirm the figure.

One person’s terrorist is another person’s freedom fighter.  Notice how the EU/NATO installed government in Kiev claims anyone against their illegal government is a “terrorist”?

The escalation of the violence by Ukrainian troops came as a surprise to some since Ukraine’s military was in shambles.  Ukrainian troops were in poor shape and unwilling to turn rifles on their neighbors and friends after their elected President was ousted in a NATO coup and a Central Banker installed in his place.    From

As Ukraine’s new authorities unleash heavy weaponry on Slavyansk, blockading 
civilians in the town, the EU says it is “concerned” and has called on pro-autonomy protesters to end their “illegal actions.”

The European Union, a fierce supporter of Kiev’s new authorities, said it is watching the events unfold in eastern Ukraine.

Yes, the financially bankrupt European Union are “fierce supporters of the NEW Kiev authorities”, after the elected leader was ousted for rejecting the EU’s harsh austerity for their people and an unloading of EU debt on Ukrainian citizens.

Kiev has intensified its military operation in eastern Ukraine, with the army surrounding the anti-government stronghold of Slavyansk, blockading civilians inside with military helicopters and APCs on Friday morning…

While Kiev has chosen the path of military strikes, the EU has called on anti-government activists and self-defense forces – which have occupied government buildings in the city – to end “illegal actions.”

Pro-Russian militia members remove a local resident as Russian troops assault the Belbek air base, outside Sevastopol, on Saturday, March 22.

The West, more specifically Victoria Nuland and John Kerry, continually blame Putin for the escalation in violence; it is really the illegal Kiev government that is escalating.  It’s not as though the Kiev government has any loyalty to Ukrainians or remorse in killing innocent civilians who did not elect the government in the first place.

“While Russia is making efforts to de-escalate and resolve the conflict, the Kiev regime has chosen military aviation strikes on peaceful residential areas and started a punitive operation, literally destroying the last hope for the viability of the Geneva accords,” President Vladimir Putin’s spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said on Friday in response to the military’s advancement…

During a UN Security Council meeting in New York at the end of April, Russia’s envoy to the UN, Vitaly Churkin, said that Kiev had not taken any steps towards fulfilling the Geneva agreements. He also stressed that repressions against those disagreeing with Kiev’s coup-imposed authorities were continuing.

Investigative journalist Pepe Escobar told RT that the activists in eastern Ukraine are not pro-Russian and merely want to be more independent from the coup-imposed government, with which they disagree…

He added that sooner or later, the “Ukrainian neo-Nazi, neo-fascist militias fighting for a bunch of regime changers in Kiev and using what is left of the Ukrainian army to attack and encircle a city” will be attacking civilians.

Yes, Kiev’s government has nothing but contempt for the civilians of Ukraine.

For those living in Slavyansk, Friday morning began with the sound of a warning siren and fears of army assaults and shelling of the city. Several Ukrainian army helicopters, supporting ground troops with missile fire, were reportedly shot down near Slavyansk by armed self-defense units.

Footage showed an injured helicopter pilot who survived crashing, but was “left to die” by the retreating Ukrainian troops, according to Slavyansk activists. The man was then helped by his own “adversaries” as they brought him to the city for medical treatment.

Sheesh.  The Ukrainian pilot’s adversaries, the people he was trying to kill for the Kiev government, brought him to the city for medical treatment after Kiev left him to die.  What a sad situation.

To understand Germany’s role one must only look back to 2012-2013, when Germany asked the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, “where’s our gold”?  From Turner Radio Network:


January 10, 2014 6:30 AM EST (TRN ) -- Billions of dollars in gold from Germany, stored with the U.S. Federal Reserve, seems to have gone "missing" and Germany wants to know where it went and why they're being given someone else's gold as replacement?  When Germany demanded to SEE their gold, the Federal Reserve at first refused, then later allowed the Germans to see only ONE of NINE vaults allegedly containing German gold, but refused to allow the Germans to enter that one vault or even touch the gold.  The Fed then told Germany it will take until the year 2020 to get all their gold back.

For those who are unaware, the world has a system in place for gold reserves similar to a massive safety deposit box. If, for example, you put your gold wedding ring in a box at the bank — in this case the Federal Reserve — you expect to get that exact ring back, not a roughly equal amount of gold.

Yes, you wouldn’t expect grandma’s 18 carat gold ring would turn your finger green after a stay in your safe deposit box, would you?

Years ago, many countries in Europe, worried their national wealth would be plundered during World War II, stored their gold with the U.S. Federal Reserve and each of them marked their gold; in this case, it said "Bundesbank, Germany."

Um humm, trust us, we have your gold.  We’re going to give it back, really we will.

Germany has had billions of dollars’ worth of gold in the Federal Reserve for decades, but announced last year that it would like at least a percentage of it returned by 2014, and more in subsequent years. The initial request generated massive international speculation, but the actual return so far has been less publicized.

A report from Zero Hedge indicates the initial gold returned to Germany by the United States “didn’t have the Bundesbank stamp on it.” The Federal Reserve reportedly said it had to melt down the gold for transport.  This doesn't make any sense since the gold was transported TO the Federal Reserve in its original shape, size and weight, without any difficulty.  Why would modern transport systems be unable to ship it back that way?

Another explanation could be that the Federal Reserve has already sold it off, lent it out or used it as collateral for its own borrowing, and is now scrambling to replace it.

What?? The Federal Reserve used other countries' gold that it was holding for safekeeping to bail out its own central banks around the world to the tune of $43 trillion dollars?  That doesn’t sound legal. 

So anyway Germany’s getting a little concerned about what happened to their gold.  From MSNBC International: 

Federal Reserve Refuses to Submit to an Audit of Germany’s Gold Held in U.S. Vaults

Dr. Long Xinming (nsnbc),- The German government has been storing about half of its gold supply with the US FED, apparently in the NYC FED vaults. Germany decided to bring home all its gold, but the FED has said that isn’t possible to do, and it would need until 2020 to be able to accomplish the transfer.

Oh, a yeah about your gold.  Er, we’ll need a decade or so to overthrow the governments who do have gold reserves such as Libya, Ukraine and Syria then you’ll get your gold back.  It may look a little different though.

The German government then asked to visit the FED vaults to inventory the gold and determine its actual existence, but the FED refused to permit Germany to examine its own gold. The reasons given were “security” and “no room for visitors”. And nothing else.

Germany did finally send some staff to the FED, and they were permitted only into the vault’s anteroom where they were shown 5 or 6 gold bars as representative of their holdings, and were permitted nothing else.

They apparently came a second time, and the FED did open only one of 9 rooms and let the Germans look at the stack of gold, but were not permitted to either enter or touch. And they returned home…

Look but don’t touch!  They were shown 5 or 6 gold bars as representation of their gold?  Who in their right mind would accept viewing 5 or 6 gold bars as a representation of Germany’s 3,000 plus tons of Gold at the Federal Reserve.

During the past two years, several US politicians have claimed that there is a high chance that neither Fort Knox nor the FED have any gold, or perhaps only a very small amount, and have demanded a full and public inventory and testing, but the FED have resolutely refused.

There was another incident last year when Goldman Sachs were proven to have been selling gold certificates to the public, ostensibly backed by real gold in their vaults, but the story leaked out that they in fact held no gold at all, and were doing “fractional reserve” gold banking, on the basis that few people would want to claim their gold at any one time.

“Fractional Reserve” or “Fictional Reserve.”

Even worse, Goldman were charging customers storage fees for the gold that didn’t exist…

Ha ha, Goldman Sachs was charging customers to store their non-existent gold. 

The FED came to all countries in Asia, Latin America and Africa and told them their gold holdings might not be safe because of the war, and they should permit the FED to take all of it to the US for safekeeping. Many countries obliged, receiving FED gold certificates in exchange, but when they later tried to cash in those certificates and reclaim their gold, they were told the certificates were fake, that they contained spelling and other mistakes which the FED would never have made, and that the serial numbers were wrong. And the FED still has all that gold.

So, the Federal Reserve and their private police force, the CIA overthrow governments in countries, fulminate war and then take those countries gold for “safe keeping.”  Fake certificates are issued and the Fed keeps the gold.

That sound really like a lucrative gold scam.  I wonder if that could be replicated on individual citizens.   

Apparently a few people have been successful in presenting their certificates to the FED, with documentation that was irrefutable, but even in those cases the owners were forced to settle for only 1% or 2% of the actual value. And most other people or nations who attempt to redeem these certificates are arrested by the FBI for fraudat the request of the FED.

Late last year, a Canadian businessman had some of these certificates and tried to use them as collateral for a loan, and the FED had him arrested, extradited to the US, and charged him with fraud. Insiders claim this is common practice to frighten every one away.

Well, so much for full faith and credit of the United States backing Federal Reserve notes.  It’s more like full wrath of the United States using its secret FBI and CIA agencies to prosecute you for trying to use your worthless Federal Reserve issued gold certificates as collateral on loans.

So, the Federal Reserve has confiscated Ukraine’ gold, because the country is unstable since the Federal Reserve sent in the CIA and Blackwater to destabilize their government.

Let that be a lesson to you Germany.  You are now hostage to the bank that you placed your gold in for safekeeping.  The Federal Reserve Bank now owns Germany. 

This leaves an interesting thought in my mind.  Was that why Angela Merkel’s personal phone calls were tapped?  Did the Federal Reserve want to know her personal vulnerabilities?  Like, hey Angie, fond of that grandson, hey.

And, the only reason we know about the phone calls being tapped is thanks to Edward Snowden, who interestingly has found some sort of asylum in Russia.  You know, when it comes to Edward Snowden, what’s really funny is how stupidly the Obama Administration played that.  

Snowden was in Hong Kong and the Obama Administration wanted him back bad.  So they hurriedly wrote up the extradition papers only to royally screw them up.  This gave the people of Hong Kong time to be outraged and go to the streets to demand Snowden’s safety.

Snowden fully intended to go to South America but had a layover in Russia. The Obama Administration really screwed up when they yanked his VISA.  What some dopes, now they have no way of getting him back unless it’s on his terms.

So I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  The only hope for the world appears to be with Pope Francis and Vladimir Putin. 

By Patricia Baeten

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