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Ukraine: Corrupt Unelected Central Banker Replaced with Corrupt Elected Billionaire Banker

Ukraine Celebrates Election

This is the case of dueling headlines, those in the United States and West and those in Russia.  In Ukraine an “election” took place, and I use the term “election” loosely.  From the Russia Times dated May 24th:

Ukraine: From tragedy to farce

Washington’s ‘thinktankistan’ and the west’s media echo chamber are spinning Ukraine’s May 25 election as the crowning moment legitimizing the western-backed coup overthrowing the elected government in Kiev.

They also spin Russian President Vladimir Putin has miscalculated in Ukraine and is trying to find a face-saving solution. Both spins are simply flat out wrong.

Yes, Washington’s media echo chamber is crooning over the “election” in Ukraine as legitimizing the western-backed coup in Ukraine that resulted in Ukraine’s gold being flown out to the Federal Reserve in New York for “safekeeping”.  The western backed coup also resulted in any Ukrainian fighting against the unelected coup as “terrorists” for fighting for their own sovereignty. 

Here in the United States the headlines blared:

Oh, happy days are here again.  But, back to the Russia Times article:

The creators of the Ukraine crisis are desperate. Victoria Nuland and her band of ultranationalists and neo-fascists demonstrated they could pull-off a successful coup. This is not remarkable in any sense. Staging coups around the globe has been part and parcel of American statecraft for decades; particularly since the end of the Cold War. 

But in the case of Ukraine almost everything that has happened since the illegal takeover of power on the night February 21 has been a disaster. Crimea voted to return to Russia, regions of the east have held referenda on self-determination, the massacre in Odessa occurred, and the country’s economy is in a free fall. The planned presidential election is calculated to legitimize the coup and fast track Ukraine westward. It is not going to happen. 

Yes, it was Stalin who said “it’s not who votes that counts, but who counts the votes”.  Stalin would be so jealous, because in Ukraine the neocons not only controlled who counted the votes but who would be allowed to vote. 

‘Cyber-attack’ cripples Ukraine’s electronic election system ahead of presidential vote

Yes, the “election” was a joke.  If Joe Biden and Victoria Nuland think that a sham election will win over the people of Ukraine, they are sadly mistaken.  You know they want to fast track Ukraine to enslave their people, open the door for Monsanto’s GMO Frankenstein seeds and the rape and destruction of all Ukraine’s natural resources. 

Petro Poroshenko, the Ukrainian oligarch known as the Chocolate King, is the presidential candidate who is expected to save Ukraine from the abyss and deliver his country to Washington, Brussels, and the IMF. Judging by polling numbers, he is quite likely to be elected by those who plan to vote (and millions in the east and south say they won’t). Legally speaking, this election has no legitimacy. 

Ukraine’s constitutional order was destroyed on the night of the coup. Since then the country has been governed by a rump parliament, political parties not supporting the undemocratic government physically attacked, and presidential candidates intimidated. Poroshenko is set to be president, but this will hardly address Ukraine’s daunting problems.

So, who is this great savior that the people of Ukraine came out to vote for?  According to Wikipedia:

Petro Oleksiyovych Poroshenko (Ukrainian: Петро Олексійович Порошенко; born 26 September 1965 in Bolhrad) is a Ukrainian billionaire businessman and the President-Elect of Ukraine.

Poroshenko served as the Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2009 to 2010, and as the Minister of Trade and Economic Development in 2012. From 2007 until 2012, he headed the Council of Ukraine's National Bank.

Bingo, he headed the Council of Ukraine’s National Bank.  So he was there for the great gold heist.  Ha, ha, yeah I’ll bet the Ukrainian people wanted a crooked banker for their president, but if that’s the only choice due to other candidates being threatened.

He was elected President of Ukraine on 25 May 2014, capturing more than 55% of the vote in the first round, thereby winning outright and avoiding a second round run-off.

Yes, you don’t want to take any chances with a messy run-off.

In 2001 Poroshenko was instrumental in creating the Party of Regions, also loyal to Kuchma, but Solidarity never joined the Party of Regions.[9] However, in December 2001 he broke ranks with Kuchma supporters to become campaign chief of Viktor Yushchenko's Our Ukraine Bloc opposition faction. After parliamentary elections in March 2002 in which Our Ukraine won the biggest share of the popular vote and Poroshenko won a seat in parliament,[10] Poroshenko served as head of the parliamentary budget committee, where he was accused of "misplacing 47 million hryvnias" (USD$ 8.9 million).[11]

Oops, as head of the parliamentary budget committee he was accused if “misplacing $8.9 million dollars”.   

Poroshenko was considered a close confidant of Yushchenko, who is godfather to Poroshenko's daughters. Poroshenko was likely to have been the wealthiest businessman among Yushchenko supporters, and was often named as one of the main financial backers of Our Ukraine and the Orange Revolution.[12] After Yushchenko won the presidential elections in 2004, Poroshenko was appointed Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council.[3]

Yep, a main financial backer of the Orange Revolution.  That must be where the $8.9 million he embezzled went. 

What was the Orange Revolution you may ask?  According to Wikipedia:

The protests were prompted by reports from several domestic and foreign election monitors as well as the widespread public perception that the results of the run-off vote of 21 November 2004 between leading candidates Viktor Yushchenko and Viktor Yanukovych were rigged by the authorities in favour of the latter.[6] The nationwide protests succeeded when the results of the original run-off were annulled, and a revote was ordered by Ukraine's Supreme Court for 26 December 2004.

Under intense scrutiny by domestic and international observers, the second run-off was declared to be "fair and free". The final results showed a clear victory for Yushchenko, who received about 52% of the vote, compared to Yanukovych's 44%. Yushchenko was declared the official winner and with his inauguration on 23 January 2005 in Kiev, the Orange Revolution ended.

Well I guess they don’t have to worry about a messy runoff again.  But back to who Poroshenko’s bio:

In September 2005, highly publicized mutual allegations of corruption erupted between Poroshenko and Tymoshenko involving the privatizations of state-owned firms. Poroshenko, for example, was accused of defending the interests of Viktor Pinchuk, who had acquired state firm Nikopol Ferroalloy for $80 million, independently valued at $1 billion.

Whoa, Ca-ca-ching.  Poroshenko was accused of corruption involving the privatization of Ukraine’s state-owned firm Nikopol Ferroally for $80 million to his buddy; a firm owned by the people of Ukraine valued at $1 billion.  No wonder the people of Ukraine love him.  Maybe there’s a board position for Hunter Biden.

[13] In response to the allegations, Yushchenko dismissed his entire cabinet of ministers, including Poroshenko and Prime Minister Tymoshenko.[14] State prosecutors dismissed an abuse of power investigation against Poroshenko the following month, [15] immediately after Yushchenko dismissed Svyatoslav PiskunGeneral Prosecutor of Ukraine. Piskun claimed that he was sacked because he refused to institute criminal proceedings against Tymoshenko and refused to drop proceedings against Poroshenko.[16]

Yes, fire the prosecutor and your slate is clean.  So now that Ukraine has a new president what is the chance for peace in Ukraine?  Back to Russia Times:

If Poroshenko continues the violent assault on the east and south he will demonstrate he is not president of all Ukrainians. But if he does reach out to the east and south, the radicals of the coup will be watching closely. Again, this is a lose-lose outcome for Ukraine. This is probably most tragic outcome of the forced collapse of the constitutional order – unelected radicals, racists, and ordinary thugs have been allowed to become important elements of the Ukrainian political landscape. Ukraine and the rest of the world have Washington to thank for this sad state of affairs. 

Come on Ukrainians, thank John Kerry, Victoria Nuland, Joe Biden and their stooge Barack Obama. 

So, here we are Tuesday May 27th.  The skies have parted and celestial angels sing in Ukraine.  What is that you say?  Poroshenko is killing all Ukrainians who are fighting for their sovereignty?  FromVoice of America:

A pro-Russian rebel said on Tuesday he believed about 30 to 35 separatists had been killed so far in nearly 24 hours of fighting with Ukrainian forces in Ukraine's eastern city of Donetsk…

Earlier, Ukraine's likely president-elect Petro Poroshenko says there will be no talks with "terrorists" - his word for the armed pro-Russian separatists in the east.

Unofficial results show billionaire candy maker Poroshenko winning Ukraine's presidential election by a landslide

So Ukraine’s corrupt unelected Central Banker has been replaced with a corrupt “elected” billionaire banker.  May there be mercy for the people of Ukraine, this is bound to be a bloody, protracted fight.

God speed.

By Patricia Baeten

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