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Mass Murderers on Rampage in Gaza and Ukraine As Putin Builds Alliances

Seems like just yesterday Pope Francis was on his three day spiritual tour of the Middle East condemning purveyors of war.  From TheAustralian:

POPE Francis has denounced arms dealers and appealed for an urgent end to the Syrian civil war as he began his three-day trip to the Middle East with an emotional meeting with refugees from Syria and Iraq who have fled to Jordan.

Francis deviated from his prepared remarks to make a strong plea for peace during his first day in Jordan, praying for God to “convert those who seek war, those who make and sell weapons”. “We all want peace, but looking at the tragedy of war, looking at the wounded, seeing so many people who left their homeland who were forced to go away, I ask, 'Who sells weapons to these people to make war?'” he asked. “This is the root of evil, the hatred, the love of money.”

Yes, when Pope Francis was on his Middle East tour, he and Netanyahu clashed.  Netanyahu believes in endless wars of aggression and mass deaths in the name of Israel “defending itself.”  With the neocons and Zionists in control of the governments of Israel and America, war is our largest export.

Netanyahu has been itching for war.  As Pope Francis was in Palestine, Hamas and Fatah formed a unity government which just stoked Netanyahu’s hatred and blood lust.  According to Aljazeera:

The June 2 announcement of a Palestinian consensus government is both cause for celebration and scepticism. The national unity deal was struck in late April between Hamas and Fatah. It is a significant achievement in its own right, but also because it sets this latest agreement apart from previous, stillborn attempts at reconciliation between the two dominant Palestinian factions…

How will the Gaza Strip and the West Bank become a single territorial entity again, as they were supposed to be under the Oslo accords? Even with the best of Palestinian intentions, Israel holds the cards in this regard, and it has already shown its hand. It barred three of the new government's Gaza-based ministers from travelling to the West Bank to attend the swearing-in ceremony…

Yes, the first step toward peace would be a unity government in Palestine, something Netanyahu has vowed to destroy because there is no desire for peace on the part of the Netanyahu/Nuland/Kerry/Biden/Kagen cabal’s plans for a “New American Century”.

Israel has made clear that it will do all it can to thwart Palestinian unity. It has imposed economic sanctions on the PA, refuses to negotiate with the new government, and has urged the international community not to recognise it.

Pope Francis recognizes Netanyahu and the entire cabal for what they are, failing nations that depend on war to perpetuate their survival.  From Catholic News:


VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Pope Francis said the world economic system inevitably promotes military conflict as a way to enrich the most powerful nations…

"We are in a world economic system that is not good," Pope Francis said. "A system that in order to survive must make war, as great empires have always done. But since you cannot have a Third World War, you have regional wars. And what does this mean? That arms are made and sold, and in this way the idolatrous economies, the great world economies that sacrifice man at the feet of the idol of money, obviously keep their balance sheets in the black."

 An interesting observation by the Pope in light of the Rand Corporation’s leaked report calling for internment camps and executions in Ukraine.  From The News Doctors:


RAND Corporation “Action Plan” For Eastern Ukraine Includes Ground Assaults, Air Strikes, Internment Camps And On-The-Spot Execution For Anyone Resisting Relocation

The document provides three stages of a military operation in eastern Ukraine. 

The first stage implies total isolation of the region considering that all local citizens are terrorists or sympathizers... 

Region should be encircled with troops and sealed off entirely from any flow of goods and persons. Broadcasting services, Internet connection, telephone and mobile communications in the region shall be shut down. 

Yes, anyone opposing the overthrow of their government and theft of their treasures and resources is a terrorist.  Same claims Netanyahu makes as he slaughters innocent civilians in Gaza, one of the poorest, most densely populated places in the world. 

The second stage is named Mop-up. Ground assaults shall be preceded by air strikes against the strategic facilities. The use of non-conventional arms is allowed. 

Christ, that’s what Netanyahu is doing in Gaza.  From BBC News:


Thousands of Palestinians are fleeing northern parts of Gaza after Israel warned it was targeting the area in its campaign to stop rocket attacks.

The UN says 4,000 people have already sought refuge in shelters as Israeli air strikes continue for a sixth day.

Israeli forces have raided a suspected rocket-launching site in Gaza in their first reported ground incursion.

At least 159 Palestinians have been killed since Israel's offensive began, according to health officials in Gaza.

The dead are said to include 17 members of one family who died in an Israeli missile strike on Saturday evening.

Israel says it is targeting Hamas militants and "terror sites", including the homes of senior operatives. However, the United Nations has estimated that 77% of the people killed in Gaza have been civilians.

So, if you follow the Rand Corporation’s recommendation, just call civilians terrorists and you can slaughter them without any repercussions.  Back to the Rand Corp’s manifesto:

The document also provides for internment camps outside the cleared settlements. People featuring traces of combat engagement shall be tried in court for terrorism. 

During the third stage Back to Normal power supplies and communications shall be restored. The borders shall be strengthened to avoid possible provocations. All the refugees should be checked for possible support for separatists in internment camps. 

Special focus shall be made on information security. All foreign media shall be blocked there. 

The second stage is rather blunt, noting:

“The use of non-conventional arms shall not be ruled out in certain cases in order to ensure smaller casualties among our own personnel.”

“Settlements shall be liberated one by one, with armor going in first and wiping out the remaining pockets of resistance, shooting to kill anyone who bears arms. Infantry shall move in next to relocate male adults into internment camps. Anyone who attempts to resist shall be executed on the spot. Children aged under 13 and people older than 60 shall be moved to specially equipped facilities in the areas that are further away from the zone of the anti-terrorist operation.”

These people are murderous lunatics, when will the American people and the Israeli people stop these monsters?  People are being destroyed by these neocons and Zionists.  Poroshenko, the terrorist installed in the Ukraine government by the E.U. and NATO, is following Rand Corps’ playbook.  From The Australian:

PANICKED: Ukrainians flooded highways and packed trains leading out of the main remaining rebel stronghold yesterday fearing a reprisal assault by government forces after they lost 30 servicemen to defiant militants…

Ukraine’s new Western-backed leader immediately vowed to hunt down the guilty militias in a push that would shatter all hopes of a truce in one of Europe’s most explosive conflicts in decades.

“The rebels will pay for the life of every one of our servicemen with tens and hundreds of their own,” President Petro Poroshenko told an emergency security meeting.

“Not a single terrorist will avoid responsibility.”

The local mayor rushed out to meet Mr Poroshenko on Friday to discuss measures that could “avoid bloodshed and the use of air strikes and heavy artillery”.

But separatists in control of Ukraine’s coal mining capital said locals were not taking any chances after three months of fighting that has claimed nearly 550 lives and sparked the biggest East-West crisis since the height of the Cold War.

Sure sounds like the Rand Corporation’s “Mein Kampf”.  Here’s an interesting tidbit, guess who Obama has named as Ambassador to Russia, A Rand Corporation Criminal, John Tefft.  From Voice of Russia:


US President Barack Obama officially nominated American diplomat John Francis Tefft for the post of US ambassador to Moscow…

John F. Tefft served as US ambassador to Ukraine between 2009 and 2013, after holding the same position in Georgia from 2005 to 2009 and Lithuania from 2000 to 2003. Tefft also worked in Moscow as deputy ambassador from 1996 to 1999. From 1989 to 1992, Tefft was deputy head of the department for the Soviet Union (later Russia and the CIS) in the US State Department.
Well, what do you know, Tefft is being rewarded for fomenting wars in Georgia and Ukraine and now we’re sending him to Russia as an ambassador.  Are these people nuts? 

And speaking of Obama appointments, this appointment from back in January comes to mind.  From Blacklisted News:



"Stanley Fischer brings decades of leadership and expertise from various roles, including serving at the International Monetary Fund and the Bank of Israel," Obama said. "He is widely acknowledged as one of the world's leading and most experienced economic policy minds and I'm grateful he has agreed to take on this new role and I am confident that he and Janet Yellen will make a great team."

Yes, the corrupt Federal Reserve Bank has a new leadership with experience at the corrupt IMF that bankrupts countries around the world and the Bank of Israel.  Man oh man.

“While leaders in Washington stare down the fiscal cliff, let’s not forget the fiscal fact that brought us to the edge: The annual U.S. government deficit of more than a trillion dollars.  But through it all, one government-related entity has been hauling in record surpluses. New data capture the scope of profits at the U.S. Federal Reserve, estimated to be $90 billion this year.”

“The last five or six years their profits have roughly tripled,” says Allan Sloan, senior editor-at-large at Fortune Magazine.

Of course their profits have tripled in the last few years, the Federal Reserve has stolen the gold from Iraq, Ukraine and Germany to name a few.  The Federal Reserve Bank and its enforcement arm the C.I.A. has been at the core of all of the color revolutions that have been taking place across the Middle East and Eurasia.  From Rehmat’s World:


Federal Reserve: Century of Zionist control of US dollar

December 23, 2013 marked the 100th anniversary of the creation of the Uncle Sam Federal Reserve System – the central banking institution in the United States. It’s created and has since been controlled by country’s top banking institutions and not the US government.

Strangely, the event was almost ignored by the Jewish-controlled mainstream media. Instead the media has been quite excited with Barack Obama’s choice of Stanley Fischer, former Governor of the Central Bank of Israel, as vice-Chairman of the Federal Reserve. Fischer is US-Israel dual citizen and Jewish Lobby man. He has been an ardent campaigner for continued $billions USAID to the Zionist entity…

The Federal Reserve is a consortium of nine Jewish-owned and associated banking institutions with the Jewish Rothschild family at the head. Even the name “Federal Reserve” was coined by German-born American Jewish banker Paul Warburg (died 1932), an employee of the Rothschilds.

In practice, it’s over 95 percent privately-owned, is not integrated into the US Government, nor accountable to any branch of government. There is nothing Federal” about it as it lies fully outside the government system of checks-and-balances. It supports the financial needs of the US imperialism, covert operations, usury, drug dealers, and the global banksters.

So America has a war based economy that is devastating for its people.  Our main export is now Genocide.  From Russia Times:


‘Guidelines for genocide is US prime export product’

A memorandum, recently leaked to online media, suggested surrounding eastern Ukrainian cities and placing citizens in internment camps. The document bears a logo of RAND corporation think-tank, but the company denies producing such a report.

While the authenticity of the document could not be independently verified, anti-war activist and journalist Don Debar told RT the guidelines amount to “serial war crimes” some of which are already happening on the ground.

RT: What do you make of this leak? How realistic does it sound?

Don Debar: Well actually knowing something about RAND Corporation, that is where reports credit the memo, it rings very true. RAND Corporation in the 1950s, for example, was contracted to take a look at the emerging political power of minorities in the cities. People were learning, as they got concentrated at the ghettos, people actually learned that they could accumulate political power, elect people to Congress, and state legislators and things. And this became a problem for the status quo.

So RAND basically advised them to destroy neighborhoods, scatter the populations to the four corners of the region and thereby decimate political power. And urban renewal accomplished that. As far as its coming from RAND it is quite credible to me, it is the kind of work that they engage in…

RT: Do you think that this kind of advice could be taken seriously by Kiev?

DD: First of all what is going on on the ground does resemble the memo very much. It talks about in the bullet points, that first they should, you know one of the benefits of the military operation against the people in the east, would be that it would decimate political leadership and it would scatter political constituency, disorganize it, so there would be no opposition political force. So that is the first thing.

The second step, the second benefit it claims, is the destruction of the coal mining industry there, which would eliminate “subsidies” in other word the need to pay the workers and the pensions for the people from the coal mines.

Gee sounds like what the Bush/Obama Administration has done to the auto industry and the teachers unions.

The third thing is that the destruction of the industry that would result in the east would mean that there would be less demand for Russian energy. And these are the kinds of things that they say are benefits. And they say forth that they can blame all of this on the intransigents of the east Ukrainian activists.

So this is what my country exports. There was a time in history when the US exported cars, food, and all kinds of manufactured goods, and what they called the good old American know-how. And now what they export are basically guidelines for genocide.

RT: Should this plan of action be verified, how significant would this become?

DD: Well, it looks to me like a war-crime, or perhaps serial war crimes. What is being advocated are war crimes. You are talking about genocide, the enforced removal of the population, directly caused by, with an intent, by the military operation. And then some kind of group accountability for those that remained, being assumed to be the enemy, terrorists and such. It is criminal on so many levels.

So while the neocon/Zionist governments of the U.S. and Israel slaughter innocents in Gaza, Syria, Iraq, Ukraine, and on and on, Putin is making friends across the world.  First was his big pipeline deal with China that was 10 years in the making, followed by a friendly visit to Cuba to promote trade and offshore drilling,  and now he’s in India.  From First Post: 


Modi, Putin to discuss a $40 billion Russia-India gas pipeline

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will have a bilateral meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin on the sidelines of the 6th BRICS summit in Brazil on Monday. This will be Modi’s second meeting in Brazil with leader of a major power, after he meets Chinese President Xi Jinping. Modi will be meeting both these leaders for the first time.

The Modi-Putin talks are likely to cover new grounds and a new point in the Indo-Russian discourse would be a hydrocarbons pipeline from Russia to India.

A key Indian official privy to the talking points between Modi and Putin for their Monday meeting told this writer that the proposed pipeline may well be the mother of all bilateral cooperation projects that would inevitably give a massive boost to the Indo-Russian ties which, of late, have been rather tepid.

The hydrocarbons pipeline is likely to have a minimum price tag of $40 billion and would take four to five years for completion after the necessary modalities are completed, which itself is likely to take a considerable time.

Yes, Putin is making a deal with India that will be “the mother of all bilateral cooperation projects” as America and Israel launch “the mother of all wars” in Ukraine and Gaza.  The murderers are on a rampage and so far, the people in America and Israel just sit quietly by as they lose everything in return for nothing. 

Pope Francis was right. 

“We all want peace, but looking at the tragedy of war, looking at the wounded, seeing so many people who left their homeland who were forced to go away, I ask, 'Who sells weapons to these people to make war?'” he asked. “This is the root of evil, the hatred, the love of money.”

Yep, the root of all evil is the Federal Reserve Bank and the neocons and Zionists who make war for the love of money.  The murderers are on a rampage in Ukraine and Gaza.

by Patricia Baeten

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