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Is it Maidan, Ukraine or is it Ferguson, Missouri?

In watching what is happening in Ukraine and in Missouri, I am reminded of the old Memorex commercials, “is it live or is it Memorex”.  Watching TV today I say, “Is it Maidan, Ukraine or is it Ferguson, MO?

What is happening in Missouri and Ukraine have more in common than not, both are victims of Rand Corporation master plans.   In Maidan, Ukraine peaceful anti-government demonstrations became deadly when the protestors were infiltrated with paid thugs.  The upheaval caused by the agitators gave cover for the U.S. State Department and the European Union to oust Ukraine’s government and replace it with billionaire bankers.   From Christian Science Monitor:

Maidan Square


MOSCOW — At least two people are dead, and hundreds injured, after Ukraine's long-running peaceful anti-government street demonstrations erupted in unprecedented violence this week, and the protest movement appeared to split irrevocably between moderates and revolution-bent radicals…
The vast majority of protesters remain in the city's central square, known as Independence Square or the Maidan, peacefully occupying the space as they have for two months. But authorities now say they are in violation of a new law banning all public protests, passed by parliament last week, which came into effect today…
Most of the violence has unfolded a few hundred yards away, where a few hundred ultra-nationalist protesters who call themselves the "Right Sector" have battled openly with police, using iron bars, stones, and Molotov cocktails.
Kiev, Ukraine

So, the protests in Maidan Square were peaceful and legal for two months until the puppet government was installed made protesting illegal in Ukraine.  Once it was illegal to protest, the violent, paid protesters came in to provide the excuse for Marshall Law.  So what happened in Ferguson?  From Misguided  





After the Governor sent in the Missouri State Police to help with riot control, things seemed to be calming down. The MSP were not wearing riot gear, and their commander even “walked through the crowds in his ordinary clothing” and spoke with protesters. Then Friday hit, and the whole situation blew up…

One line from a Fox news report on the protests and ensuing violence in Ferguson, Missouri speaks volumes:

“On Saturday, some residents said it appeared the violent acts were being committed by people who came from other suburbs or states.

‘Who would burn down their own backyard?’ asked Rebecca McCloud, a local who works with the Sunshine Baptist Church in St. Louis. ‘These people aren’t from here. They came to burn down our city and leave.’”


Rand Corporation has provided Ukraine’s puppet government with a grand strategy for Ukraine that includes murder, displacement and internment camps for the citizens of Ukraine who refuse to accept the corrupt government installed in Ukraine.  From Voice of Russia:  




American document contains a detailed plan on how to free the cities. Firstly, armored vehicles enter the cities, while armed men open fire on militias. At the same time, all male population is evacuated to the filtration camps. Those who resist should be shot immediately. The document also emphasizes that it is necessary to protect the filtration camps by putting most ideologically stable units in charge. People who have any signs of participation in hostilities (it may be bruises, bullet or shrapnel wounds, traces of gunpowder, etc.) should be prosecuted for separatism and terrorism.

In America, Rand Corporation’s urban development plan along with Rand’s police force plan for the U.S. that Rand devised in 2007 has come to fruition in Ferguson, Mo.  For instance according to Rand’s publication A Stability Police Force for the United States Justification and Optionsfor Creating U.S. Capabilities”



Establishing security is the sine qua non of stability operations, since it is a prerequisite for reconstruction and development. Security requires a mix of military and police forces to deal with a range of threats from insurgents to criminal organizations.

Hmmm, in 2007 the inevitable collapse of the banks of the world was about to occur.  Funny that Rand Corporation said a mix of military and police forces are needed in the U.S. to protect politicians from their constituents? Weird how closely what is happening in Ferguson resembles the Rand plan for Ukraine.  From Rand’s plan for Ukraine:



The document includes three steps that military operation in eastern Ukraine has to go through. During the first phase martial law is introduced. Unstable regions should be blocked for entry and exit and the delivery of any goods. In addition to that, all TV broadcasting, Internet access, mobile and land phone lines should be disabled. A curfew should be introduced from 8pm to 6am.


It is emphasized that the work of the foreign media in the area of ​​military operations should be excluded, and massive propaganda campaign should be carried out, praising the "heroism" of participants in the operation.

So Rand’s plan for Ukraine includes a curfew and complete control over the media.  From Gawker:  


Ferguson MO


Police in Ferguson were caught on camera Sunday night threatening to mace one reporter and shoot another. At least two other journalists also claim they were arrested while following police orders.

Shortly after 10 pm Sunday night, police began launching tear gas at protesters and demanded that reporters turn their cameras off.

In a confrontation caught on the KARG Arugus Radio livestream, a cop noticed Mustafa Hussein filming with his camera lights on—which police claim makes it hard for them to see—and confronted him, allegedly pointing a gun at him.

"Get down, get the fuck out of here and get that light off, or you're getting shot with this," the officer yells at Hussein.

Another journalist was reportedly shot with a beanbag.

Also threatened by police Sunday night was MSNBC's Chris Hayes, who was filming when police told him, "Media do not pass us, you're getting maced next time you pass us."

 So what else is included in Rand’s 2007 vision of the police force in American communities?

Coming to a town near you

This research examines the creation of a high-end police force, which the authors call a Stability Police Force (SPF). The study considers what size force is necessary, how responsive it needs to be, where in the government it might be located, what capabilities it should have, how it could be staffed, and its cost.

So Rand says the U.S. needs a high-end police force, like the one we are seeing in Ferguson?

This monograph also considers several options for locating this force within the U.S. government, including the U.S. Marshals Service, the U.S. Secret Service, the Bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) in the Department of State, and the U.S. Army's Military Police…

The authors conclude that an SPF containing 6,000 people — created in the U.S. Marshals Service and staffed by a “hybrid option,” in which SPF members are federal police officers seconded to federal, state, and local police agencies when not deployed — would be the most effective of the options considered. The SPF would be able to deploy in 30 days. The cost for this option would be $637.3 million annually, in FY 2007 dollars.

Jeebuz, in the U.S. “hybrid option” cops that are embedded into federal, state and local police agencies?  How nuts is that?  Did America ever vote for that?  I have seen good cops and I have seen bad cops and to have Rand Corporation call for “hybrid option” cops seem really nutty.  It’s more than nutty it’s scary and while we can’t take care of our veterans, we can give Rand $637.3 million annually.

So where did this idea of militarized police come from?  What was the genus of this antithesis of Posse Comitatus?  From Chicago  


That's the ticket

Operation Urban Blight 

How city planners helped keep their military counterparts in business.

For a brief moment in the early 1960s the world stood dangerously close to the brink of peace. But as President Kennedy negotiated limits on nuclear weapons testing in the wake of the Cuban missile crisis, contractors like the Rand Corporation started to get nervous. Military planning was their bread and butter, and the cold war thaw was bad for business. Eyes on the bottom line, they decided to find new customers for their services just as city planners, having botched urban renewal, were looking for help.

Well, war over, no problem Rand will just militarize our cities.

"The partnership seemed made in heaven," writes Northwestern University historian and sociologist Jennifer Light, "a more scientifically sound approach to planning and management for cities and more contracts for the defense and aerospace community." Instead it turned out to be a marriage of convenience in which the cities got screwed.

The union of military strategists and urban planners didn't do much to improve urban life, but it didn't make it worse either, except perhaps by diverting tax revenues from better uses. It did, however, accomplish three things. As Light documents, it kept Rand and its fellow consultancies in business. It made wheel-spinning city planners appear to be making progress. And it perpetuated the notion that the technology of war could help build better cities. 

Yes, Rand just took lemons and made lemonade.  Millions diverted from cities to Rand that did nothing more for cities than line the pockets of Rand’s shareholders.

Urban Renewal in Saint John involved the expropriation of property and forced eviction of tenants on an unprededented scale.

 The expressways that sliced through "urban blight" in the 50s are still standing and the aftershocks of their effect on impoverished neighborhoods are still being felt. But the urban-military collaboration whose history Light resurrects has left few monuments. That's her point: not that it created disasters but that it created expensive nothing.

Yes, that is the point that Light makes, after working at Rand she realized that America paid Rand boatloads of money for nothing.  An urban renewal plan that did nothing to improve the lives of Americans, but enriched military contractors.  Light wraps up her article as such:

We now have a new set of permanent enemies. A richly funded military establishment is taking them on, and hippie chic is back. The historical stage is set for a second act with its own peculiar set of plot twists. "It's eerie," she told the audience at a talk she gave last fall. "Defense firms have set up homeland security units and are going after city governments." The second act may be a farce, but it's still not a joke.

Basically all the Rand Corporation’s Urban Planning did was resegregate cities, especially schools. FromAlt


These often-trumpeted and well-advertised accolades, of course, belie a much more complicated and ambiguous story in the port city. The rising tide of civic self-confidence did not raise all ships, and the uneven nature of this renaissance was especially evident with reference to public education. Despite the undoubted success of some of Norfolk’s schools, thousands of its students have yet to experience the gains made by the district as a whole. Most of these children attend neighborhood elementary and middle schools that suffer from de facto segregation…

In 2001, the school board, with the protective covering offered by John Simpson--the district’s second African American superintendent--finally ended crosstown busing for the middle schools…

By 2004-5, four of the nine middle schools in the city were over 80 percent African American. Similarly, nine of Norfolk’s 34 elementary schools were over 90 percent African American…

In these resegregated, nearly all-black schools, students encountered the highest concentrations of poverty, the most frequent staff turnover, and recurrent lows on standardized tests. In fact, while beloved by the city’s establishment, Superintendent Stephen Jones recently resigned under more than a little fire for failing to grapple with the effects of such racial and class segregation: grade inflation, social promotion, low test scores, and faculty cynicism. And, in late 2011, his white successor, Superintendent Richard Bentley, was fired for the same reasons after a mere 16 months on the job.

So Rand’s plans for America have been a very costly mistake, while Rand’s plans for Ukraine including using weapons banned by the civilized world on the people of Ukraine has been an abject failure.

White :Phosphorus Bombing in Ukraine



Burned by White Phosphorus

The second phase involves "clearing" of the regions…. The document also emphasizes that there is no need to exclude the use of prohibited weapons in order to reduce the loss of personnel. Ukrainian troops are suspected of using banned incendiary bombs with white phosphorus.


American document contains a detailed plan on how to free the cities. Firstly, armored vehicles enter the cities, while armed men open fire on militias. At the same time, all male population is evacuated to the filtration camps. Those who resist should be shot immediately

It is emphasized that the work of the foreign media in the area of ​​military operations should be excluded, and massive propaganda campaign should be carried out, praising the "heroism" of participants in the operation. It is noted that if the military operation will be completed by September 1, 2014, martial law should stay in act until January 1, 2015.

Well, hold on to your hats, by September 1 Ukraine is going to become a Rand paradise… for billionaires.  Meanwhile, what’s happening in Ferguson?  From the Kansas City Star:

Gov. Jay Nixon on Monday took the long-overdue action to order Missouri National Guard troops to Ferguson. They will try to help end the unrest and violence that followed peaceful protests in recent days over the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white police officer.

The action “to help restore peace and order and to protect the citizens of Ferguson” followed Nixon’s declaration Saturday of a state of emergency in the St. Louis suburb and imposition of a late-night curfew enforced by the Missouri Highway Patrol. Violence Sunday night started three hours before the midnight curfew.

No curfew was to be in place Monday night, but authorities were expected to shut down some streets as the National Guard moves in.

Nixon was right to say Monday that people from outside Ferguson and the state were putting the community at risk. Having National Guard, police and the Highway Patrol in the city should help restore calm.

So, is it live or is it Memorex?  Is it Ukraine or is it Missouri?


By Patricia Baeten


  1. lol, it's 'Gaza Sector' written in russian on the picture author is trying to present as 'ukrainian phosphorus bombings' which never were, and the picture is from russia propagandist state channel

    1. Aeschlus said “In war, truth is the first casualty.” Thank you for your input, it is very much appreciated.