Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Ukraine: Putin Offers Peace Plan Obama Offers WWIII

U.S. President Barack Obama made a stop in the Estonian capital of Tallinn and committed America to all-out war with Russia over Ukraine.  From Vox News:


President Obama gave a speech on Wednesday, in a city most Americans have never heard of, committing the United States to possible war against Russia. He said that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization, a Western military alliance better known as NATO, would fight to defend eastern European members like Estonia against any foreign aggression. In other words, if Russian President Vladimir Putin invades Estonia or Latvia as he invaded Ukraine, then Putin would trigger war with the US and most of Europe.

Obama's speech from the Estonian capital of Tallinn, though just a speech, may well be America's most important and aggressive step yet against Russia for its invasion of Ukraine.

You know, words mean something, especially if they are spoken by the “leader of the free world”.  Using the term “invasion” when referring to Russia’s protecting the Russian speaking population of Ukraine is hardly an invasion. 

First of all, the U.S. CIA overthrew the elected government of Ukraine and installed a billionaire banker as their leader.  As a matter of fact, many of the “officials” in Ukraine are billionaires with private mercenary armies that have been provoking Russian response.  From Zero Hedge:  

Pro-Russian armed militants and activists block access to the residence of Rinat Akhmetov


Ukraine's Richest Man Mobilizes Private 'Army' After Assets Threatened

Rinat Akhmetov - Ukraine's richest man with an estimated worth of $11.4 billion - has, as Reuters reports, acquired almost feudal status in the industrial hub of Donetsk in the past 20 years - but the separatist rebellions there have altered the dynamics of power. This is not acceptable to the billionaire and so he has demanded his miners and metalworkers join police on patrol on Mariupol. 

As pro-Russian rebels declaring independence seized public buildings across the steel and coal belt which is the basis of his colossal fortune, he issued repeated written statements in support of a united Ukraine... but the media-shy 47-year-old, who has a workforce of 300,000 people on his payroll in the Donbass, has to tread carefully around local sensitivities and has avoided specifically condemning the action of the separatists.

Not to be outdone by Akhmetov, billionaire Kolomoisky has his own private army.  From Revolutionary Communist:  


The Ukrainian billionaire oligarch Igor Kolomoisky pays his own private army because he does not trust the local police; he offers bounties for captured opposition fighters. Kolomoisky is governor of Dnipropetrovsk, he has dual Ukrainian-Israeli citizenship and resides in Switzerland. Over 20 eastern Ukrainian towns and cities have declared themselves autonomous from the government in Kiev. The interim government describes these opponents as ‘terrorists’ and vows to annihilate them.

So basically Obama is committing America’s meager treasures to protect these billionaires’ profits and the ravaging of the cash poor, resource rich country that is the corn basket of the world.

President Vladimir Putin, who has been vilified by the EU, US and Britain for obstructing the imperialist takeover of the government of Ukraine, has made several attempts to assist with a peace process in the conflict.  However, the Ukraine government in Kiev bolstered by NATO’s belligerence towards Russia has refused to agree to any peaceable solution that does not include the people of Ukraine recognizing the illegitimate government installed in a coup.

NATO’s most recent belligerence toward Russia was to build a mercenary army to send in to any nation that fights NATO’s imperialistic aggression.  FromCNN :


Kiev, Ukraine (CNN) -- NATO members meeting this week in Wales are expected to create "a very high-readiness force" to deal with Russian aggression in Ukraine and other international conflicts, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen said Monday.

In a speech on the NATO website, Rasmussen said the fighting force will be part of an overall Readiness Action Plan that "responds to Russia's aggressive behavior -- but it equips the alliance to respond to all security challenges, wherever they may arise."

He said this "spearhead" force would be able to "travel light, but strike hard if needed."

NATO will look at possible upgrades to infrastructure that could include airfields and ports, he said.

The White House supports the idea of a rapid response teams for NATO, but National Security Spokesman Caitlin Hayden cautioned that the force would be "defensive" in posture.

The new force is "not intended as a provocation, or as a threat to Russia, but rather as a demonstration of NATO's continued commitment to our collective defense," Hayden said.

Fat chance the “new force” that travels light but strikes hard is not intended as a provocation or threat to Russia; that is exactly what it is meant to be.  So Putin has come out with a 7 point plan for a Ukraine cease-fire, something that the Nuland, Biden, Kerry cabal and their puppet Yats outright reject.  From NewYork Times.  


Putin Outlines 7-Point Plan for Ukraine Cease-Fire

KIEV, Ukraine — President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia listed seven steps on Wednesday that he said were necessary for a cease-fire in the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Mr. Putin said he and the president of Ukraine, Petro O. Poroshenko, had a similar understanding about what was needed, and he urged Ukraine and the pro-Russian separatists in the east to reach a settlement at talks scheduled for Friday in Belarus.

The primary conditions on Mr. Putin’s list are that the separatists halt all offensive operations and that Ukrainian troops move their artillery back out of range of cities and large towns in the rebel-held area.

Mr. Putin also called for Ukraine to cease airstrikes; the establishment of an international monitoring mission and humanitarian aid corridors; an “all for all” prisoner exchange; and “rebuilding brigades” to repair damaged roads, bridges, power lines and other infrastructure…

Mr. Putin offered his seven-point plan a day before the leaders of the NATO alliance, including President Obama, are scheduled to meet in Newport, Wales, with the crisis in Ukraine at the top of the agenda. The alliance is expected to announce that it will create a new rapid-reaction force for defending its members in Eastern Europe, along with other measures.

Same faces different administration

As Putin is reaching for peace for the people of Ukraine, NATO is looking to make an example of Ukraine for any country that rejects subjugation and austerity as their homeland is sold to billionaires with private armies.  So America, are you ready to commit your Social Security and your country’s very existence to protect billionaire bankers takeover of Ukraine?

You know, a recent guest on C-Span’s Washington Journal program was James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation, speaking on American foreign policy.  The Heritage Foundation is one of the right-wing think tanks who practically control the agenda at C-Span, like the Cato Institute, the American Enterprise Institute, The Council on Foreign Relations, RAND Corporation and on and on.

Carafano was there to discuss ISIS and the threat to America, and he made a statement in response to a caller’s question that blew me away. 

… I would like to ask you if it was feasible to hire 100,000 mercenaries and keep them on staff to go out across the world that would be all volunteers and go out and exterminate these people because our military leaders are being hamstrung by our political leaders.

The conflict. So by definition, if you employ mercenaries, that's against U.S. law. We couldn't do that. So the question is could you have, you know, lawful military contractors? The answer is the country would have to allow them to be there, and b, we would have to pay for it…

Yes, just overthrow the government in Ukraine and then the installed government can “invite” the U.S. funded “mercenaries” called private contractors to neutralize the opposition at U.S. taxpayer expense.  Sweet deal for the cabal of war profiteers controlling U.S. foreign policy.

But the mercenaries fighting for the puppet government in Ukraine are getting sick of dying for nothing.  From the ChristianScience Monitor:


Why should we lose our sons for Donbass?'

The war is also taking a public toll in Ukraine, where the military reverses of recent days have reportedly triggered public protests against the corruption and official incompetence which many hold responsible for the army's failure to defeat the rebels.

The commander of the pro-Kiev Donbass militia, Semyon Semenchenko, organized a protest in downtown Kiev Wednesday to demand authorities immediately dispatch reinforcements to save the group, which is reportedly surrounded by rebel fighters in the town of Ilovaysk, near Donestk. On his Facebook page, Mr. Semenchenko accused Ukrainian generals of deceiving him and abandoning his men to their fate. He added that unless help arrives soon, Ilovaysk will become "a mass grave…"

"People are dying, while corruption in authorities' circles remains rampant," says Vadim Karasev, director of the independent Institute of Global Strategies in Kiev. "There is a third [conscription drive] underway, and it's not going well. Mothers are against it, and now they're taking to the streets in many communities around Ukraine, even blocking roads. 'Why should we lose our sons for Donbass? Let it go,' you hear people saying more and more often."

"There's still some enthusiasm for the fight, particularly in right-wing circles," Mr. Karasev adds, "but the overall mood overtaking society is one of exhaustion."

Yes there is a feeling of exhaustion in Ukraine, but the right-wing circles never tire of killing and death, same as in the U.S.  Good old Poroshenko is having a tough time finding people to fight for their own destruction to enrich billionaires.  According to the New York Times he’s reinstated the draft:


Mr. Poroshenko scrapped a trip to Turkey to deal with the crisis and called an emergency meeting of the Ukrainian National Security and Defense Council. He dismissed Kremlin claims that any Russian soldiers in Ukraine were volunteers who had sacrificed their vacations to help the heavily pro-Russian east suffering oppression from the Kiev central government.

“Columns of heavy artillery, huge loads of arms and regular Russian servicemen came to the territory of Ukraine from Russia through the uncontrolled border area,” Mr. Poroshenko said. Mercenaries, along with regular servicemen, were trying to overrun positions held by the Ukrainian military, he said, according to a statement on his official website…

Russia officials continued to deny sending soldiers or weapons to Ukraine. But the leader of the main separatist group in southeastern Ukraine said that up to 4,000 Russians, including active-duty soldiers currently on leave, had been fighting against Ukrainian government forces, Russian television reported.

“There are active soldiers fighting among us who preferred to spend their vacation not on the beach, but with us, among their brothers, who are fighting for their freedom,” Aleksandr Zakharchenko, a rebel commander and the prime minister of the self-declared Donetsk People’s Republic, said in an interview on Russian state-run television.

It's going to be tough for Poroshenko to find an army willing to die for E.U. austerity and U.S. shareholder profits.  According to Wall Street Journal


Ukraine Taps Volunteers Fueled by Anger, Bravado…
Ukraine responded in part with volunteer battalions, tapping into patriotism and anger unleashed by what many saw as foreign aggression. Fighting alongside regular troops and heavy artillery, these battalions are a cross-section of Ukrainian society. But they also include extreme nationalists and people like Mr. Abalmaz, who aren't prone to showing restraint.

On a recent day, Mr. Abalmaz showed a municipal ID from a small town where his men had just fought. The card pictured a gray-haired man who looked to be in his 60s.

"He's lying somewhere rotting," Mr. Abalmaz said, describing the man as a separatist. "We don't need him alive."

Asked if the man had been armed, Mr. Abalmaz said, "No, he had no weapon, but they get their weapons at night." Later, Mr. Abalmaz said the man did have a pistol in his car and was trying to escape.

As Kiev presses its military offensive against the separatists, these volunteers are playing a key role. They go into insurgent territory softened up by Ukrainian artillery and conduct block-by-block clearance operations, which bring them into contact with the civilian population as well.

Nice, Ukraine’s criminal army goes block-by-block clearing citizens out of their homes that were “softened up” by Ukrainian bombing.  Sounds like Abalmaz is a violent criminal with no regard for human life, a perfect match made in hell.

But for now, men like Mr. Abalmaz are an asset for the government in Kiev…

Upon his release (from prison), Mr. Abalmaz says he plunged into another illegal—as well as lucrative and violent—line of work: black-market coal mines. He created his own private army to protect himself and his profits. 

Obama also stated "Here in the Baltics, it would mean positioning more American equipment so it's ready, if needed," Obama said. "It would mean more training and exercises between our militaries. And it would mean more U.S. forces, including American boots on the ground, continuously rotating through Estonia and Latvia and Lithuania."

Obama said NATO member states will provide support to Estonia in the face of increased Russian aggression. In April, Russia "signaled concern" about Estonia's large ethnic Russian minority, prompting wary Estonia leaders to call for military assistance from NATO.

Really, America?  While your Social Security benefits are being cut, your jobs are gone, your children are uneducated and hungry are you willing to sacrifice even more for this American imperialism?


From the Cold War to NATO’s “Humanitarian Wars” – The Complicity of the United Nations

Humanitarian wars, especially under the guise of the “Responsibility to Protect (R2P),” are a modern form of imperialism. The standard pattern that the United States and its allies use to execute them is one where genocide and ethnic cleansing are vociferously alleged by a coalition of governments, media organizations, and non-governmental front organizations. The allegations – often lurid and unfounded – then provide moral and diplomatic cover for a variety of sanctions that undermine and isolate the target country in question, and thereby pave the way for military intervention. This is the post-Cold War modus operandi of the US and NATO.

As the Cold War began to wind down in the late-1980s and early-1990s, NATO saw the opportunity that would arise from the geopolitical vacuum following the collapse of the Soviet Union and the dissolution of the Eastern Bloc. Not only did NATO begin transforming from a defensive organization into an offensive military body, the US-led alliance began to embrace a supposed humanitarian mandate for this purpose. It is through this purported embrace of humanitarianism that the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was able to change into an offensive, interventionist military force – indeed the largest such force ever in the history of the world.

What happens to the U.S. when NATO’s army is stronger than the American military and the U.S. Dollar is no longer the currency of the world?  Seems like those dopes over at Heritage Foundation, American Enterprise Institute and the like are only interested in short term gratification.  From New York Times:

At the same time, Ukraine and its Western allies have not responded to criticism that the Ukrainian tactics against the separatists have included the shelling of civilian areas in rebel strongholds, with the death toll exceeding 2,000, according to the United Nations.

The United Nations Security Council met in an emergency session on Ukraine on Thursday afternoon, during which the United States and other Western allies expressed outrage at what they described as a pattern of deceitful Russian aggression.

The U.S. is pushing to world toward World War III while Putin is able to adjust to anything this right wing cabal throws at him.  It’s time for America to decide, do you want Obama’s World War III or Putin’s plan of peace, security for its citizens and rebuilding war torn countries?  Do you want endless wars of aggression that will never be won or roads, bridges and schools?  Which is it America?  Is this what you voted for?

By Patricia Baeten

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