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Homegrown Terrorists Launch Chemical/Biological Attack on US While Slashing SS Disability

The sham election conducted November 4th, 2014 in the United States of America installed a solid majority of Monsanto created genetically modified congressional persons whose existence depends on the destruction of humankind. 

The new GOP congress is rife with Monsanto genetically modified politicians with all the medical and technological savvy of the Taliban.  So it is no surprise that the first order of business was to slash Social Security Disability and to pass legislation to protect Monsanto from US State’s rights to legislate labeling and/or banning Monsanto’s genetically modified food products.

In 2013 the Nobel Peace Prize winner President Barack Obama signed into law a Republican bill that would make it illegal to require Monsanto to label their foods because if the American people were given a choice of rejecting genetically modified foods, it would have a rippling effect across the world.  From Global Research:


Monsanto Protection Act Signed By Obama, GMO Bill “Written By Monsanto” Signed Into Law

The Monsanto Protection Act, essentially both written by and benefiting Monsanto Corporation, has been signed into law by United States President Barack Obama. The infamous Monsanto Corporation will benefit greatly and directly from the bill, as it essentially gives companies that deal with genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and genetically engineered (GE) seeds immunity to the federal courts, among other things.

The bill states that even if future research shows that GMOs or GE seeds cause significant health problems, cancer, etc, anything, that the federal courts no longer have any power to stop their spread, use, or sales.

Yep, Barack Obama, whose wife is pushing for “healthy foods in schools”, had signed into law a bill that would protect Monsanto from any sunlight being shed on the horrific mutations in humans and animals caused by the chemicals in Roundup ready seeds used in their food.  In other words, Obama legalized chemical weapons use against his own people.

According to Food Democracy Now the new congress is ready for another chemical/biological weapons strike against America.


Stop Monsanto’s Secret Plan to Kill GMO Labeling

Right now, the recount in Oregon is winding down. Just yesterday an Oregon judge threw out a last minute appeal to count 4,600 votes that were possibly illegally thrown out due to signature mismatches, which could have made the difference for Yes on 92. This is incredibly disappointing, but today we need your help to make sure all the gains we’ve made as a movement in the past three years aren’t undone by Monsanto’s minions in Congress…

That’s the way the November 4th sham election worked.  Through the ALEC written voter ID laws, undesirable voters are purged from the rolls and their votes thrown out.

Like last year’s Monsanto Protection Act, this bill has been cleverly crafted by Monsanto and biotech lobbyists to intentionally deceive members of Congress, the media and ultimately the American public in an effort to offer extra-legal protection to Monsanto and permanently hide the fact that GMOs are in 75% of the processed foods sold in grocery stores in America….

And that means in school lunch programs.  Don’t forget the school lunch programs are regulated under the Department of Agriculture so excess crop foods can be dumped into the school lunch for maximum profits. 

Now, the dirtiest names in the chemical and junk food industries have joined forces with the Koch brothers’ favorite Congressman, Mike Pompeo of Kansas, whose bill will make it illegal for states to pass mandatory GMO labeling bills!

Remember that provision in the Monsanto Protection Bill that Obama signed into law that states “that even if future research shows that GMOs or GE seeds cause significant health problems, cancer, etc, anything, that the federal courts no longer have any power to stop their spread, use, or sales.”  Well guess what, Houston we have a problem.  According to an article in Global Research by 2025 one in two children will suffer from Autism due to the Roundup herbicide:  


Autism and the Health Impacts of Monsanto Glyphosate Roundup on Children, Research Scientist at MIT

Why? Evidence points to glyphosate toxicity from the overuse of Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide on our food.

For over three decades, Stephanie Seneff, PhD, has researched biology and technology, over the years publishing over 170 scholarly peer-reviewed articles. In recent years she has concentrated on the relationship between nutrition and health, tackling such topics as Alzheimer’s, autism, and cardiovascular diseases, as well as the impact of nutritional deficiencies and environmental toxins on human health.

At a conference last Thursday, in a special panel discussion about GMOs, she took the audience by surprise when she declared, “At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic.”

You read that right, by 2025 one in two children will be autistic due to the chemical weapons used on Americans by their own government.

She noted that the side effects of autism closely mimic those of glyphosate toxicity, and presented data showing a remarkably consistent correlation between the use of Roundup on crops (and the creation of Roundup-ready GMO crop seeds) with rising rates of autism. Children with autism have biomarkers indicative of excessive glyphosate, including zinc and iron deficiency, low serum sulfate, seizures, and mitochondrial disorder.

A fellow panelist reported that after Dr. Seneff’s presentation, “All of the 70 or so people in attendance were squirming, likely because they now had serious misgivings about serving their kids, or themselves, anything with corn or soy, which are nearly all genetically modified and thus tainted with Roundup and its glyphosate.”

And if you think that you will receive assistance to care for your loved ones who are now disabled due to the United States Government using chemical weapons on their own people, think again.  According to Time Magazine, the homegrown terrorist congress installed in office after the November 4th sham election had the lowest voter turnout since Hitler was in power.


Voter Turnout in Midterm Elections Hits 72-Year Low

The last time voter turnout for a national election was as low as it was on Nov.4, Hitler was still in power, and Mitch McConnell was only nine months old.

Only 36.4% of eligible voters voted in this year’s midterm elections, down from 40.9% who voted in 2010, according to preliminary analysis by Michael McDonald at the University of Florida. The last time voter turnout was that low was 1942, when only 33.9% of voters cast ballots, according to the United States Elections Project.

Well it wasn’t that people didn’t want to vote, but with the Supreme Court repealing the Civil Rights Era voters’ protection laws, only the right kind of people are allowed to vote and have their vote counted.  That’s the same Supreme Court that overturned the 2000 Presidential Election.  But with the lowest turnout in over 70 years, the genetically modified congress claims it has a Monsanto sized mandate to slash Social Security disability.  According to Politicus USA, here’s what Senator Bernie Sanders had to say about the GOP destruction of Social Security:


Bernie Sanders Rips Republicans For Cutting Social Security For 1 Million Disabled Veterans

At a press conference today, Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) shredded the Republican budget plans while taking Republicans to task for cutting Social Security benefits for 1 million disabled veterans.

During the press conference, Sen. Sanders said:

I must say that the budget passed last year by the Republican House which called for massive cuts in Medicare, Medicaid, education, nutrition, affordable housing, and other programs impacting the lives of working Americans, while providing huge tax breaks for the wealthy and large corporations, is a budget approach which moves us in exactly the wrong direction…..

So, here we are. The middle class is in decline. Millions of seniors are struggling to pay for their food, their medicine and their heat. On the very first day of Congress, the Republicans in the House made a change in its rules that could lead to a 20 percent cut in Social Security disability benefits for 11 million Americans, including 2 million children, over a million veterans, and over 150,000 surviving spouses.

Let’s be clear, what the Republican plan is. What they are saying is that either there will be cuts to the disability program, or if that fund is to be replenished, the money will have to come from cuts to Social Security retirement benefits.

Yes, 11 million Americans currently receiving disability due to cancers, autism, PTSD and chemical poisoning in war zones will lose their Social Security disability unless their payments are slashed by 20%.  Why just last week I saw another article regarding the chemical/biological warfare being waged in our hospitals.  From Global Research:


Glyphosate (Monsanto Roundup) Found in Hospital Feeding Tube Liquid

Thanks to Moms Across America supporters; our sponsors and private citizens donating thousands of dollars in three days to pay for testing, glyphosate has been found in feeding tube liquid which is given to babies and children with cancer in hospitals.

Microbe Inotech lab detected 6 out of 20 (30%) of Pediasure samples from the same batch tested positive at levels above 75ppb at 800-1110 X higher than has been shown to destroy gut bacteria in chickens (.1ppb).  Only 50ppT (trillion) was shown to cause liver, kidney and sex hormone changes in rats. These samples were sent by a Moms Across America supporter. This is the exact brand used in the pediatric rehabilitation hospital where she worked and was fed patients needing tube feeding in critical care.

Moms Across America finds it appalling that our health care providers have been led to believe this feeding tube liquid is safe. Our children and loved ones who are depending on our health institutions to support their immune system and recovery. Instead they are being fed a liquid which scientists and knowledgeable care givers now believe is doing the exact opposite.

The Pediasure Enteral Nutritional Drink tested is loaded with GM corn syrup, soy, and sugar, which have been shown to cause inflammation, and are sprayed with gyphosate during the growing season and at harvest as a drying agent.

There you have it, the Obama Administration along with a handful of Democrats and all of the GOP are using chemical and biological weapons against their own people.  Oh, and did you know that smarmy asshole David Cameron from the UK is spearheading a Monsanto Protection Law for the European Union?  According to The Nate Max Project:



As Washington’s trusted lapdog, the UK is spearheading US agritech’s drive to get genetically modified (GM) food into Europe. Officials, politicians, academics and media outlets have been co-opted by and are colluding with the GMO agritech industry [1-6]. These people and institutions have been spewing out falsehoods, ignoring evidence pertaining to GMOs and are putting a one-sided positive spin on GM food with the aim of forcing it onto a public that does not want it [7].

Monsanto and other agritech companies are lobbying hard for the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) [8], which aims to throw Europe’s door wide open to GM food [9]….

GMOs are not needed to feed the world [14-18]. The push to force GM food into Europe is based on lies, deceptions and falsehoods. It is part of a strategy to place the global control of agriculture into the hands of a few corporations for commercial gain. These corporations with their control of seeds and technologies via patents intend to suck massive amounts of money from agriculture [19].

Given their impacts on health and the environment and also taking into account the track records of the players who are furthering the global GM strategy (Monsanto, Gates Foundation, Rockefeller, US State Department, etc.), GMOs must ultimately be regarded as a tool of imperialism and a form of biological warfare [20,21,22].

Hmmm “GMO’s must ultimately be regarded as a tool of imperialism and a form of biological warfare”, where have I heard that before?  Oh yeah, that’s what Putin is pushing for.  After the CIA overthrow of the elected government in Ukraine GMO’s are no longer banned in Ukraine. 

As a matter of fact Monsanto has their largest chemical weapons plant in the world in Ukraine, right on Russia’s doorstep.  Ukraine is the corn belt of the world and according to Global Research,Russia has some of the most precious uncontaminated top soil on the planet and if it is rigorously controlled to stay GMO-free and free from chemicals its productivity would increase as Europe declines,” geopolitical analyst William Engdahl told RT.

So what is Putin doing to protect his people from Global Chemical/Biological Terrorists like Monsanto?  From an article published last June in What Does It Mean:


Putin Orders War Alert, Tells Obama: “Stop Monsanto, Or We Will”

An ominous memorandum from the Office of the President (OP) circulating in the Kremlin today states that President Putin ordered Russian military forces on “full combat alert” yesterday after a nearly two-hour long conversation with President Obama early Saturday morning wherein the Russian leader told his American counterpart: “Stop Monsanto, or we will.”

According to this memorandum, Putin, while visiting the Stavropol State Agrarian University this past Thursday (18 June) was advised by top scientific experts that the ongoing bee apocalypse occurring in the United States is now entering its “gravest stage” and has the ability to threaten the entire global food supply, which in turn could lead to unprecedented unrest around the world….

The order Obama sent to all of his Cabinet secretaries and agency heads further stated: “The problem is serious and requires immediate attention to ensure the sustainability of our food production systems, avoid additional economic impact on the agricultural sector, and protect the health of the environment.”

Obama’s emergency order also shockingly states that the number of bee colonies in the United States has declined from 6 million in 1947 to 2.5 million today, and with pollinators such as bees having such a profound economic impact as they contribute more than $24 billion dollars to the US economy could lead to an agricultural apocalypse for America should they disappear entirely.

Whew, thank God Obama listened to Putin and took quick action, that’s a relief. 

Though Putin was appreciative of Obama’s immediate action regarding this “grave situation”, this memorandum further notes, he became “enraged” after Obama failed to give assurances that the US-EU backed regime in Ukraine would forbid the introduction of GMO crops into that nation, and which at that point Putin stated, “Stop Monsanto, or we will”, and within the hour ordered tens-of-thousands of Russian military forces to immediately go on full combat alert.

Yeah, Obama can’t be trusted.  And don’t forget that VP Biden’s ne’er-do-wellson, Hunter just got a million dollar job in the Ukraine after his daddy and State Department Secretary Victoria Nuland installed their billionaire banker buddy “Yats” Prime Minister.

Important to note is that Russia shares a 2,295 kilometer (1,426 miles) border with Ukraine and Putin has previously deemed as a “threat to Russian national security” any GMO crops being planted in Ukraine due to the possibility of their “infecting” Russian crops too.

In our 10 May 2013 report “Russia Warns Obama: Global War Over “Bee Apocalypse” Coming Soon”, in fact, we had related Russian leaders “extreme outrage” over the Obama regimes continued protection of global seed and plant bio-genetic giants Syngenta and Monsanto in the face of this growing “bee apocalypse” that the Kremlin warned “will most certainly” lead to world war.

So, that brings us to Cuba.  Ahhh, Cuba.  Obama has just started to “normalize” relations with Cuba, but not the Cuban government.  Really bad news for Cuba who is world’s ahead of the U.S. in medicine.  So what is Obama offering the Cuban people that will make their lives better?  From The Gazette:


WASHINGTON — Farm state lawmakers and agricultural groups are ramping up efforts to lift the trade embargo against Cuba in the wake of President Barack Obama’s decision to normalize diplomatic ties with Havana.

More than 25 food and agricultural interests including Cargill, which has facilities in Cedar Rapids, the National Chicken Council and the National Turkey Federation announced last week a coalition aimed at pressing Congress to scrap the embargo and open up the island to increased investment with the United States.

The Obama Administration has just authorized the use of chemical and biological weapons on the Cuban people. God have mercy on Cuba.

Recently The Daily Show with Jon Stuart lampooned Alabama’s new law that allocates state funds to provide lawyers for the fetuses of women seeking abortions.  Why not expand that law to provide lawyers for fetuses exposed to life-threatening and debilitating effects of chemical and biological weapons such as Roundup.

Fetus Lawyer

Agent Orange Fetus No Lawyer

"When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." – Sinclair Lewis

In the meantime the homegrown terrorists continue to launch chemical and biological attacks on the citizens of America while slashing lifesaving Social Security Disability. 

By Patricia Baeten

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