Thursday, January 22, 2015

Putin Calls Monsanto a Terrorist Organization

Ha, ha.  Putin is right Monsanto is a terrorist Organization.  But Monsanto would have no ability to spread terror across the world without a banking system run by terrorists. 

Tonight I was watching the news and saw that the terrorists have two Japanese citizens that they are threatening to behead unless they are given about two-hundred million dollars in ransom money.  I thought, wow that’s chump change by America’s standards.  What’s going on? Did the terrorists lose their jobs at Goldman Sachs?

During the 2008 Presidential election the American people were held hostage when Treasury Secretary Hank Paulsen ran to congress with a 3 page ransom demand for $700 billion.  According to Fortune’s “21 DumbestMoments in Business 2008”:


Paulson's 3-page plea for $700B

From Henry Paulson's original bailout proposal: Decisions would be "non-reviewable." In other words...'trust me!"

Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson learns how not to reach for $700 billion. In September, days after Lehman Brothers collapses and two other giants teeter on the abyss, Paulson submits his "break the glass" plan for saving the U.S. financial system.

All of three pages, the proposal seeks carte-blanche access to $700 billion in government funding to buy up troubled mortgage assets at the root of the financial crisis - with scant details on how or where the money will be spent.

Just as galling, Paulson includes a provision in the bill that will exempt his spending from court challenges….

Now, that’s a ransom note.   It turns out that the ransom totals up to more than $700 trillion dollars and the ransom is being called due.  That means the terrorists are seizing the assets of teacher’s pensions, municipal bonds bankrupting cities like Detroit, Social Security Funds, Social Security Disability funds, Pension Guarantee funds, Hospitals and Veterans Benefits including the VA Hospitals, nutritional programs that due to the ransom paid in 2008 are sometimes the only meal a child will have that day. 

But Hank Paulson’s ransom money must be paid after all that was what the United States Senate and the Obama Administration gave the terrorists.  So when I saw this article in Black Agenda Report called “What is the Real Reason Behind Obama’s New Cuba Policy?” I was intrigued. 

I had recently written about the correlation between the low gas prices and Putin’s Cuban trade agreements that forgave 90% of Cuba’s debt to Russia from the Cold War Era.  Putin spent last year making major trade deals with China, India and my favorite Cuba.  

I became a huge Putin fan since I started covering him during the Edward Snowden saga.  The Obama Administration is extremely arrogant and incompetent and have no regard for other world leaders, especially indigenous leaders like President Evo Morales of Brazil.   

For, example Obama ordered President Evo Morales’ plane to be hijacked and searched based on a suspicion that Edward Snowden was hiding on his plane.  From CNN: 


Bolivian officials say their country's presidential plane had to land in Austria on Tuesday after false rumors circulated that former U.S. National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden was aboard the aircraft.

Portuguese authorities wouldn't let President Evo Morales' plane land for refueling in Lisbon, Bolivian Defense Minister Ruben Saavedra told CNN en Español. French authorities also wouldn't let the plane enter their airspace, he said.

"We are told that there were some unfounded suspicions that Mr. Snowden was on the plane," Bolivian Foreign Minister David Choquehuanca said. "We do not know who has invented this lie. Someone who wants to harm our country. This information that has been circulated is malicious information to harm this country."

Jeebus, do you believe that?  It’s like the Twilight Zone.   So, if there is one sure thing you could bet the bank on, it is the new Cuba policy is about Putin.   So here are some excerpts from the excellent article written by Pascal Robert in BAR

           What is the Real Reason Behind Obama’s New Cuba Policy?


The first stop on Russian president Putin’s tour was the Republic of Cuba. It was announced by the Russian Kremlin’s news service that Putin agreed to absolve 90% of Cuba’s 32 billion dollar debt to Russia and, according to the Russian Times, the remaining 10% of Cuba’s debt would be re-invested back into Cuban infrastructure.

For a relatively poor country like Cuba to have 90% of the debt to its once greatest economic benefactor forgiven is of epic importance to the Island nation. Furthermore, the Russians announced plans to develop infrastructure to build oil rigs for the valuable resource discovered off the coast of Cuba.

I bet that pissed off the terrorists, looks like they are going to need more ransom money to stage a coup. 

“The Latin America tour started with the visit to Cuba, where Putin signed a new agreement on oil exploration in Caribbean waters which contain most of the estimated 124 million barrels of the Island’s crude. The exploration will take place a few dozen miles from the US coast.”

Ha, ha ha, damn, Putin is good, that has got to hurt.  The terrorists hate the Castro’s almost as much as they hated Saddam Hussein. 

Of even more strategic concern to the United States, Russia stated a desire to re-open a spying outpost once used by the Soviet Union to intercept American communication. The move by Russia to reoccupy that spy station, as well as modernize it, could open Russian access to American intelligence less than 200 miles away from U.S. shores.

Russia has quietly reached an agreement with Cuba to reopen a Soviet-era spy base on America's doorstep, amid souring relations between Moscow and Washington.

Oh my God, my sides hurt from laughing.  Hey, wouldn’t it be cool if Putin put Edward Snowden was in charge of the spying operation?  I can’t think of a better use of his extensive experience and knowledge and I sure he’s got references and can pass a background check.

The same terrorist have been hopping the globe, taking countries hostage and demanding ransom like they did in Ukraine.  The terrorists were all buddy-buddy with Ukraine’s elected President Yanukovych; one might say, they were thick as thieves.  But Yanukovych didn’t like the terms of the ransom the terrorists were demanding.  From The South China Morning Post 


Ukraine opposition digs in as Yanukovych faces EU, Russia choice

Pro-EU protesters in Kiev fortify barricades as President Viktor Yanukovych prepares for another meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin

US State Department Feeds Pro-EU Protesters

Ha ha.  Pro-EU protesters in Kiev.   What people go out in the streets to die over a trade deal?  Ohhhh, I bet the terrorists used their CIA goons they bought with the ransom money from America to provoke a little scare in Yanukovych,better take our deal or else. 

Ukraine protesters reinforced their positions in Kiev on Friday as they prepared for another mass rally to pressure the president to turn the country away from historical master Moscow toward the EU.

Experts say time is running out for President Viktor Yanukovych to make a decision on a future direction for his politically volatile nation, which is split between a Ukrainian-speaking, pro-EU west and a Russian-speaking, Moscow-leaning east.

He can either sign a deal with the European Union that would put his ex-Soviet nation on track to eventually joining the bloc, or join a Moscow-led Customs Union, which Russia sees as a future alternative to the EU.

Yep, the terrorists thought the Ukraine shakedown would be easy just like it was in Iraq, Greece, Egypt and America, but they were outsmarted by Putin.  Damn bare chested, horse riding Putin.

Analysts say either choice would further divide Ukraine and jeopardise Yanukovych’s chances for re-election in 2015.

You bet your ass he’d have a hard time winning in a Made in America sham election, that’s if he was still alive and that would be messy.  It’s easier for the terrorists just to behead or hang him like they did to Saddam.

Things just keep getting messier and messier for the terrorists, so I guess that blows the shit out of “practice makes perfect.”  But one thing I noticed when I worked in bank security was that criminals, or as they are now called terrorists, really aren’t that smart.  I had to laugh when I saw this article in Business Insider:


Argentina Is Calling Its Nemesis Hedge Fund Manager's Bluff

Yes, one man’s hedge fund manager is another man’s terrorist. Argentina is being held hostage by the same terrorists that are holding America hostage.   The terms of the ransom demand were delivered to Argentina last year by the U.S. Supreme Court.  From Forbes:  


Supreme Court Hands Billionaire Paul Singer A Victory Over Argentina

Oh yeah that’s the Supreme Court that was bought with America’s ransom money.

Billionaire Paul Singer defeated the nation of Argentina today when the U.S. Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling allowing a subsidiary of his Elliott Associates hedge fund to dig into Argentina’s bank records in search of assets to seize in compensation for some $2.5 billion in defaulted bonds and interest.

Rejecting arguments by both Argentina and the U.S. government that a federal law prohibits courts from ordering discovery against a sovereign nation, the Supreme Court in Republic of Argentina vs. NML Capital said there’s nothing wrong with allowing creditors to seek such information even if some of it can’t be used.

Heads, the terrorists win tails you lose.

The Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act, which sets out the limits of seizing assets from foreign countries, says nothing about the court-ordered fact finding process known as discovery, the Supreme Court said.

Yes, yes…. That’s probably true.  When the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act was made law, no one could have imagined that the United States Government would be owned by terrorists.

The Supreme Court also refused to reverse a 2013 ruling by the Second Circuit Court of Appeals in New York  prohibiting Argentina and its agents from paying the holders of newly issued bonds unless they also pay the hedge funds their pro rata share of what is owed.

Combined with the decision on discovery, it gives the VULTURE INVESTORS the power to negotiate a settlement with Argentina under the threat of forcing an even larger default or seek court orders to probe the movement of Argentina’s assets around the world.

Elliott Associates attempted to seize an Argentinian naval training vessel when it made a stop in Ghana in 2012, as my colleague Agustino Fontevecchia reported, and even a presidential jet.

Gee, a hedge fund can legally hijack a Presidential plane of a sovereign nation.  Christ almighty, it’s like a New York Banking version of Somali pirates.  How are Singer and Elliott Associates different from ISIS?

So did Argentina’s President, Christina Fernandez De Kirchner cave and pay the terrorists the ransom?  Nope. From Business Insider:


Argentina Is Calling Its Nemesis Hedge Fund Manager's Bluff

Since Argentina defaulted on its debt to a group of bondholders this summer, a doomsday scenario has remained in play — the fact that holders of defaulted bonds could call for an acceleration of their payments.

In other words, they call in all their money at once.

It's been months since then though, and that hasn't happened. No one's called anything in. And now Argentina is crowing about it a little….

Back in October some government officials thought that "Argentina should pay the holdouts according to a U.S. judgement and settle at whatever price…

Yeah, come on settle at whatever price, pay off the terrorists.

This swipe didn't come out of the blue. At Thursday's Dealbook Conference in New York City, hedge fund manager Paul Singer — the CEO of the hedge fund suing Argentina for $1.7 billion in debt — reiterated his belief that Argentina was being irrational in its refusal to negotiate a settlement with his fund, and a number of other Argentine debt holders…..

What ever happened to “we don’t negotiate with terrorists?  Sounds like Singer is getting whiny and hysterical at Argentina’s defiance.

….We are not willing to be extorted by creditors privileged with a shameful court ruling that has been generally condemned by the rest of the world,"

Yes, the terrorists are able to hold nations hostage, how is that possible?  It’s possible with a terrorist banking system.  So, when I got to the end of Pascal Robert’s article on Putin’s Cuba trip, I had to laugh out loud.

At the BRICS summit the member nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa agreed to dedicate over 100 billion dollars to start a Central Bank among the nations with 100 billion in reserves as well.

Ha, ha, ha they will have their own Central Bank.

The ultimate goal of this Central Bank is to deleverage the BRICS nations from the U.S. dollar as the world’s reserve currency. This could pose a great threat to America’s position in the world.

Hee, hee, I heard Argentina is looking for a new bank.  Yes, as I said before criminals A/K/A terrorists aren’t particularly smart.  Putin is right, Monsanto is a terrorist organization.  But that made me wonder, if Japan decides to pay the ransom and get those two Japanese citizens back from ISIS, how do they pay the ransom?

How do terrorists get paid and who is their bank?  Do they get a Cashier’s Check?  Does it have to go through the New York Federal Reserve Bank?  Is the ransom wired into their account in  care of the CIA?  How do terrorists get paid ransom?  I know, let’s ask Monsanto.

By Patricia Baeten

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