Tuesday, October 20, 2015

As Canada Makes Left Turn, America Threatens Nuclear Holocaust

Are these neoconservatives and neoliberals that have taken over the American government nuts?  Last night Canadians came out in force and dumped the war mongering conservative Stephen Harper and elected the liberal Justin Trudeau as the new Prime Minister.  Canada’s 10-year nightmare has ended, and hopefully Trudeau can salvage what’s left of that once great nation.  This headline from Harper Watch says it all:


Now we can get down to the serious work of repairing this wonderful country of ours and stay engaged in the process so that we NEVER allow fascism to take root here again!

Thank you Canada!  There’s definitely a liberal change in the air from Australia to Britain to Canada.  We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore.  But America is still in the throes of insanity and the neocons who have taken over the Pentagon and the State Department are willing to get us all killed rather than let go of power. 

In spite of the dire warnings from all sides of the political spectrum of the consequences of courting nuclear disaster, the lunatics who have seized power are trying to provoke an incident with Russia.  Dr. Paul Craig Roberts, who served in the Reagan Administration had this to say:


Will The Crazed Neocons Bring Us Nuclear Winter? — Paul Craig Roberts

As readers know, I have emphasized that the declared neoconservative intention of achieving global hegemony has resurrected the threat of nuclear armageddon as Russia and China are most definitely not going to submit, as every European country, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Columbia, and Japan have submitted, to being Washington’s vassals.

The president of Russia and the president of China have made this completely clear.

If the arrogance, ignorance and incompetence of the Western political systems permit the continuation of the crazed, totally unrealistic, neoconservative agenda, the planet will die…

What the neocons have done is to throw away every treaty and violate every agreement that had the world on the path to nuclear disarmament. These evil persons have caused massive moderization of Soviet and Chinese nuclear forces. There is no prospect whatsoever of American hegemony over the world…

The damned neoconservatives have destroyed seven countries, and the bastards and bitches walk around free!

Their two-bit, dumbshit punk media spokespersons ask, “What’s the good of nuclear weapons if you can’t use them?”

Indeed.  To show just how insane these people are and the lengths they will go to in order to remove the elected President of Syria, Bashar Assad, they are supplying arms to terrorists.  


US Weapons Drops Arming Unvetted Syrian Rebel Factions
Pentagon Insists Rebels Don't Need to Be Vetted

Say what??  Pentagon insists rebels don’t need to be vetted?  That’s insane.

Past US programs of smuggling arms into Syria for “vetted” rebel factions have mostly failed, and left a lot of weapons in the hands of Islamist factions like ISIS and al-Qaeda. Incredibly, with the return to throwing arms at Syria’s Civil War, the US is moving away from the vetting part.

Pentagon officials are conceding that this week’s airdrops of weapons and ammunition to rebels in northeast Syria are going to wholly unvetted forces, saying it is a “moot point” since the rebels are meant to be fighting ISIS, and not the Syrian government.

The problem here is pretty clear, because one of the big reasons for vetting was to try to keep US weaponry out of the hands of factions that might give them to terrorist groups…

Pentagon officials are refusing to talk about the “restrictions” on these arms drops, but did say that they “ask” the factions to use them to fight ISIS, and apparently that’s tantamount to a full-fledged vetting process these days.

So the vetting process for the Pentagon is basically making them pinky swear not to give the arms to the terrorists.  And what about the General that was in charge of training “moderate” terrorists to fight in Syria?  $500 million to train 5 guys, has that guy been fired yet?  From New York Times:


New Role for General After Failure of Syria Rebel Plan

WASHINGTON — The Army general in charge of the Pentagon’s failed $500 million program to train and equip Syrian rebels is leaving his job in the next few weeks, but is likely to be promoted and assigned a senior counterterrorism position here, American officials said on Monday.

The officer, Maj. Gen. Michael K. Nagata, is stepping down as commander of American Special Operations forces in the Middle East, which made him responsible for the training program that ultimately produced only a few dozen fighters. That was a far cry from the 15,000 fighters that the program was going to train over a three-year period when it was formally started in December.

Who the hell is making these decisions?  The Pentagon is missing $8.5 trillion dollars and still congress is giving even more taxpayer cash to the Pentagon while slashing Social Security benefits and increasing Medicare premiums by 52%.  From Forbes:


No Social Security Benefits Or Tax Hike For 2016, But Medicare Premiums Could Soar For Some

The Social Security Administration today made official what everyone already knew: thanks to falling energy prices, the nation’ s 65 million Social Security recipients won’t be getting a cost of living increase for 2016, the first year they’ve gotten no boost since 2011.  And since the law provides that when benefits don’t go up the maximum wage on which Social Security tax is imposed can’t rise either, it will remain at $118,500….

But a big and unsettling unknown remains for about 30% of Medicare recipients, who could face premium increases of as much as 52%, even as 70% of Medicare beneficiaries will have their premiums held to the same $104.90 per person a month they paid in 2015….

Among those who aren’t protected are high income seniors—defined as singles with a modified adjusted gross income of $85,000 or more and couples with an AGI of $170,000 or more. They pay a graduated high income premium surcharge.  Under the July actuary’s predictions, the monthly premium for a single with an AGI of $85,000 would jump from $146.90 to $223 while the premium for a single with AGI of $214,000 or more would go from $335.70 to $509.80. A wealthy senior couple could pay as much as $12,235 a year in Part B Medicare Premiums in 2016, up from $8,056 in 2015.

Along with the well off, the unlucky 30% also includes anyone who didn’t have Medicare premiums taken out of his or her Social Security check in 2015. That category includes some federal and other government retirees who don’t get Social Security and seniors who weren’t receiving Social Security benefits in 2015 because they were waiting until a later age to claim them…

In one particularly cruel irony, a single retiree with an AGI of BELOW $85,000 first claiming Social Security benefits in 2016 will pay a Medicare premium of $159.30 a month, compared to the $104.90 paid by someone who started receiving benefits in 2015 or earlier.

That’s right, Barack Obama made a deal with Paul Ryan and Patty Murry to cut your Social Security benefits and charge 52% more for Medicare Part B because you had not yet reached the age of 65 when you would be eligible for Medicare.  Make no mistake this was Joe Biden and Barack Obama who made this decision.  From Washington Blog: 


If, as expected, U.S. President Barack Obama will, for the first time in his Presidency, be given by the nation’s voters two Republican-controlled houses of Congress, he’ll finally be able to sign into law bills that are as conservative as he wants; and one of these new laws will transform Social Security…

Back in 2009, he came into office wanting to address the long-term financial issue of Social Security not by removing the annual earnings-cap of around $100,000 that pertained (and above which income was/is untaxed for Social Security, so that this change alone could solve the problem), but instead by reducing retirement benefits to seniors: cutting the benefits they receive…

President Obama’s plan to cut Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid, predated his becoming President…  Everyone had simply assumed that no Democrat would want to weaken or reduce the crowning achievements of Democratic Presidents Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Lyndon Baines Johnson, not to mention of the Democratic Party itself.

Yep, I always said that Obama is not a Democrat, he’s a Reagan Republican.  America has been devastated under “Democrats” like Barack Obama and Joe Biden, willing to work with Republicans to destroy Social Security, Medicare and all the programs that Democrats like Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and Lyndon Johnson fought hard to enact. 

The election of Justin Trudeau in Canada changes the equation.  No longer is Stephen Harper there to offer unlimited Canadian financial and military support to overthrow the elected governments in Ukraine and Syria.  From Reuters:


New PM Trudeau to Obama: Canada's Islamic State combat mission to end

Canada's Prime Minister-designate Justin Trudeau, who came from behind to trounce his Conservative rivals and snatch a majority mandate, now has to deliver on pledges from tackling climate change to legalizing marijuana.

Trudeau, who had also promised to withdraw Canada from combat in the coalition fight against Islamic State, said he told U.S. President Barack Obama on Tuesday that Canada will pull out of the bombing mission but maintain humanitarian aid and training.

The White House had earlier said it hopes the new Canadian government will continue to support the efforts of the U.S.-led coalition to fight Islamic State militants in Syria and Iraq.

"He understands the commitment I've made around ending the combat mission," Trudeau told reporters.

Trudeau, who campaigned on a promise of change, toppled Stephen Harper's Conservatives on Monday, giving him the freedom to start implementing his campaign pledges largely unimpeded.

He struck a chord with Canadians weary of nine years of Conservative rule. Harper resigned as party leader after the defeat.

The 43-year-old son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau swept to victory with 39.5 percent of the popular vote in an election that saw the highest voter turnout since 1993.

The Liberal leader will have to quickly start delivering on his promises to change policy, beginning with a U.N. climate change summit in Paris in December.

Trudeau plans to double spending on infrastructure to jump-start anemic growth. In addition, his Liberals plan to begin working on legalizing marijuana "right away," Trudeau said during the campaign. He has said marijuana laws could be changed within the first two years of his government.

So the cool kids’ clique that was formed by the conservative leaders in America, Britain and Canada to bully the world into endless war has ended.  The people have spoken and we feel betrayed, abused and broken by these conservatives.  We’ve been robbed of dignity, treasure and our heritage.  So, so long to Harper and his ilk, Obama and Biden’s only allies remaining are the beheaders and human rights abusers they claim to be fighting against.

By Patricia Baeten


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