Sunday, October 4, 2015

“We Be Sisters” Stumps for Trump, Rupert Murdoch Stumps for Biden

Oh, what a glorious time to be a political junkie.  Rupert Murdoch’s media empire has been upended with the entrance of Donald Trump into the Republican primary.  With Murdoch’s cadre of clown candidates being picked off one by one by the Donald, the attacks have reached a zenith.  First clown to bite the dust was Rick Perry, next was Scott Walker.  Oh, Scott Walker had great potential, dumb as a box of rocks, ideologically driven with god as his advisor, it was all systems go after he announced his run. 

Then came the Donald, descending down his golden escalator telling America he wanted to make America great again.  The Donald announced he would take no money from special interests to fund his campaign; he’d be beholden to no one, especially Rupert Murdoch.  Trump immediately caught fire with the people and with supporters like “We be Sisters” stumping for Trump, Murdoch was left stunned unable to figure out what hit him.

The attacks by Fox News, Politico and Wall Street Journal came fast and furious and when Fox’s highest paid propagandists were given the task to tear down the Donald at the first Republican debate, Fox fell flat on its face.  The reason why you may ask?  Well Donald Trump’s presence on the stage brought in 20 million viewers, many of whom are not regular watchers of the right wing channel.  They were what Murdoch’s toadies call “low information voters” translated that means voters who have had a low level of exposure to the radioactive right wing echo chamber.

Murdoch and his ilk, cannot understand the attraction of Trump and never will figure it out.  The reason, it’s not quantifiable.  Just look at the videos of We Be Sisters and maybe you’ll get a clue, Rupert.

Trump is impervious to the Murdoch attacks and Murdoch may have to have a come to Jesus moment and reconcile that he has no chance of knocking the Trump out of the race, Trump will be the Republican candidate because he has a power Murdoch does not, he speaks to the people.

Murdoch’s Fox News, Wall Street Journal as well as CNN, NBC and a myriad of media have launched attack after attack against Hillary Clinton with faux scandal after faux scandal from Benghazi to e-mails bringing the fervor to a crescendo. 

The relentless attacks along with Murdoch’s minions in congress with subpoena power have had investigation after investigation.  It doesn’t matter that the accusations are baseless, it’s the “appearance” of wrong doing, the “appearance” that there must be a there, there that have caused Hillary’s popularity to drop.

It appears that Murdoch’s goal has been to drag Hillary through the mud opening the door to a Biden candidacy.  From Politico:


Murdoch: Biden to run ... and win

Rupert Murdoch, the chairman of 21st Century Fox and News Corp., believes Joe Biden has already started running for president and is "very likely" to win the Democratic nomination.

"Looks like Biden already running," Murdoch tweeted on Monday evening. "Very likely he wins nomination and be hard to beat."

If such a prognostication seems like nefarious meddling to some Hillary Clinton supporters, it's worth remembering that Murdoch is never one to troll. He tweets earnestly, often pushing on politicians' weaknesses—Republicans and Democrats alike—or rallying for pet causes like immigration reform. His observations often seem less like opinion and more like unsourced intelligence picked up from political power brokers.

Have you ever seen so much bullshit in one paragraph?  And Politico’s glowing adoration of Murdoch is laughable.  His observations ARE “unsourced intelligence from political power brokers.”

Murdoch's remark comes as Biden approaches a deadline for entry into the race. Bolstered by Clinton's waning approval rating, Biden and his aides have been aggressively considering a run….

It's not clear what intel, if any, Murdoch has on Biden's presidential ambitions. What is clear is that the media mogul is eager to see someone shake up the 2016 race. Late last month, he argued that it was time for "greatest mayor" Michael Bloomberg to throw his hat into the ring.

Murdoch is no fan of Trump, either, despite the fact that his cable news network has done much to fuel Trump's rise.

So John Boehner has announced he is stepping down as Speaker of the House to open the door for Murdoch loyalist, Kevin McCarthy.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Boehner fan, I think Boehner stinks to high heaven, his only redeeming quality is that he’s the best looking horse in the glue factory.

But Kevin McCarthy and Sean Hannity on Rupert Murdoch’s Fox News station broke the most important commandment in Murdoch’s playbook, never tell the truth.  And after meticulously laying the groundwork for a Biden announcement with “unsourced intelligence from political power brokers” supplying an unending drip, drip, drip of e-mails, Biden is just about ready.

But all that blew up in Murdoch’s face courtesy of Sean Hannity and Speaker to be Kevin McCarthy.  From Huffington Post:


Likely House Speaker Praises Benghazi Committee For Hurting Hillary Clinton Politically

Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.), the man likely to become the next speaker of the House, applauded the Select Committee on Benghazi for damaging the poll numbers of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton.

McCarthy said Tuesday that Clinton would have remained "unbeatable," had it not been for the committee.

"Everybody thought Hillary Clinton was unbeatable, right? But we put together a Benghazi special committee, a select committee, what are her numbers today?" McCarthy told Fox News' Sean Hannity. "Her numbers are dropping, why? Because she's untrustable. But no one would have known any of that had happened."

Oh, ouch the truth burns.  But not to be deterred, Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal is trying to breathe new life into the smoldering embers of Clinton’s fall in the polls.  


Some Hillary Clinton Donors Defect to Movement to Draft Joe Biden

WASHINGTON—Some Hillary Clinton donors are defecting to Joe Biden, resisting entreaties from the Democratic front-runner’s campaign to stand by her despite slipping poll numbers.

A few of the fundraisers have gone public with their presidential preference. Others have quietly decamped and signaled their intentions to the Draft Biden 2016 super PAC that is working to prod the vice president into the race for the White House.

In the meantime, the Draft Biden organization is securing commitments as the vice president’s public standing is on the rise, while Mrs. Clinton appears more vulnerable. A Wall Street Journal/NBC poll released this week shows that Mr. Biden is running stronger than Mrs. Clinton in head-to-head match-ups against leading Republican candidates.

“Instead of being ready for Hillary, we’re waiting for Joe,” said Bill Bartmann, the founder and chief executive of CFS2 Inc., and onetime donor to Mrs. Clinton’s friendly super PAC. Mr. Bartmann’s switch in allegiance prompted one Clinton campaign official to contact him and ask: “Why are you doing this?” he said.

Hmmm, who’s this Bill Bartmann that’s “waiting for Joe?”  According to Forbes:


Return of the Billionaire Huckster

Oh, my, my, Bill Bartmann who is “waiting for Joe” is a billionaire huckster?  I wonder where he made his billions.  Let’s see:

Bill Bartmann built one of America’s biggest fortunes turning credit card debt into novel Wall Street securities, and then lost it all in a massive accounting fraud. Now he’s back to his old game-and branding himself a reformer.

Bill Bartmann used to be a billionaire, but you wouldn’t know it. The sleeves on his collarless shirt pushed up to his elbows, the 63-year-old arrived early to my meeting with him in a Chicago coffee shop, waiting earnestly in a booth facing the door. Within minutes of introducing himself Bartmann summed up his feelings with a line that could stir the envy of Raj Rajaratnam or Bernie Madoff: “I’m thrilled to death to be alive and not in prison….”

Ah ha, ha, ha!  Good old “waiting for Joe” Bill Bartmann is “thrilled to death to be alive and not in prison.”   Oh, let’s hear more, this should be good.

It’s been that kind of ride. Thirteen years ago Bartmann owned and ran the nation’s biggest debt collection company, Commercial Financial Services, raking in huge profits courtesy of people with overdue credit card bills and then turning that debt into a Wall Street chit. But after his partner confessed to inflating collection rates at his agency, Bartmann lost his fortune, his company and his reputation. He barely avoided the slammer.

He barely avoided the slammer.  Ha, ha, I guess it pays to have a pal like Vice President Joe Biden. 

Stirring his breakfast coffee, Bartmann now speaks of his former ­industry with the zeal of a former alcoholic espousing the wonders of temperance. “I’m shining light on an ugly industry….”

All well and good—except that Bartmann has reentered the debt collection business. His new company is chasing 40,000 Americans for $270 million in credit card debt and has exponentially grander aspirations. The debt-reformer schtick he’s performing for me and politicians across the U.S. is a jujitsu ­tactic—the more he bashes the industry that made him rich, it seems, the better chance it will make him rich again.

If that seems counterintuitive, so be it. Everything about Bill Bartmann is.

Good old Joe Biden, in a previous blog post I referred to Joe as “patty cake, patty cake Banker’s Man.”  I’ll just bet Bill Bartmann is “waiting for Joe.”   So according to Rupert Murdoch’s Wall Street Journal, who else is jumping on the “waiting for Joe” titanic.

Beata Stylianos, a technology executive from Los Angeles, gave the maximum $2,700 contribution to Mrs. Clinton’s primary campaign in June. Now, she is supporting the effort to nudge Mr. Biden into the race.

As a widow, she said she has been moved by how Mr. Biden has dealt with losses in his own family, including the death in May of his son Beau Biden. “When you have someone of his stature be so honest and frank, it’s inspiring and it inspired me,” said Ms. Stylianos, who has also made contributions to the Democratic National Committee and various Senate races.

Oh… how sweet.  According to the poor widow the reason she’s on board with “waiting for Joe” is “when you have someone of his stature be so honest and frank, it’s inspiring and it inspired me.”  Poor dear, so who was her dearly departed husband?  From Newswire:


Stylianos Becomes Sole Owner of Mission Critical Technologies, Inc.

For most of his tenure at MCT, Mr. Stylianos has been its technology leader and visionary as CTO. Over the course of 18 years, the company grew rapidly, winning major IT project augmentation and systems development contracts from Fortune-500 clients such as Nestle USA, Warner Bros. Entertainment and Toyota, as well as performing healthcare IT at prominent institutions such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Today, fully half of MCT's revenues ($20.5M in 2010) come from government contracting for agencies such as the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)….

How much you want to bet one of those IT projects for HHS was the boondoggle that cost the American taxpayers billions. From Bloomberg Business:'


How Botched $600 Million Worth of Contracts

The public employees responsible for overseeing $600 million in contracts to build were inadequately trained, kept sloppy records, and failed to identify delays and problems that contributed to millions in cost overruns.

But I digress, so back to the dearly departed whose wife gets so much solace from the frankness and honesty of someone of Joe Biden’s stature.

Besides consulting on MCT's systems initiatives, he has served as principal investigator on scientific research projects for the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in areas such as biometrics, quantum technologies and spintronics, and micro-sensors. He resides in Los Angeles with his wife Beata and daughter Sophia. He is an active supporter and benefactor of Caltech.

Sounds like the whole “Waiting for Joe” cabal has their well-fed snouts in the Obama Administration trough.  I wonder why they don’t want a Hillary Clinton administration, maybe this has something to do with it.  FromFortune:  


Hillary Clinton unveils plan to curb corporate political influence

The Democratic frontrunner wants to force publicly traded companies to report all of their political spending

Hillary Clinton wants to force public companies to detail their political spending to shareholders.

The requirement, which the SEC would enforce, is part of a sweeping set of campaign finance reforms that the Democratic frontrunner is rolling out this week to tackle what her campaign calls the “stranglehold that wealthy interests have over our political system…..”

Last week, 44 Senators — including Vermont independent Bernie Sanders, so far Clinton’s stiffest 2016 challenger — wrote SEC Chair Mary Jo White urging her to mandate that reporting. But the SEC has so far resisted any rulemaking on the subject….

Federal law prohibits companies from giving directly to candidates from corporate coffers, though they can hand over four-figure sums through political action committees…

…the Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in the Citizens United made it possible for companies to end-run that disclosure, and give in unregulated amounts, by contributing to so-called social welfare organizations that can shield their contributors and in turn funnel money to super PACs.

The rollout comes as Clinton is seeking something of a campaign reboot after a difficult summer. Questions surrounding her use of a private email server during her tenure as Secretary of State continue to dominate press coverage of her bid, and her standing in the polls has suffered as a result.

After those remarks by Kevin McCarthy and Sean Hannity the whole faux e-mail scandal with the FBI releasing tranches of Hillary’s personal e-mails induce flashbacks to the FBI rummaging through Hillary’s underwear drawers looking for the missing Rose Law Firm billing records.  From L.A. Times:


Magazine Says Starr Forced White House Search in 1996

WASHINGTON — A lawyer scoured President Clinton's White House residence, including the first family's underwear drawers, as part of a compromise to head off a search warrant in 1996, a magazine reported Sunday.

“We be Sisters” have registered as Republicans to ensure they will be able to vote for Trump in the Republican primary.  They “Stump for Trump.”  Rupert Murdoch has turned the dogs on Hillary Clinton, trying to rip apart her Presidential campaign in order to clear the way for a Joe Biden campaign.  Murdoch is “Stumping for Biden.” 

Hopefully the American people will see through the blinding shit storm Murdoch has stirred up and see that the only thing Hillary has done is pose a threat to the moneyed interests who have engorged themselves on government largess for the past 8 years and want 8 more years.

By Patricia Baeten

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