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Banning Donald Trump from United Kingdom: Cameron Turns UK into Police State under Sharia Law

The United Kingdom under David Cameron has turned into a police state where hate laws are used to ban political opponents of David Cameron from entering the country.  Under the tutelage of Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and now David Cameron it is illegal to question the actions of the ruling government in U.K. and the only logical conclusion is that the U.K. is now governed under Sharia Law.

The definition of Sharia Law as defined by Wikipedia is:

Sharia law around the world (as of 2013)

Sharia law (Arabic: شريعة) is the body of Islamic law. The term means "way" or " path"; it is the legal framework within which the public and some private aspects of life are regulated for those living in a legal system based on Islam.

Sharia deals with all aspects of day-to-day life, including politics, economics, banking, business law, contract law, sexuality, and social issues….

David Cameron’s reign over the UK has subjected the people of the UK to harsh, ugly rules built on a foundation of sand that shifts with David Cameron’s mood swings.  For instance according to Global News, Cameron’s latest edict is Muslim women must improve their English or face deportation:


David Cameron says Muslim women ‘must improve English’ or face possible deportation

LONDON – Britain’s leader says Muslim women must improve their English to better integrate into British society, arguing that improved national cohesion is the best antidote to extremism.

Prime Minster David Cameron on Monday pledged to fund English language classes for Muslim women immigrants, and warned some could be deported if they fail to reach certain standards. The 20-million-pound ($28.5 million) fund will help tens of thousands of women facing social isolation and discrimination and emphasize that Britain has expectations for those who want to live in the country, Cameron said…

But the British leader faced an immediate backlash from critics – including some within his own party – who challenged his decision to link language abilities to extremism.

Prime Minster David Cameron on Monday pledged to fund English language classes for Muslim women immigrants, and warned some could be deported if they fail to reach certain standards.

“This lazy and misguided linking, and what I saw once again as stereotyping of British Muslim communities, I felt took away from what was a positive announcement,” Warsi told the BBC….

“I think to threaten women and say to them that ‘unless you are of X standard we will send you back, even if you have children in the U.K. who are British and your spouse is British’ is, for me, a very unusual way of empowering and emboldening women,” she said.

The program aimed at women is meant to end what Cameron called the “passive tolerance” of discriminatory practices and to challenge the “backward attitudes” of a minority of men. He said some 190,000 Muslim women in England speak little or no English.

Ha, ha.  Talk about a backward attitude.  David Cameron’s attitude toward Muslim women makes King Salman of Saudi Arabia look enlightened.  Singling out Muslim women for deportation unless they speak English to a standard set by David Cameron sounds like hate speech to me. 

And speaking of Hate Speech, the British Parliament is taking a vote on whether to ban United States Presidential candidate Donald Trump from entering Britain.  From BBC:


Banning Trump from UK 'would do him good' says Salmond

Alex Salmond has backed calls for Donald Trump to be banned from the UK.

The US Presidential candidate must be treated the same as anyone else making anti-Muslim remarks, the ex-SNP leader said, and a ban would "do him good".

MPs will debate a petition on Monday urging action against Mr Trump after he called for Muslims to be denied entry to the US on counter-terrorism grounds…

But the former Scottish first minister, who once courted Mr Trump but whose relationship with him has deteriorated in recent months and who has been involved in a war of words with the tycoon, said he believed there were grounds for excluding him.

"My view is that, yes, I would probably ban "The Donald" because it would do him some good. He wants to ban all Muslims from the US. I want to ban all Donald Trumps from Scotland."

The UK home secretary has the power to ban people from entering the UK on grounds of national security, if they are thought likely to incite racial hatred or if they are deemed not to be "conducive to the public good".

Well there’s the problem, according to Mullah Cameron and Mullah Salmond, if Trump had called for the temporary banning of all Muslim women rather than all Muslims, i.e. Muslim men, it would not be hate speech.  So who are some of the other people “Banned in Britain” due to the horrific terror inducing hate speech? From World Weekly News:



LONDON — Bruce Springsteen’s concert in London’s Hyde Park ended in controversy after The Boss’ microphone was cut off.  He has now been banned from England.

Springsteen performed 29 songs, playing for more than three hours with several special guests as part of the Hard Rock Calling concert series. The set was already 30 minutes past its 10:30 p.m. curfew when Springsteen began the Beatles hit “Twist and Shout” with Paul McCartney.   Before the song ended, the microphones had already been turned off.

Steven Van Zandt, the lead guitarist for Springsteen’s E Street Band, vented on Twitter after the concert ended.

“One of the great gigs ever in my opinion. But seriously, when did England become a police state?” he tweeted.

That was a bit much for British authorities.  On Sunday, British Parliament voted to ban Bruce Springsteen from England – forever.  “We will not tolerate anyone, and I mean anyone, breaking our curfew.  

We live in dangerous times now and we must be vigilant.  Mr. Springsteen had complete and utter disregard for our curfew and the safety of British citizens,” a top member of Parliament told WWN.

London Mayor Boris Johnson supported the decision, saying at first that the musicians should have been allowed to “jam in the name of the Lord.”   But he reportedly later said that he agreed with the government that Bruce and the E Street Band should never return to England.

So Mullah Boris Johnson the London Mayor said Springsteen should have been allowed to “jam in the name of the Lord,” sounds like Sharia Law to me.  And guess what happened to Steven Van Zandt, the lead guitarist for Springsteen’s E Street Band, who tweeted “But seriously, when did England become a police state?”

Miami Steve was arrested for his Twitter comments, but was released early Sunday morning.  In addition to the E Street Band being forbidden from ever playing in England again, Miami Steve is banned, personally, from ever returning to the country. 

“These Jersey boys think they can come to the Motherland and insult us, we’ll that’s not going to happen.  Our country will be alot better off without the likes of Mr. Van Zandt,” said a source inside Parliament.

Ha, ha, ha.  Please stop, my sides hurt.  Ok, who else is banned in the United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia?  Oh, that West Coast, San Francisco based radio talk show host, Michael Savage.  So what violation of Sharia law did he commit?


Michael Savage: Banned in Britain

The outspoken San Francisco radio personality is among 22 people who have been barred from entering the nation as 'hate promoters.'

LONDON — Britain has just two words for controversial California radio talk-show host Michael Savage:

Keep out.

The San Francisco-based Savage, known for his fiery right-wing views, is one of 22 people who have been banned from entering Britain since October, when the government here concluded that they were agents of extremism and intolerance.

Officials Tuesday publicly identified most of the people on the blacklist, in keeping with the national penchant for "naming and shaming" anyone guilty of a crime, a gross injustice or an outbreak of really bad manners.

Really, you can be banned in the United Kingdom for the crime of “really bad manners?”

Jacqui Smith, Britain's home secretary, said she made the decision to publish 16 of the names because potential visitors ought to be aware of what British society considers acceptable behavior….

Savage told the Internet site WorldNetDaily that he was considering legal action against Britain.

"Darn! And I was just planning a trip to England for their superior dental work and cuisine," he joked to the website. "Then it sank in, and I said, 'She said this is the kind of behavior we won't tolerate? She's linking me with mass murderers who are in prison for killing Jewish children on buses? For my speech? The country where the Magna Carta was created?' "

Really indeed, banned in Britain for bad manners, breaking curfew, if they are thought likely to incite racial hatred or if they are deemed not to be "conducive to the public good?"  Well I’ll tell you one thing that kind of crap would never go down in the good old U.S. of A.   Wait, what, did you say, it has?  Oh, yeah I forgot John Lennon was banned from the U.S. for his hateful song “Imagine.”  From Wadiyan:



More than 40 years after its conception, John Lennons’s classic track ‘Imagine’ is still stirring nationwide controversy. In the ongoing senate session, the republican candidate from Texas Senator Lee Tiralo argued that Lennon’s magnum opus has ‘inflammatory lyrics’ with a potential to ‘stir up major political conflicts’ particularly in the strife prone Middle East.

“The lines, Imagine there’s no countries, would incite unnecessary tension in the already volatile Israel-palestine zone.” He adds, “the opening lines Imagine there’s no heaven, are outrightly, impudently blasphemous.” According to the senator, “this is just another example of Lennon’s extremely subtle contradictory style:  as if heaven were a product of imagination instead of being a solid fundamental reality.”

The bill has found support in various quarters. The National Rifle Association has hailed this bill. “We have been complaining since years about Lennon’s anti-freedom stance,” says Larry Prattle, chief of the NRA. “The rifle is the emblem of a free man. Lennon’s lines nothing to kill or die for, disregard American citizens’ right to self-defence.”

The Wall Street also welcomed this bill as an important step in a continuing war against anti-capitalist propaganda. “Who would want a world without possessions?” says media mogul and noted philanthropist Donald Trump referring to the song lyrics Imagine no possessions. 

“Possessions are what define us,” agrees fifth avenue designer Staccoci, ‘specially clothes.’  Stacocci had already launched a blog on the all time worst-dressed rock stars and “John Lennon and Yoko, with their flowing tresses and white pyjamas” definitely take first place.

In all this brouhaha, Smooth, the toilet paper manufacturer has decided to withdraw its spring ad campaign. According to a spokesperson who refused to be identified, the images of sprouting greenery and a blonde model  blowing bubbles holding a ball of toilet paper,  swishing to the tunes of ‘Imagine’ can no longer be considered appropriate. “We apologize for offending religious and materialistic sentiments.” 

Well, imagine that Donald Trump who did not condemn the banning of John Lennon in America for the lyrics to the song Imagine is now being banned in Britain for the same reason.  Just goes to show how nuts this is.  Under George W. Bush, Cat Stevens was banned from America.  From CBS News:


Cat: Why Was I Banned From U.S.?

Puzzled and angry at being barred from the United States, the singer formerly known as Cat Stevens returned to London on Thursday vowing to find out why.

Surrounded by a throng of reporters at Heathrow Airport, Yusuf Islam said it was ludicrous that he was on Washington's no-fly list for having suspected ties to terrorists, and he said he would challenge the decision to block him from entering the country…

"Half of me wants to smile, and half of me wants to growl. The whole thing is totally ridiculous," said Islam, whose string of hits in the 1960s and 1970s included "Peace Train," "Wild World" and "Morning Has Broken." He said he was on flight because he was on his way to Tennessee for a recording session.

"Everybody knows who I am. I am no secret figure. Everybody knows my campaigning for charity, for peace…"

U.S. authorities provided few details about Islam's alleged connection to terrorism or when he was added to the watch list…

Well OK, but that was under the George W. Bush Administration, surely that ended when Obama came into office.  Right?  Ooops, guess not, it actually got worse.  Well who are all these people who have been banned from the United States of Saudi Arabia under Bush and Obama?  From Wikipedia

Lily Allen – British singer, banned in 2007 from the U.S. after her U.S. work visa was revoked following her arrest earlier the same years on charges of assaulting a photographer in London.

Luke Angel – British teen who sent a curse-laden e-mail message to the White House directed at President Barack Obama is banned for life from the United States…

Boy George – Boy George (real name George O'Dowd) was denied a visa in 2008 by US immigration officials while facing trial in the UK in November of that year. The singer had been ordered to clean the streets of New York as community service in 2006 after pleading guilty to falsely reporting a burglary.

Yusuf Islam – British singer formerly known as Cat Stevens was denied entry into the United States on 21 September 2004, and would remain banned until December 2006… Islam."

Madchild (né Shane Bunting) – Canadian rapper, who, in early 2011, was banned from entering the United States, due to alleged ties with the Hells Angels biker gang. Bunting stated that he had been detained at a U.S. airport for approximately eight hours before being told he could not enter the U.S…

Pogo, born Nick Bertke, is a South African-born Australian electronic music artist/producer. He was incarcerated for three weeks – two weeks in a county jail and another week in a federal detention centre – after being apprehended without a working visa while touring in America in September 2011

Amy Winehouse – British singer banned from the USA in 2009 for drug convictions and for assault.

It occurs to me that not only the United Kingdom but the United States has enacted Sharia Law.  Makes me wonder if the “hate speech” laws that have been enacted in Britain and the United States are being used by our governments to control the outcomes of elections more than to protect citizens against terrorist acts caused by hate speech. 

So, I’ll leave you with that thought for the day along with the music of some of the most notorious purveyors of hate through music.  Enjoy.

By Patricia Baeten

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