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Kingdom Come: On Eve of Destruction Putin Declares Saudi Puppets US and NATO Threat

After years of violent American and British aggression in Iraq, Ukraine, Syria, Lebanon, Georgia, Libya and the Balkan States with the goal of destroying Russia, Putin has had enough.  The new Middle East is a tinder box threatening to explode into thermonuclear war. 

Saudi Arabia and Turkey have lured America into a death trap in Syria and the world is now on the Eve of Destruction. From India Today:


According to a document "About the Strategy of National Security of Russian Federation", signed by Russian President Vladimir Putin on New Year's Eve, United States of America has been named as one of the threats to Russia's national security….

The document says that the United States and the EU have supported an "anti-constitutional coup d'etat in Ukraine"…

The document also refers to NATO and considers it a threat as well. This document is the basis for planning strategy to handle national security by different state bodies.

NATO is a threat to Russian national security.  The Saudi and Turkish puppets Cameron and Obama are being played for fools.  The anti-terror coalition Cameron and Obama claim to have cobbled together to fight ISIS in Syria is a joke, a complete fantasy that threatens World War III.  From Mint Press:


Saudi “Anti-Terror Coalition” A Facade To Hide Yet More Terrorism

A recently announced Saudi-led “anti-terror” coalition was met with great skepticism…

 In reality, decades of documented evidence reveal that the Saudis are the primary conduit through which Western cash, weapons, support, and directives flow into mercenary armies of extremists…  sent to execute joint Western-Saudi  geopolitical ambitions in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region and beyond.

In fact, over the decades, one can see a direct relation to the increasing impotence of Western conventional forces and their ability to project power across the planet, and the rise of unconventional terrorist forces that reach into otherwise inaccessible regions in their stead.

This does more than the West’s feigned ignorance and surprise to explain why, after a year of allegedly battling the so-called “Islamic State” (ISIS, ISIL, or Daesh) in Syria, the United States made little progress and only after Russia’s recent intervention, has the terrorist organization’s existence been put in jeopardy.

The rise of ISIS, turns out to be the premeditated machinations of the West and its regional partners.

That’s right after years of Obama and Cameron’s feigned ignorance they have made little progress against ISIS.  Why?  Because the Saudis are the primary conduit through which Western cash, weapons, support, and directives flow into mercenary armies of extremists.

In April 2015 Bill Hartung, director of the Arms and Security Project at the Center for International Policy wrote an article entitled “The Obama Arms Bazaar Record Sales Troubling Results,” here are some of the highlights.


With the end of the Obama presidency just around the corner, discussions of his administration’s foreign policy legacy are already well under way. But one central element of that policy has received little attention: the Obama administration’s dramatic acceleration of U.S. weapons exports.

The numbers are astonishing. In President Obama’s first five years in office, new agreements under the Pentagon’s Foreign Military Sales (FMS) program—the largest channel for U.S. arms exports—totaled over $169 billion…  the Obama administration has approved more arms sales than any U.S. administration since World War II….

The majority of the Obama administration’s arms sales—over 60 percent–have gone to the Middle East and Persian Gulf, with Saudi Arabia topping the list at $46 billion in new agreements…

The Saudi intervention in Yemen is just the latest example of the potentially disastrous consequences of runaway U.S. arms exports….  The Saudis have used U.S.-supplied weaponry to help put down the democracy movement in Bahrain, and now to expand the 2015 conflict in Yemen to the point that it may spark a region-wide war.

In addition, over $500 million in U.S weaponry destined for Yemeni security forces has gone missing, and may have found its way to Houthi forces or even to al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula.

It’s hard to imagine a clearer example of the negative consequences of aggressive arms dealing than the current situation in Yemen.

The American military industrial complex has replaced the State Department in negotiating deals.  This is a dangerous, treacherous path for America not destined to end well for the world. 

Back in September, Saudi Arabia, who was vehemently against Obama’s nuclear arms deal with Iran, suddenly flip flopped.  From Tyler Durden’s Zero Hedge:


Three Reasons Why Saudi Arabia Flip-Flopped On Iran. And Now Supports The US "Nuclear Deal"

Back in April, when the first outline of the Iran nuclear deal first appeared, Saudi Arabia (together with Israel) would have none of it…

One month later, the Saudi snub was heard around the globe when King Salman skipped a summit of Gulf Arab leaders at Camp David, which was widely interpreted as the latest embarrassment for the US president by a long-time mid-east US ally.

And then, a few months later, just as the new Saudi King Salman arrived in the US for his first trip since assuming the throne in January (and rented out all 222 rooms at the Washington D.C. Four Seasons hotel), something unexpected happened: Saudi Arabia gave its blessings for the Iran deal…

First, as we reported some time ago, since the primary driver behind the Iran "deal" is not the Obama State Department but the US military-industrial complex, which is hoping for yet another regional flash point to capitalize on selling weapons

Second, as Al Arabiya reported yesterday, Saudi Arabia unveiled a giant raft of investment and partnership potential opportunities in sectors including oil and gas, civil infrastructure, and banking…

Third, and perhaps most important, is that with oil at $50 and lower, Saudi Arabia is in dire financial straits…. leading to fear not only about the record Saudi budget deficit, but also concerns that the Saudi Riyal could be the next currency to lose its USD peg and devalue…

Well talk about making lemonade out of lemons, the U.S. military industrial complex seems to have gotten its wish.  If they were hoping for yet another regional flash point to capitalize on selling weapons, they got it in spades with Saudi Arabia’s mass execution of political prisoners.

In October of 2015 The Guardian Reported the mother of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr begged Obama to petition America’s close ally Saudi Arabia to spare her son’s life.  


Mother of Saudi man sentenced to crucifixion begs Obama to intervene

US president urged to rescue Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, sentenced to be beheaded and crucified for allegedly attending anti-government protests

Jeebus, nice pals you have there Obama.  Really? In 2015 sentenced to “crucifixion and beheading??”  So what did this guy, Mohammed al-Nimr do that would merit crucifixion and beheading?

The mother of a Saudi protester sentenced to death by beheading and crucifixion has begged Barack Obama to intervene to save her son’s life.

In her first interview with foreign media, Nusra al-Ahmed, the mother of Ali Mohammed al-Nimr, whose case has made headlines around the world, described the intended punishment as savage and “backwards in the extreme.”

Human rights groups including Amnesty International and Reprieve, the US talkshow host Bill Maher and the British prime minister, David Cameron, have all weighed in with calls for clemency to stop Nimr, who was 17 at the time of his arrest, from being beheaded and then crucified.

The oil-rich state is facing increasing diplomatic scrutiny over the severity of its penal system as it takes over the chair of the UN human rights council.

What?? Are you shitting me, Saudi Arabia is taking over the chair of the United Nations human rights council?  

She said that before his arrest Nimr was a quick learner who loved swimming, football and photography, and also a devoted son. “At home when he saw me cooking … he would offer to help me cook, cut the onion or slice the potatoes. This was his temperament completely.”

Visiting after his arrest, she alleged he had been tortured. “When I visited my son for the first time I didn’t recognise him. I didn’t know whether this really was my son Ali or not. I could clearly see a wound on his forehead. Another wound in his nose. They disfigured it. Even his body, he was too thin.”

“[When] I started talking to him [he told me that] during the interrogation [he was] being kicked, slapped, of course his teeth fell out … For a month he was peeing blood. He said he felt like a mass of pain, his body was no more.”

Good God, sounds like he was interrogated by Rahm Emanuel’s Chicago Police.  This is who the United Nations has in charge of the “human rights council?”  How the hell did that happen? From TheAustralian:

UK deal to back Saudi Arabia for UN Human Rights Council exposed

Secret cables reveal the British government negotiated with Saudi Arabia to back its elevation to the world’s top human rights body, the UN Human Rights Council, despite the fact it is one of the worst human rights violators.

Classified cables, translated by The Australian, reveal British Prime Minister David Cameron’s government engaged in talks with Saudi Arabia about a vote trade to support each other’s election to the UNHRC — the body responsible for the protection of human rights around the world.

The documents indicate Britain initiated the backroom talks by asking Saudi Arabia for its support ahead of the November 2013 UNHRC elections. The Saudi regime has beheaded more people this year than Islamic State and has an appalling record of killing or lashing people who speak out, are homosexual or commit adultery. Britain and Saudi Arabia were elected to the UNHRC, which has 47 member states.

WTF??  So did Cameron and Obama use their influence with their closest ally Saudi Arabia to save that poor kid?  Guess not.  From The Independent:


David Cameron criticised for turning 'blind eye' to mass executions in Saudi Arabia

David Cameron's silence in the wake of Saudi Arabia's execution of 47 prisoners, including a leading Shia cleric, that has sparked global outrage has been branded "utterly shameful."

The Prime Minister has yet to comment publicly on the killings and human rights campaigners have urged him to condemn the mass killings.

The international human rights group Reprieve said the UK "must not turn a blind eye to such atrocities and must urgently appeal to the kingdom to change course". The leading human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell said the UK Government's stance on Saudi Arabia was "completely immoral."

The kingdom has been widely condemned by the international community for executing scores of prisoners in Riyadh, Mecca, Medina and in the eastern and northern regions.

Among those killed was Sheikh Nimr al-Nimr, a leading Shia cleric who had been a political prisoner since 2012 and was a noted critic of the Saudi royal family.

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has warned of “divine vengeance” on Saudi Arabia calling Sheikh al-Nimr an “oppressed martyr.”

He said: “The unjustly spilled blood of this oppressed martyr will no doubt soon show its effect and divine vengeance will befall Saudi politicians.”

My God how much worse does all this get?  A lot.  Where is the American media outrage?  Do you recall the drumbeat for war against Syria and Assad for “murdering his own people?”  Where’s Fox News, where’s Politico?  Where’s John Kerry, John McCain, Lindsay Graham?  Where are the sanctions against Saudi Arabia, will they be kicked off the U.N. Human Rights Council?


After Executing Regime Critic, Saudi Arabia Fires Up American PR Machine

Saudi Arabia’s well-funded public relations apparatus moved quickly after Saturday’s explosive execution of Shiite political dissident Nimr al-Nimr to shape how the news is covered in the United States…

A Politico article about the rising tensions between Saudi Arabia and Iran by Nahal Toosi, for instance, quoted only three sources: the State Department, which provided a muted response to the executions; the Saudi government; and Fahad Nazer, identified as a “political analyst with JTG Inc.” Nazer defended the executions, saying that they served as a “message … aimed at Saudi Arabia’s own militants regardless of their sect.”

What Politico did not reveal was that Nazer is himself a former political analyst at the Saudi Embassy in Washington. He is currently a non-resident fellow at the Arab Gulf States Institute in Washington, a think tank formed last year that discloses that it is fully funded by the Saudi Embassy and the United Arab Emirates.

The Washington Post quoted consultant Theodore Karasik of Gulf State Analytics as saying that the executions were a “powerful message that Saudi Arabia is intent on standing up to its regional rival.” Karasik is a columnist at Al Arabiya …   has long been financially backed by members of the Saudi royal family…

An editorial published by the Wall Street Journal approvingly quoted Joseph Braude of the Foreign Policy Research Institute claiming that Nimr was a violent extremist who advocated a “military option” against Saudi Arabia….

Why is America trying to stoke more hatred rather than trying to defuse the situation.  It is almost as if they want World War III.  According to CNN:


Saudi Arabia-Iran row spreads to other nations

(CNN)The fallout of Saudi Arabia's execution of a Shiite cleric is spreading beyond a spat between the Saudis and Iranians, as other Middle East nations chose sides Monday and world powers Russia and China weighed in.

Relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran -- two Middle Eastern powerhouses -- quickly deteriorated following Riyadh's execution of Shiite cleric Nimr al-Nimr Saturday.

Hours after the death sentence was carried out, protesters in Shiite-majority Iran attacked the Saudi Embassy in Tehran. The Saudis cut diplomatic relations with Iran over the attack on its embassy….

Saudi Arabia suspended all flights to and from Iran. Jaberi Ansari, a spokesman for Iran's foreign ministry, accused Saudi Arabia of "looking for some excuses to pursue its own unwise policies to further tension in the region."

Saudi execution of Shia cleric threatens to deepen regional sectarian crisis

Bahrain announced Monday that it was severing diplomatic ties with Iran, citing Tehran's "blatant and dangerous interference" in Bahrain and other Arab countries.

The United Arab Emirates said it was "downgrading" its diplomatic relations with Iran. The UAE recalled its ambassador in Tehran and said it would also reduce the number of diplomats stationed in Iran, according to state news agency WAM.

The diplomatic row spread to Africa, where Sudan -- a majority Sunni Muslim country -- expelled the Iranian ambassador and the entire Iranian diplomatic mission in the country. Sudan also recalled its ambassador from Iran.

Russia and China, two of the biggest geopolitical players in the hemisphere, released statements calling for restraint between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

You know who doesn’t want restraint?  Remember who the primary driver was in the Iran nuclear deal, it wasn’t the Obama State Department, it was the military industrial complex, who was hoping for “yet another regional flash point to capitalize on selling weapons.”  So how is that working out?  From World Socialist Network:


US threatens new sanctions on Iran

The Iranian regime has reacted angrily to threats by the Obama administration last week to impose new sanctions targeting individuals and companies connected to its ballistic missile program….

Washington’s threat is particularly provocative as it came just days after Tehran fulfilled a key aspect of the nuclear agreement reached last July between Iran and the P5+1 group that includes the US, Britain, France, China, Russia and Germany.

A Russian ship left Iran last Monday carrying virtually all country’s stockpile of low-enriched uranium and thus greatly lengthening the time that would be needed to manufacture enough highly enriched uranium to build a nuclear weapon. Tehran has repeatedly denied that it has any plans to build a nuclear weapon.

The sanctions would ban US or foreign nationals from conducting business with the blacklisted firms and American banks would be compelled to freeze the assets of the companies and individuals….

Foreign Ministry spokesman Hossein Jaber Ansari warned the US against taking actions that were “unilateral, arbitrary and illegal.”

The Obama administration’s determination to maintain pressure on Tehran underscores the fact that the nuclear issue has always been a pretext for advancing the economic and strategic agenda of US imperialism in the Middle East.

The US, for instance, would like to weaken Iranian support for the Syrian regime of President Bashar al-Assad, which Tehran has backed politically and militarily.

Britain, America and the world is screwed.  Putin is right to formally declare the US and NATO national security threats.  Obama and Cameron have ushered in the eve of destruction and they are going to get the world blown to kingdom come.  God forgive us.

By Patricia Baeten

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