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Can Brazil’s President Rousseff, American Presidential Candidates Trump and Clinton Survive CIA Rent-a-Mobs and FBI Manufactured Crimes?

What is happening to President Dilma Rousseff in Brazil is the latest CIA generated color revolution to expel Brazil’s elected President and install a Washington selected  puppet.  At the same time, the two front runners in the American election for President have been the victims of CIA rent-a-mobs and faux FBI investigations.  Here is how these events appear to be related:

Dilma Rousseff:

What you are seeing in Brazil is the same thing that happened in Ukraine and the same thing that has been prolonging the CIA instigated Syrian war, oligarchs rising up and smashing down the people.  From The Intercept:


The DILMA PARTY, PT was founded in 1980 as a socialist party classic left. In order to improve its national appeal, the party has moderated his socialist dogmas and became gradually closer to the so - called social democrats of Europe….

Still, the PT remains at the center-left Brazilian political spectrum, and its supporters are, surprisingly, racial minorities and poor classes. While in power, the party promoted social and economic reforms that led to government benefits and opportunities to lift millions of Brazilians out of poverty.

The Workers' Party is in office for 14 years since 2002. Its popularity was a byproduct of the charismatic predecessor Dilma, Luis Inacio Lula da Silva (universally known as "Lula"). Lula's rise to the presidency was a powerful symbol of the struggle of the poor class in Brazil for democracy…

Elected in 2002 and reelected in 2006, he left office with such high approval ratings that was able to secure Dilma's election, his successor, previously unknown by the population, and was re-elected in 2014.

Although the nation's oligarchic class has used the PSDB, center-right party, successfully as a counterweight, the party was powerless to defeat the PT in four consecutive presidential elections. Voting is compulsory, and low-income citizens guaranteed the PT wins.

Corruption among the Brazilian political class - including high-ranking PT - is real and substantial. But Brazilian plutocrats, the media, and the upper and middle classes are exploring this corruption to achieve what they have failed for years in a democratic way: remove the power of the PT….

Unlike the romanticized and misinformed description (to say the least) Chuck Todd and Ian Bremmer protests being raised "by the people", they are actually encouraged by the corporate media intensely concentrated, homogenized and powerful, and composed of (not exclusively, but mainly) by the richest and white citizens, who long kept grudge against the PT and against any social program that fights poverty.

In short, the market interests represented by these media vehicles are almost entirely pro-impeachment and are linked to the history of military dictatorship….

Simply put, this is a campaign to subvert Brazilian democratic achievements by groups who have long hated the results of democratic elections, marching misleadingly under an anti-corruption banner: very similar to the coup of 1964. In fact, many in right of Brazil longing for a restoration of the dictatorship, and groups such protests "anti-corruption" called openly for an end to democracy.

Hillary Clinton:

Hillary Clinton, wife of the 42nd President of the United States was a tireless advocate for women and children.  Practically single handedly she was able to get congress to pass children’s health insurance known as CHIPS as well as unpaid family leave.  The Clinton’s advocacy on behalf of the poor and middle class was the opposite of the trickle down wealth theory of their predecessors Ronald Reagan and George Bush Senior.

The well-funded Right Wing in America despised the Clintons and has worked to destroy them their entire adult lives.  The only person hated equally if not more than the Clintons has been Bill and Hillary’s friend of over 3o years, Sidney Blumenthal.  From Joe Conason at Politico:


The Fake Clinton Scandals Are Back
The right’s newest crusade has an old fake villain.

Has Washington learned nothing from Whitewater? The Clintons have spent their entire political lives in the capital dogged by one fake scandal after another. And, as we’ve been reminded this week, the fake villain in many of their fake scandals always seems to be the same: Sidney Blumenthal…

By leaking emails between Blumenthal and Hillary Clinton to the New York Times, the House Select Committee on Benghazi majority staff evidently aimed to frame Blumenthal into a sinister narrative of Libyan intrigue, encouraging dark suspicions about his work for the Clinton Foundation and his relationship with the former Secretary of State.

The fact that Blumenthal was paid some $10,000 a month for working at the Clinton Foundation doesn’t change anything: This remains a fake scandal that will fail to turn up any real wrongdoing…

Sid passed along information that he thought might be useful to his friend, the secretary of state—someone he has known for nearly 30 years and with whom he worked closely in the Clinton administration.

As the emails illegally purloined from his computer by the Romanian hacker called “Guccifer” indicate, he kept that role separate from discussions about a Libyan relief project, which was intended to provide hospital beds and medicine…

Unfortunately, the Washington press corps tends toward exaggeration and worse when the subject is Sid—and, come to think of it, often when the subject is the Clintons, too. It was no surprise to see Karen Tumulty declare in The Washington Post that “Blumenthal had business interests in Libya,” as if he was making money there—when the reality is that he was never paid a penny and never asked the secretary for anything.

The Wall Street Journal editorial page went even further, demanding a Justice Department investigation of those alleged “business interests,” complete with a far-fetched theory that his emails to her were somehow “in violation of State rules,” while noting darkly that both “used private email addresses...”

Meanwhile, nobody asks why the Republican Congressional leadership should feel entitled to squander millions of tax dollars on yet another Benghazi inquisition—despite last year’s exhaustive 2014 report by the House Permanent Subcommittee on Intelligence, which effectively dismissed all the crackpot conjecture about cover-ups and conspiracies, following several other lengthy official investigations…

The media appears to have forgotten how, during Blumenthal’s first summer working in the White House, ideological refugee David Brock told him about wealthy conservatives, notably Pittsburgh billionaire Richard Mellon Scaife, who were spending millions of dollars on a secretive scheme known as the “Arkansas Project” to destroy Clinton’s presidency…

Blumenthal had introduced Clinton to Tony Blair, then the new leader of Britain’s Labor Party and future Prime Minister, whose outlook was strikingly similar. Bringing together social democratic leaders across Europe with the U.S. president in what became known as “the Third Way” movement was a substantial part of Sid’s portfolio as a special assistant to Clinton.

But Blumenthal’s years of reporting on the American right had prepared him for a less uplifting mission—to confront the ongoing plot against Clinton by right-wing lawyers, operatives, and financiers, which already was building toward a climax by then.

When the unfolding crisis finally concluded in Clinton’s Senate impeachment trial, Sid became the target of House and Senate Republicans (and his old friend Christopher Hitchens), who tried to set him up for a perjury trap.

During the Clinton Administration there were members of the Democratic Party that hated the Clintons and Sid Blumenthal and conspired with Republicans in the impeachment debacle, most notably Joe Biden, Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer and Joe Lieberman.

In the 2008 Democratic primary Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, and it was those “Super Delegates” and the Democratic Party Rules Committee who overturned the will of the voters and awarded the candidacy to Barack Obama.   

The Obama Administration and the Bush Administration have cut social programs, funding for veterans, closed public schools funneling taxpayer money into private for-profit charter schools and opted for endless wars that have enriched war profiteers and rightwing think tanks. 

The Democrat establishment has no intention of allowing Hillary Clinton to be President just as the Republican establishment has no intention of allowing Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee. 

Donald Trump

Donald Trump is running for President as a Republican and the establishment is irate.  So irate that the party that claims to believe in the Constitution is getting behind an extremely, rightwing partisan who is disqualified due to his Canadian birth.  The constitution requires the President and Vice President be natural born citizens, but suddenly the constitution doesn’t matter.

At the same time the rightwing cabal is plotting against Trump the neoliberals in the Democratic Party are disrupting Trump rallies with violent protests that have devolved to threatening Trump’s family members.  From The Memory Hole:


‘Soros seeks to destroy Trump’s challenge to New World Order’

An American political analyst says Jewish billionaire George Soros is attempting to destroy the candidacy of Donald Trump, because he is not part of the Zionist controlled Satanic New World Order.

Steven D Kelley, a former CIA/NSA contractor, made the comments in an interview with Press TV on Saturday when asked to comment on the recent protests against Republican front-runner Trump.

On Friday night, a large number of protesters — many of them African Americans and Latinos angered by Trump’s anti-immigrant stance — clashed with Trump’s supporters in Chicago, Illinois, forcing the billionaire to cancel a rally there.

The cancellation, which came amid large demonstrations both inside and outside the event at the University of Illinois at Chicago, follows heightened concerns about violence in general at Trump’s rallies across the United States.

Trump, who has never held elected office, is leading the race, and has already won contests in 15 states — Alabama, Arkansas, Georgia, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Nevada, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, and Vermont.

“The ability of international power brokers to control and influence marginalized or simple minds continues to be used to defeat democratic processes and human rights,” Kelley said.

“We saw the destruction of the Ukraine when the money of demons like George Soros was used to fund fascist mobs. We see the same tactics being used in the American presidential election with George Soros once again funding violent opposition mobs to disrupt the legal free speech of a candidate who is not part of the Zionist controlled Satanic New World Order (NWO),” he added.

Are Agent Provocateurs Disrupting Trump Rallies?

Disrupting popular movements in America (and elsewhere) using agent provocateurs is longstanding practice.

The FBI notoriously targets groups out of step with accepted establishment practices – infiltrating, disrupting, sabotaging and destroying their activism for ethnic justice, racial emancipation, as well as economic, social and political equality across gender and color lines.

All sorts of dirty tricks are being used to undermine his (Trump) run for the White House – perhaps including paid provocateurs to disrupt his political rallies.

Late last year, protesters disrupted a Virginia rally – clashing with supporters, chanting “Dump Trump.” Campaign events in Miami, Dallas, Massachusetts, Ohio, Alabama and elsewhere were turbulent.

Chicago was the latest venue for disruption. A planned Friday event was cancelled shortly before Trump was scheduled to speak at the University of Illinois Chicago Pavilion.

So the CIA, FBI and NSA are pulling a trifecta, thwarting the will of the voters in Brazil, and America.  They will stop at nothing to continue the New World Order that began with the overthrow of the American Government in 2000 that ushered in the banking cartels that have bankrupted countries across the world.  From Pravda:


CIA, FBI, NSA and all the king's men work to topple Brazilian President Rousseff

In Brazil, opposition is going to hold protest marches against Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff….    Is it possible to mobilize the population against the party that has been able to significantly raise the living standard in the country during 12 years of rule?

It is quite possible that the CIA is involved in the plan to stage riots in Brazil nationwide. Over the recent years, BRICS has become the main geopolitical threat to the United States. One of today's top issues for the Western press is to retrieve balance in the global monetary and financial system. This is a potent threat that BRICS poses to the US and the US dollar.

The US has been trying to destroy and crush Russia through the crisis in Ukraine, sanctions and collapsing oil prices. They took effort to shatter stability in China through the "revolution of umbrellas" in Hong Kong. In India, the Common Man's Party is trying to make way to power.

In Brazil, the Americans try to implement the scenario of the Latin American spring, similarly to what they do in other sovereign countries of the region - Argentina and Venezuela….

CIA's plot against Dilma Rousseff

The reasons, for which Washington wants to get rid of Dilma Rousseff, are easy to understand. She signed the agreement about the establishment of the New Development Bank with the initial registered capital worth 100 billion reserve fund, as well as additional $100 billion. Rousseff also supports the creation of a new world reserve currency.

In October 2014, Dilma Rousseff initiated the construction of 5,600 kilometer-long fiber-optic telecommunications system across the Atlantic to Europe. If successful, the project, conducted with the participation of the state-owned company Telebras, will undermine the American monopoly in the field of communications, including the Internet.

The new communication system will guarantee protection against NSA's espionage. Telebras president told the local media that the project would be developed and implemented without the participation of any American company.

Dilma Rousseff also prevents the return of USA's major oil mining companies to the oil and gas market of Brazil. The country is rich with huge deposits of oil, the unconfirmed reserves of which exceed 100 billion barrels. However, it was during Lula's presidency, when Brazil opted for the Chinese state-run company Sinopec.

In May 2013, US Vice President Joe Biden paid a visit to Brazil in order to convince Dilma Rousseff to grant US companies access to Brazilian oil fields. Biden returned to the USA empty-handed. Immediately thereafter, a wave of protests swept across Brazil as people were protesting against the rise in prices for public transportation by ten percent. Dilma Rousseff's rating collapse from 70 to 30 percent. All that happened a year before the presidential election…

During this period, the Americans were consistently destroying Rousseff's regime through other protests...   There were clashes with police and violence.  All of a sudden, the Brazilians forgot that the Workers' Party had taken around 30 percent of the population out of poverty with the help of public support programs. Hunger and illiteracy became history. Was it became of short memory? No, as the CIA knows very well how to brainwash people through subordinate media.

Immediately after Biden's departure from Brazil, it was reported that Dilma Rousseff was implicated in the scandal…

The most recent attempt to remove Rousseff from power was made in the October 2014 elections, when PSDB candidate Aecio Neves could take office as President. If Neves had been elected President, Brazil's new Finance Minister would have been Arminio Fraga Neto.

Neto holds dual citizenship (second - US); he is a close friend and former partner of George Soros and his hedge fund Quantum…

Venezuelan journalist Jose Vicente Rangel reported that about 500 employees of US intelligence services arrived at US embassies in Venezuela, Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador and Cuba to work as a network to destabilize democratic regimes in these countries. What will happen afterwards? We can already see an example of it in Ukraine.

Yes, and speaking of Ukraine, it is now being reported that the explosion of Malaysian flight MH-17 in Ukraine was actually caused by a CIA planted bomb.  From OS Net Daily:


SHOCKER: CIA planted bomb on Flight MH-17. No interception occurred over Ukraine.

Airliners exploded in order to contain the BRICS development bank

Malaysian Boeing 777 flight MH-17, which crashed dead today on Ukraine’s border with Russia, must have been destroyed by means of an internal explosion:

1.  There was NO smoke trail on the way down to the ground, thus NO interception occurred.

2. The photos of the remains seem to comprise of “small” and smoothly-painted pieces, namely which dispersed over a wide territory prior to anything burning: [Link to photos].

3. All possible parties deny they intercepted it: Russia, Ukraine and the rebels, too.

4. Surely the Russians knew the jet was on its timely path, thus wouldn’t intercept it.


The USA surely planted that bomb in order to blame Russia, in order to back American hostilities against Russia and in the Ukraine. The flight took off from Schiphol in the Netherlands, which itself is a core country for western imperialism like with ‘Royal Dutch-Shell’.

Today’s explosion is thus reminiscent of the Lockerbie false-flag operation by Anglo-America, causing an internal fatal explosion on a Boeing 747, in order to Frame Muammar Gaddafi. Gaddafi was eventually assassinated by NATO on October 20, 2011, within context of the Arab-spring, which is itself a False-flag campaign.

Gaddafi challenged the USD and Euro, namely the western bankers, by means of attempting to introduce a pan-African currency to be headed by Libya and to be based on Libya’s gold reserves. The gold reserved of Mali have been robbed by NATO ever since, too…

The violent protests at Trump rallies are staged by professional CIA/FBI agitators, just like Trump said.  Now Trump’s son Eric and his wife have been targeted and Trump’s sister, a Judge have been threatened.  From NBC News:


Threatening Letter Sent to Donald Trump's Sister Prompts Investigation: Source

Donald Trump's older sister, federal appeals court judge Maryanne Trump Barry, received a threatening letter in Philadelphia on Friday — one day after the GOP front-runner's son received a suspicious piece of mail containing white powder, sources told NBC News.

There was no white powder sent to Trump Barry, although the threat included in her letter was similar to that given to Eric Trump, a source familiar with the investigation said. Eric Trump's letter, received Thursday, demanded that his real estate mogul father drop out of the Republican race for the presidential nomination.

It's unclear if both letters have the same sender. The FBI and Secret Service are investigating the incident.

Rival Ted Cruz, meanwhile, called Trump Barry a "radical pro-abortion extremist" for her ruling against banning abortions in New Jersey.

The mail sent to Eric Trump was postmarked in Massachusetts, police sources said, but preliminary tests deemed the substance non-hazardous.

And while Trump’s family is receiving threats, rightwing extremist attorney Joe DiGenova has been all over the rightwing and leftwing media claiming to have insider information that Hillary is going to be indicted.  From the Political Insider:


It’s been leaked that Obama’s Department of Justice has impaneled a federal grand jury in the Hillary Clinton criminal email scandal while the FBI has launched a SECOND, separate investigation into Hillary Clinton’s corruption at the Clinton Foundation!

This news came from a former U.S. attorney, and is sending shockwaves across the country:

Joseph E. diGenova, who served as U.S. attorney for the District of Columbia for four years, said Wednesday he believes the FBI is investigating two separate Clinton scandals.

“The Bureau has between 100 and 150 agents assigned to the case. They would not have that many people assigned to a classified information case,” he told The DCNF, addressing Clinton’s use of a private email server located at her New York home.

“Based on reports that agents are asking questions about the foundation, it seems to me it is the subject of a second prong of the investigation,” he said.[…]

It is evident to anyone who is willing to do a little investigating that the two parties will go to any length to prevent Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump from ascending to the Presidency in the United States.  

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are threats to the world hegemony that was ushered in under George W. Bush and advanced further under Barack Obama.  The same tactics being used against the BRICS nations and Dilma Rousseff are being employed against Clinton and Trump.

The stakes are high but it doesn’t have to be this way, the people have the opportunity to end this nightmare.  People must demand that we the people choose our leaders and our future.  Now is the time.

By Patricia Baeten

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