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Faith in America: Faith is When You Believe Something That No One in Their Right Mind Would Believe

America the United States of Imbeciles.  Archie Bunker, a character in the TV show “All in the Family” said faith is when you believe something that no one in their right mind would believe.  Americans believe that they are smarter than anyone else, that they are exceptional.  Yet time and again, they are herded like sheep, accepting absurd bullshit as fact.

America does not have a free press, America does not have a Democratic Republic.  America does not have honest elections.  In America you are not innocent until proven guilty, you are accused and tried by a media empire that destroys anyone that threatens their financial interests. 

Just look at America’s primary elections that choose the two parties’ Presidential candidates.  Isn’t it funny that in primaries, where the voters enter a voting booth and cast a secret ballot, the winners are Donald J. Trump and Hillary Clinton, whereas in the caucuses the winners are chosen by the party establishment?  Presidential candidates are not chosen by the voters, they are ordained by the party bosses who are brought to power by special interests. 

How long will Americans accept this sham where Presidential elections go on for two years?  George W. Bush was not elected President in 2000, nor in 2004 and Barack Hussein Obama who lost the popular vote in the 2008 primary was advanced after the “super delegates” overrode the will of the voters. 

Here is an excellent example, in Kansas, home base for the Koch Brothers and Koch Industries, the results of the March 5th caucuses were reported by the Lawrence Journal World as follows:


Sanders, Cruz win Kansas caucuses; Douglas County voters turn out in droves

A big turnout in Douglas County for Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders helped push him over the top in the Kansas Democratic caucuses on Saturday, while Texas Sen. Ted Cruz won both the local Republican caucuses and the statewide GOP vote.

Both Sanders and Cruz took Kansas by more than two-to-one margins over their nearest rivals, according to preliminary vote totals from both state parties

More voters than expected turned out for both the Republican and Democratic presidential caucuses Saturday in Douglas County.

Sanders nearly swept the caucus in Lawrence, winning 81.4 percent of the vote. But Hillary Clinton won just enough to remain viable in the 2nd State Senate District caucus.

Sanders also won by a huge margin, 78-22 percent over Clinton, at the 3rd District caucus site in Eudora…

Statewide, the Kansas Democratic Party said, Sanders beat Clinton, 68-32 percent out of just more than 39,000 caucus votes counted. As a result, he will get 23 of the state’s delegates to the Democratic National Convention, while Clinton will receive 10. The party will also send four “super delegates” who go to the convention not bound to any candidate.

On the Republican side in Douglas County, where 2,407 ballots were cast in Lawrence and Baldwin City, Cruz led with 37 percent of the vote, followed by Florida Sen. Marco Rubio at 20 percent; Donald Trump with 18 percent; and Ohio Gov. John Kasich with 16 percent.

The total GOP vote in Douglas County also included 190 provisional ballots that will be counted within the next several days, according to Douglas County GOP Chairwoman Kathleen Ammel.

Really?  There are 190 provisional ballots to be counted in the next several days, why are there provisional ballots cast at a caucus?  This makes no sense.

Statewide results showed Cruz finishing with 48 percent of the vote, followed by Trump with 23 percent; Rubio with 17 percent; and Kasich with about 11 percent…

Of the 40 delegates Kansas will send to the national GOP convention, the party said, Cruz will get 24, followed by nine for Trump, six for Rubio and one for Kasich…

If that vote took place in Venezuela instead of Kansas it would be roundly condemned as a fraud. 

The large turnout left some voters frustrated and even caused some to not cast a ballot at all.

“My wife and I allotted 40 minutes to come to the caucus to cast our vote, and due to the delay in the process we are unable to stick around and vote,” said Steve Conley, a Lawrence Republican. “We just cannot say enough about how sad that is, the whole process of not being allowed to cast a ballot in 45 minutes of one’s day…”

So many voters turned out for the Democratic caucus in Lawrence that two gymnasiums could not hold them all. Hundreds of voters stood outside on the football field to be counted.

Republican officials said a slow Internet connection at Southwest Middle School caused delays in early voting, with some voters having to stand in line 30-40 minutes just to verify their voter registration…

… Vera Cole, who said she’s accustomed to voting in traditional primaries, said she did not enjoy the time spent listening to campaign speeches before the votes took place.

“I want to vote,” she said. “I’ve already read. I already know. I’ve listened. I don’t want to come and listen. I only have time to vote. And I don’t like the idea of 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Four hours? Look at the crowd. It’s not fair to people. Look how many wheelchair people we have.”

For Democratic voters, the process was longer because instead of casting paper ballots, as Republicans did, they had to physically stay in place, in some cases for hours, to be counted….

What kind of civilized people allow their leaders to be chosen in such a haphazard way?  The faith based caucuses are rife with fraud.  Take the Republican Iowa Caucus where the winner, Ted Cruz was accused of fraud.  From Intellihub:


(INTELLIHUB) — Accusations of voter fraud have compounded since Texas Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was crowned winner of the Iowa caucus Tuesday, raising suspicions that something nefarious may have actually taken place. However, what makes the accusations all that much more interesting is the fact that they are coming from two rival Republican candidates, Dr. Ben Carson and Donald Trump.

According to investigative reporter Bin Still, “Just before the voting began, Dr. Carson was receiving excited calls from his workers reporting large turnouts at caucus sites.”

“I got calls from several people who told me their internal intelligence said I was going to do extremely well,” Dr. Ben Carson stated.

Still reports:

It all started out 33 seconds before 7pm, which was the official time for the start of the Iowa Caucuses.

The Ted Cruz 2016 official Twitter site sent out this tweet seconds before the top of the hour:

“CNN is reporting that Ben Carson will stop campaigning after Iowa. Make sure to tell all of your peers at the Caucus supporting Carson that they should coalesce around the true conservative who will be in the race for the long haul: Ted Cruz!”

Perfect timing! The Cruz speakers at caucuses across Iowa got up and repeated the news to the assembled crowds and urged Ben Carson voters to switch immediately. How many is not known, but at the very least, several sites.

This was quickly followed by an official Ted Cruz 2016 press release on official stationery:

“Breaking news. The press is reporting that Dr. Ben Carson is taking time off from the campaign trail after Iowa and making a big announcement next week. Please inform any Carson caucus goers of this news and urge them to caucus for Ted Cruz.”

By 7:07 pm, a mysterious former CIA operative supporting Cruz by the name of Dan Gabriel chimed in on his twitter account:

“Source inside Ben Carson’s New Hampshire campaign just confirmed to me: Ben Carson is out. Choose Cruz.”

The self-proclaimed ex-CIA operative Dan Gabriel even brags he specializes in “insurgencies, foreign and domestic.” This is right out of the White House takeover manual people. Subsequently Gabriel’s tweets were deleted until BigFry Social Media exposed the archived versions, one of which can be seen below.

Americans are asked to have faith, that Ted Cruz’ campaign workers made an honest mistake.  It was CNN who erroneously reported on caucus night that candidate Ben Carson was dropping out of the race.  CNN claims it was just an honest mistake that they corrected shortly after but the Cruz people didn’t get the retraction.

Is this the best America can do in electing their government officials?  The two parties have complete control over the election process.  They determine who will vote, when they will vote and how they will vote. 

They determine who will conduct the debates and who may participate.  This duopoly brings back the days of Boss Tweed, the corrupt New York alderman who filled important positions with cronies to advances his own interests.  

The American people are told to have faith that Ted Cruz, who was born in Canada to his American mother, who was a Canadian citizen at the time, is a natural born American citizen.
No one in their right mind would believe that.  But Americans aren’t in their right minds, they haven’t been since they were duped into believing George W. Bush won the 2000 election.

It’s time to dump the corrupt caucuses.  From Mesquite Local News:


Caucus System Needs to Go

Both the Democratic and Republican Mesquite caucuses are done for another four years – thank goodness. Perhaps both parties can spend that time deciding that the caucus system is outdated, unworkable and ripe for abuse and fraud. It shouldn’t take four more years to fix the process.

The democrats’ rules required everyone to remain for the entirety of the caucus – three to four hours of mostly sitting around waiting for everyone to get inside. Once everyone was signed in, they physically had to move to one side of the room or the other depending on who they were supporting. That in and of itself defies all the traditions of secret ballots…

The process allows no bounds of intimidation…. Particularly in union-dominated Las Vegas where many of the caucuses took place it would be extremely easy for union bosses to see just which members were abiding by their wishes and which ones weren’t.

Many people who wanted to participate in the vote could not because of the hours-long requirement to remain in place until everyone was signed in. That’s not fair to anyone especially the candidates.

The republican rules were changed this year to allow a balloting process that provided for some semblance of privacy…  Voters simply had to mark the ballot and drop it in a box – an open box.

Unless republican participants wanted to be considered for a delegate position in the future county convention they were free to leave the building…

Many people didn’t know their precinct number requiring them to stand in a consolidated line until they got to the front and could find out their correct precinct. Some precinct lines were long and others were empty….

The open ballot box makes fraud all too easy. If Joe wanted to get rid of ballots marked with candidate C, he could easily look through the pieces of paper and grab the ones he wanted to discard…

In the Nebraska caucus Bernie Sanders defeated Hillary Clinton garnering 56% of the vote to Clinton’s 44%.  In the Maine caucus Cruz beat Trump with 46% of the vote compared to Trump’s 33%.  However, in Louisiana where they had an actual primary with voters entering a voting  booth to cast a secret ballot, Hillary Clinton beat Bernie Sanders 71% to Sanders’ 23% while Trump beat Cruz with 41% to Cruz’ 38%.

The American people shouldn’t be expected to have blind faith in the primary election process that selects our candidates for President.  Faith in our election process should not mean believing in something no one in their right mind would believe, i.e. our politicians are honest the vote totals reflect the will of the voters.  Americans should demand honest elections.

By Patricia Baeten

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