Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Panicked GOP files suit to stop Michigan’s recount after massive fraud revealed

Good God, what kind of a voting system does the world’s superpower have?  If we can’t even count the votes in this country in a presidential election, what are we doing forcing “democracy” on countries around the world?  The two parties are so corrupt that any election in America should be protected from their tainted, crooked touch. 

Dr. Jill Stein’s request for a recount in the states of Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania is a type of “voir dire,” French for "to speak the truth."  What the recount in Michigan has revealed is that Michigan’s ballots in Democratic precincts are too corrupted to recount.  In Michigan there is a rule that says “if the seals that secure the ballot containers that were counted on election night are broken or tampered with, the ballots cannot be recounted.”  Who comes up with these ludicrous rules anyway?  That is nuts.  From Detroit Free Press:


Mismatched numbers in metro Detroit mean precincts can't be recounted

A single missing ballot was enough to scuttle the recount of Rochester Hills precinct 11.  The computerized poll book listed the names of 848 voters who cast ballots there, but the ballot box contained just 847 ballots. So where is the other ballot? The poll workers' notes offered no explanation.  "It didn't match on the canvass and it doesn't match now," said Joe Rozell, Oakland County's director of elections. "This precinct is not recountable."

Under Michigan law, a precinct can't be recounted if the poll book and ballot box numbers don't match, unless there is a valid explanation. In such cases, the results from the original election night tally stand.

Let me see if I have this right.  If the ballot box seal is tampered with, the ballots in that box cannot be recounted, but if the ballot box seal is tampered with on the night of the election, the ballots can be counted.  Nutty right?

But it isn't just an issue in Oakland, the same problem is appearing in precincts in several counties.  In Wayne County, about one-third of precincts showed discrepancies during the November canvass, said Krista Haroutunian, chair of the Wayne County Board of Canvassers. Those discrepancies could make those precincts — 610, including 392 in Detroit — ineligible for recount, though a final decision has yet to be made.

“We’re seeing this issue in several instances of precincts being deemed not-recountable because the numbers don’t match,” Pontoni said. “We think that any instance where ballots are not being counted compromises the process…”  "Michigan law is stupid on this point," Grebner said. "It makes no sense, and it should be fixed. OTHER STATES DON'T DO THIS."

Why do the two parties allow this kind of bull sh*&t to occur?  Why?  Because both parties agree to it.  This is totally unacceptable, and this is just one state, what goes on in the other 49?  The elite in the two parties did not want Donald Trump to be president, they did not want Hillary Clinton to be president.  It is not Jill Stein or Hillary Clinton that is trying to cast a doubt on a Trump Presidency, it is the two parties who are owned by billionaire bankers.

How is it that in Detroit, 80,000 voters went to the polls and did not cast a vote for president?  How is that possible?  We are being told to believe that in Detroit, the voters are so pleased with the current make up of congress, that they like Oliver Twist, eagerly held up their empty gruel bowls to the duopoly and said “please sir, more.”  From Natural News:


Detroit collapsing into third world status as water supply becomes too toxic to drink... America's infrastructure imploding

Already pressured by a collapsing economy and a financial state of emergency, the people of Flint, Michigan, were also deprived of clean water in 2014, when the state decided to switch the city's water source to the notoriously mucky Flint River in a bid to save money…  Although the lead-poisoned locals and children are now forced to deal with the consequences of this reckless act for the rest of their lives, the city and state officials responsible have yet to pay any noteworthy price.

Another man-made disaster quietly turns into past, the nearby rundown areas of Detroit are faced with a similar threat. Alongside miserable poverty, bad pipes and neglected water treatment systems are dragging Detroit into third-world status…  Not only are the residents of Detroit on the brink of facing the same disastrous water situation, but it seems that most of them can't afford running water to begin with.

According to Detroit census records, 60% of households with children under 18 live in poverty. Of the 200,000 water customers in Detroit, 108,000 are 60 days past due on bills, and their water has consequently been shut off, leading many to collect rainwater for daily use.

The horrible truth doesn't stop here. Darrel Earley is the emergency manager who oversaw the switch of Flint's water source. The same Darrel Earley is now in charge of Detroit's public schools.  Recently shared photos taken by teachers from Detroit are shocking, to say the least, but speak a thousand words for the current status of the city. Five days a week, children and teachers are faced with black mold, toilet water leaking through the ceiling, mushrooms growing out of the walls and extreme cold.

So do you really believe that the people of Detroit went to the polls and did not vote for President but voted for “please Democratic and Republican sirs, more of the same?”  And now those ballots cannot be reviewed to verify the intent of the voters because those ballot were tainted when they were tampered with on election night. 

Ballot tampering isn’t the only illegal activity when it comes to elections.  According to Gregory Palast, ex-judge and current Representative Alcee Hastings has lodged a lawsuit against the GOP’s "crosscheck” scam that has eliminated thousands of minority voters from voting rolls in mostly Republican states calling it “criminal.”


After reading my report on the Kobach/Koch…* operation, which has removed tens of thousands of minority voters from the rolls in the swing states that surprisingly shifted to Trump, former federal judge (and now Congressman) Alcee Hastings told me Crosscheck is a criminal violation of federal law. Hastings has called for criminal indictments and written an official Congressional member letter to ask for investigation.

Hastings’ demand for justice is backed by a petition to expose and end Crosscheck’s racist attacks on voting rights. So far it's been signed by 50,000 people, including 29,507 members of 18 Million Rising, the Asian-American rights group. The group is joined by co-signers Rep. Keith Ellison, Bill Gallegos of Climate Justice, Martin Luther King III and others…

Stopping Crosscheck is the Standing Rock of racist vote suppression.  If we don’t open the investigations now, by January 21, Kris Kobach will be Homeland Security chief and Jeff Sessions Attorney General.

*Note:  I removed Trump’s name from the “Kobach/Koch/Trump” line because I have seen no evidence that Trump himself had anything to do with the creation of the Crosscheck lists.

The two parties must be removed from the redistricting process in order to preserve our form of government.  Allowing the parties to select their voters rather than allowing the voters to select their leaders is an affront to our democratic republic.  We cannot leave something as important as our voting system to remain in the hand of two parties beholding to billionaire donors that require them to put the financial interests of their donors above that of Americans and America.

A good place to start in putting America’s elections in the hands of Americans is to get rid of the Electoral College that determines who America’s president will be.  These Electors think they are some kind of Roman emperors that give a thumbs up or a thumbs down to the presidential candidates chosen by the people.  From Huffington Post:


The Electors’ responses, and why we must expect better

In our article two days ago, we discussed the reasons why Trump isn’t qualified to be President and why Electors are constitutionally required to vote for Hillary Clinton, instead. Citing Constitutional scholar Lawrence Lessig, we explained that the Founders of this nation created the position of “Elector” precisely to prevent a truly dangerous and unqualified person from being elevated to the Presidency.

Really?? That horse left the barn in 2000 when that “truly dangerous and unqualified lunatic George W. Bush and his dark overlord sidekick, Dick Cheney were made President and Vice President by the Electors.  The Electors are a bunch of partisan political appointees that have no business overruling the American people.  So let’s see what other pearls of wisdom Huffington Post has to lay before us:

America is a constitutionally limited representative democratic republic. That means - we are guided by a constitution, and governed by representatives, who are chosen democratically.

Oh please, have they never been to Koch Brothers’ Wisconsin?  We are NOT “governed by representatives, who are chosen democratically” we are governed by partisan whores who sell out to the highest paying pimp.  This is made possible through voter disenfranchisement through “Jim Crowe” voter I.D. laws and partisan gerrymandered districts.  There is nothing democratic about it.

As for our Chief Executive, our Founders carefully wove protective layers into his or her selection. They made sure that the appointment of a President would be based on more than just majority opinion. That it would be based on more than just the Electoral College. They created, therefore, the position of Elector.

What a load, and what do they mean by “the appointment of a President” aren’t Presidents supposed to be elected?  Those Electors may have sounded like a good idea back when this country was started, but today our founders would be sickened to see what an Elector is.  The Electors are chosen by the two parties who are funded by billionaires to do the bidding of billionaires.  They serve only one purpose, to thwart democratic process.   What would our founders think of the “Electors” today?

“There is nothing which I dread so much as a division of the republic into two great parties, each arranged under its leader, and concerting measures in opposition to each other. This, in my humble apprehension, is to be dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”
― John Adams,

That’s right our founders believed a two party system was to be “dreaded as the greatest political evil under our Constitution.”  Donald Trump was elected President on November 8th, 2016 fair and square after he ran a campaign that reached out to all of the American people.  Hillary Clinton ran a campaign that reached out to the Electors and lost.  Now it is the obligation of the Electors to cast their votes for Donald Trump. 

The purpose of the recount is to shed light on the corrupt process that the two parties have foisted upon the American people and hopefully correct this process before the next election.  Will Trump be a great president?  I don’t know, but he can’t be as bad as the last two Presidents that we had, who were chosen by the two parties and the Electoral College.  George W. Bush and Barack H. Obama, two of the most unqualified men to be installed as president became president because of the corrupt two party system.  Both presidents have embroiled America in wars for Wall Street profits that have devastated America.

Trump’s lack of a political background is actually a plus.  While his cabinet is being chosen by his Republican Vice President who is beholden to GOP donors, Trump himself has made a choice for Department of Defense that seems to be an American jewel.  Marine Corps General, Mad Dog Mattis seems to be what America needs at this time.  So what kind of man is General Mattis?  From Larry Johnson at No Quarter:


Mad Dog Mattis and the Military Mind

I think putting a Marine in charge of DOD will be good for America if it is the right Marine and I believe that General James “Mad Dog” Mattis fits that bill…

I only know of Mattis by reputation. But I do know what it is like to work for an old school Marine, because I was mentored by one. My boss in the State Counter Terrorism shop had served in the Marine Corps for thirty years before starting his new civilian career. He had two tours in Vietnam, commanded the Fifth Marines, and served on General Al Grey’s task force that investigated the 1983 bombing of the Marine Barracks in Beirut, Lebanon. I called him Colonel Gannon.

Having previously worked at CIA, I was accustomed to working under leadership that put a high emphasis on taking care of themselves first without any regard for their subordinates… Colonel Gannon early on discussed the concept of Marine leadership as “Officers eat last.” I was skeptical given my prior experience at CIA where officers ate first and ate often.

But I was schooled by watching what he did. When there was something as simple as an office reception it was Colonel Gannon who made sure everyone had something to drink or eat before he would imbibe. He grew up in the Marine Corps being taught that, as an officer, he had the responsibility for the well being and welfare of his troops. I became his troop.

Colonel Gannon did not talk the talk, he walked it. He lived it. And fortunately, I paid attention…  Colonel Gannon showed me that the real soul of a true officer is someone reluctant to start a fight but, if a fight starts, by God you win it.

He recounted his experience during the early hours of the U.S. invasion of Grenada. He was assigned to the Political Military Bureau at State and was handling liaison with the Pentagon. Word came into the Task Force at State that four Navy SEALS, who had been dropped into the ocean off the coast of Grenada to conduct a beach survey for the subsequent landing of the Marines, had drowned. Colonel Gannon informed the State Department Task Force leaders of the tragedy and briefed them that a replacement unit would be deployed to complete the mission. He was shocked when the State Department officers told, “Never mind, we don’t need to do it.” 

Colonel Gannon seared into my soul the… principle that if you are going to put Marines (on any other military person) at risk of death you better have a good goddamn reason to do so and be prepared to back it up. As he told me this story, six years after the event, he was still angry. Rightly so.  So what does this have to do with General Mattis? General Mattis was a young captain when my boss, Colonel Gannon retired.

Mattis never served under Gannon but Gannon had heard of Mattis. When a holiday rolled around, like Thanksgiving or Christmas, Captain Mattis, who was not married, was known for going to the Marine grunt standing duty watch and inquiring about their family. If the Marine was married then Mattis would dismiss him, order him to go home to his family and would take the duty himself. That is leadership by example. He learned and lived the principle that an officer eats last…

What most civilians do not grasp about a true Marine officer is that the good ones are taught about leadership by doing. You start out as a platoon leader and are responsible for those men. You must demonstrate competence in commanding 15 before you are promoted to command 150… You learn by doing. In the process, the people you lead learn about you.

The good news here is that General Mattis … will put himself last and the country first. He will hold those he commands accountable. Donald Trump has made a great choice in my view.

During his introduction to General Mattis, Donald Trump said that there’s nothing the American people can’t achieve when we work together.  Let’s hope we can work together to ensure we have a political system that is “of, by and for the American people.” Dr. Jill Stein’s “voir dire or search for truth” should not be in vain.  Let’s hope we never have another election where the ballots are too corrupted to be counted. 

When we send our children to lay down their lives in foreign countries for our freedoms, we must ensure that the “Commander in Chief” making that decision was chosen by our citizens.  That is the very least we owe ourselves and our children.

By Patricia Baeten

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