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White House lobs allegations of Russian hacking to destroy Donald Trump’s peace mandate

America’s presidential election is over and the Obama Administration and congress needs to get over it.  While President-elect Trump is busy forming his cabinet, the White House and congress are working behind the scenes plotting with their financial backers to stop the people’s choice from assuming power.  During the election Donald Trump made it crystal clear where he stands on America’s relationship with Russia, the CIA’s overthrow of the government in Ukraine, the CIA and Pentagon funding of terrorists in Syria and a myriad of other “New World Order” fiascos.  The American people understood Donald Trump’s vision of a new relationship between the US and Russia and voted to make him president, giving him a mandate.

The American people are sick of the New World Order that has been foisted upon us by the two parties that are controlled by billionaire Zionists.  Donald Trump is the anti-establishment candidate who is a threat to the New World Order.  Earlier this year Texe Marrs laid out the threats to the NWO posed by Trump:


The Establishment is frightened and are in a panic. They can’t believe it. Donald Trump is about to overturn their New World Order applecart. If he is elected President of the United States, all the carefully drafted plans of the Bilderbergers, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Council of the Americas, the World Economic Forum, the Skull & Bones Society, the Bohemian Grove and every other traitorous conspiratorial group will be smashed…

They include in their corrupt ranks both Democrats and Republicans. Any party will do, whether led by Senator Harry Reed (D-NV) and Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi (D-CA), or by Senator Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI)…

New World Order Dragons to Slay

Now, it is clear to me that Donald Trump has been doing his homework. He has mentioned at least ten New World Order dragons he is pledging to destroy, or at least to severely damage. We need to examine these ten dragons, and when we do, we realize just how devastating their demise will be to the New World Order elite:

1.      Immigration: Trump wants to build a wall, a 1,000-mile long wall, and police the borders.
2.     Rule of Law: Trump demands the government actually obey the immigration laws and deport illegals.
3.     Trade: Trump calls our establishment leaders “stupid” and “incompetent.” He vows to make America great again and to shrink the trade deficit.
4.     Jobs: Trump plans to re-employ the middle class; the companies that go overseas to make their products will be forced to pay a huge tariff, or tax.
5.     Blacks and Minorities: Trump refuses to coddle the welfare class… But he will provide equal opportunity jobs for blacks and for Mexican-Americans.
6.     Interventionism: Trump intends to bring the troops home and stay out of foreign wars. He’ll let Russia and Putin take out ISIS and defend Syria.
7.      Veterans: The wicked cycle of bleeding young men and women in foreign conflicts, then treating them as pariahs back home may be over.
8.     Climate Change: It’s been proven to be a scientific fraud. Expect a President Trump to deep-six the biggest scam in history.
9.     Entitlements: The establishment is just aching to cut back on Social Security and Medicare… Trump has said he will not cut Social Security and Medicare.
10.  Christianity: The era of Christian-hating and anti-Christian rules may be ending…

Goodbye Corrupt Media

The mainstream, establishment media—that means CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, Fox, and the lying yellow rags disguised as newspapers—all got it wrong about Trump…

Goodbye Corrupt Political Establishment

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan and their ilk better say a quick goodbye because no one wants or needs those lying weasels. The Republican Party, like the Democrat Party, is a joke—a bad, bad joke…

While I don’t necessarily agree with all those points, I do agree that corrupt media tries to influence the American people’s opinion of Russia.  During the campaign, Jeff Bezos the owner of the Washington Post assigned twenty reporters to dig up dirt on Donald Trump.  Having failed to destroy the Trump campaign, Bezos’ Washington Post is now attempting to stop Donald Trump from being sworn in as president.  From


Donald Trump said Amazon and Jeff Bezos have a ‘huge antitrust problem.’ Now they may.

Let’s state the obvious: Donald Trump and Amazon CEO, and Washington Post owner, Jeff Bezos do not see eye to eye. And that becomes a more concerning prospect for Bezos and Amazon now that Trump is president-elect.  In May, after learning of the large team of Washington Post reporters looking into his past, Trump told conservative TV commentator Sean Hannity that Bezos was using the paper to damage Trump’s chances because he feared what a President Trump would mean for Amazon.

"He thinks I'll go after him for antitrust," Trump said at the time. "Because he's got a huge antitrust problem because he's controlling so much, Amazon is controlling so much of what they are doing.  "He's using the Washington Post, which is peanuts, he's using that for political purposes to save Amazon in terms of taxes and in terms of antitrust."

Trump’s campaign later reiterated this narrative in a statement claiming that the Post was being used as political leverage so Amazon doesn’t “get sued for monopolistic tendencies that have led to the destruction of department stores and the retail industry.” 

The CIA’s allegations of Russian hacking published by the Washington Post have been debunked by numerous reliable news sources as well as other intelligence agencies. From Larry Johnson at No Quarter:


Why The CIA Can’t Be Trusted

This is why the CIA is a damn joke and cannot be trusted. Just consider the latest report from the Washington Post:

The CIA briefed the administration that it thinks the Russians “breached” the RNC systems, according to a senior U.S. official, who like others spoke on the condition of anonymity because of the sensitivity of the issue. “Obviously there haven’t been the same sort of leaks and pilfered documents spread about from this intrusion as there were from the various DNC and related incursions…”

The stupidity of this is stunning. When I was an analyst my bosses did not care what my opinion about anything was. I was to report the intelligence and comment on what we knew…

But it gets worse. The CIA analysts predicated their goofy analysis on a false premise– they “THINK” Russia breached the RNC…

So the CIA reportedly briefed some members of Congress that Russia stole the election for Trump. Now, armed with supposedly top notch intelligence analysis, desperate Democrats are citing this nonsense as a pretext for not honoring what the voters across America decided. And we are supposed to take the CIA seriously?

This is more than an embarrassment; it is an indictment of how corrupt and inept the CIA has become over the last 20 years. It has become so thoroughly politicized that it is no more reliable then your mediocre Washington think tank. In my view the CIA should be dismantled. We need to start over. This is not an isolated error. The failures of the CIA over the years are significant. But those did not include meddling in a U.S. Presidential election. This is the ultimate irony. The CIA is accusing Russia of interfering in the Presidential election when in fact it is the CIA itself that is now crossing that line.

The White House is refusing to accommodate a smooth transition into the Trump Administration and is stooping to new lows in trying to thwart the Trump presidency.  This week Obama himself accused Russian President Vladimir Putin of personally ordering election tampering in America to elect Donald Trump.  

Now President Putin is demanding Obama put up or shut up.  From the Free Thought Project:


Putin Lays Down the Gauntlet to Obama Over Hacking Claims: ‘Show Proof or Shut Up’

Washington, D.C. – After the outlandish claims made by U.S. officials, that Russian President Vladimir Putin personally “hacked the US presidential election,” Putin has had enough of the relentless barrage of unproven allegations, and laid down the gauntlet to the U.S. President Obama.

“Either stop talking about it or finally provide some evidence. Otherwise, it looks indecent,” Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters in Tokyo on Friday.

Blatantly operating as a propaganda outlet for U.S. intelligence/deep state interests, working in collusion with Democratic party elements, The Washington Post reported this week that anonymous sources claimed, “the CIA concluded in a secret assessment that Russia intervened in the 2016 election to help Donald Trump win the presidency, rather than just to undermine confidence in the U.S. electoral system.”

Then, Barack Obama, on Thursday, announced that the United States will “take action” at the “time and place of our choosing” in response to unverified CIA claims of hacking by the Russian government – an allegation which remains unproven and extremely suspect…

The Russian government responded by warning that Obama’s threat to “retaliate” to the alleged cyber attack, without providing any evidence, would be a violation of “both American and international law.”

Putin is right to demand solid evidence of Russian hacking before the US Government retaliates against Russia for bogus claims of hacking.  Even the FBI is refuting the claims of the CIA that Putin and Russia hacked the election.  From Bizpac Review:


FBI disagrees with CIA on Russian influence in the presidential election

The FBI did not corroborate the CIA’s claim that Russia had a hand in the election of President-elect Donald Trump in a meeting with lawmakers last week.  A senior FBI counterintelligence official met with Republican and Democrat members of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence in order to give the bureau’s view of a recent CIA report. The official did not concur with the CIA, frustrating Democrats.

The CIA believes Russia “quite” clearly intended to send Trump to the White House. The claim is a bold one and concerned Democrats and some Republicans who are worried about Trump’s desire to mend relations with an increasingly aggressive Russia. The CIA report was “direct, bold and unqualified,” one of the officials at the meeting told The Washington Post Saturday…

Congress and the White House are now plotting to persuade the Electoral College to throw the election results out the window and refuse to install Donald Trump as president.  From Global Research:


While the Hillary Clinton faction supported by mainstream media propaganda is accusing Moscow of intervening in the US elections on behalf of Trump, they are also intent upon shifting the Electoral College vote in favour of Clinton with a view to blocking president-elect Trump’s accession to the White House.  If this were to succeed, the U.S. would be precipitated into a deap-seated political crisis. It should be noted that this process is also coupled with extensive anti-Trump protests across America, organized by the Clinton faction.

What is a stake: “are fundamental rivalries within the US establishment marked by the clash between competing corporate factions, each of which is intent upon exerting control over the incoming US presidency...” 

ExxonMobil Chief Rex Tillerson has been chosen by Trump to occupy the key position of US Secretary of State.  This appointment potentially points to a major shift in US foreign policy (including an openly anti-China stance by Trump).  It is also points to rising divisions within the US establishment…  In response to this controversial appointment, the Neocon faction linked both to the bi-partisan “War Party” has promised to block the confirmation of Tillerson’s candidacy in the US Senate…

Clinton (if she were to be elected, depending on the outcome of the College Electoral Vote) would “redouble efforts to punish and isolate Moscow for war crimes in Syria’s civil war and aggression toward Ukraine and other neighbors…”

Early this week (December 12) the “Shares of Lockheed Martin fell as president-elect Donald Trump tweeted that making F-35 fighter planes is too costly and that he will cut “billions” in costs for military purchases…” (, December 12, 2016)  Needless to say, Rex Tillerson’s candidacy is not favored by the weapons producers…

On December 12, Ten Grand College electors of whom only one is a Republican released an “open letter” to the Director of National Intelligence James Clapper requesting information about ongoing investigations on ties between Trump and “Russian government interference in the election.”  The letter (released on social media was written by Christine Pelosi, the daughter of Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

I doubt that the Electoral College will be successful in overturning the election, but they will damn well try.  As for Rex Tillerson’s nomination for Secretary of State, Gary North over at Lew Rockwell has a suggestion as to how Donald Trump should handle congress:


How Trump Could Shut Down Mitch McConnell if Necessary

The media have wet their Depends over Trump’s choice for Secretary of State…  We are told that Mitch McConnell — once hated by the Left, but now seen as the Left’s last hope — may mobilize Republicans in the Senate… Here is what I would do if I were Trump. I would tweet this:

Rex Tillerson is my personal Secretary of State. If world leaders want to deal with me, they will deal with him. He does not need Senate confirmation to represent me.  In 137 characters, Trump can tell Mitch McConnell to take a flying leap at a rolling doughnut.  He would then send Tillerson’s name back to the Senate. What could McConnell do? This: reconsider.

Good advice.  The bottom line is America’s presidential election is over and the Obama Administration and congress needs to get over it.  President-elect Trump has a right to select the people he wants in his cabinet and he has a mandate to extricate America from these Wall Street profit driven wars.  The American people want to see better relations with Russia and want to see a 21st Century of peace on earth.  That is Trump’s mandate and his mandate is supported by the American people.  Obama and Congress just need to get out of the way and get over it.

By Patricia Baeten

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