Monday, December 16, 2013

Update - Budget Deal Permanently Slashes Disabled Military/Federal Pensions and Unemployment


After Paul Ryan was on Fox News Sunday bragging that 70% of the Sequestration stays in tact by slashing earned military and disabled veteran's pensions Republican Senator Kelly Ayotte was on The Lead with Jake Tapper.  Kelly is a Republican Senator from New Hampshire that is vehemently opposed to cuts to the pensions of disabled and retired veterans.  

Kelly Ayotte says the current veterans and disabled veterans pensions cut:


Washington's reaction to the budget deal:

Nancy Pelosi to Military:  Embrace the Suck

I can't understand what Pelosi finds so funny about millions of people without food, jobs and homes.

Jamie Dimon JP Morgan Chase:  "I sent an email to Patty Murray and Paul Ryan yesterday basically saying ‘thank you, thank you, thank you’ and may the lord bless them because the country is getting stronger every single day".

Stronger for who?

Those are the words of Jamie Dimon of JP Morgan Chase who has a $23 billion dollar slush fund to pay off fines and buy off prosecutors after stealing trillions from the American people in homes, jobs, cities, pensions and savings.  Do you know that 30% of all bank tellers are on food stamps while Jamie Dimon is thanking God for slashes to unemployment, pensions and food stamps.  Not only were banks bailed out giving billions in bonuses to CEO's like Dimon, but they are receiving subsidies so they don't have to pay a living wage to employees.

Paul Ryan outlined the budget deal he reached with Senate Democrat Patty Murray on Fox News Sunday. An interesting thing Ryan said was, by making the cuts to pensions permanent, if there is a Hillary Clinton presidency, she can't restore the pensions without new legislation.  

"We’re not busting sequester caps," Ryan said on "Fox News Sunday." "In just the next two years, 70 percent of the sequester is intact. Ninety-two percent of the sequester over the life of the sequester is intact. The Democrats came into this thing saying ‘get rid of the entire sequester.’"

“We are permanently asking federal workers to contribute more to their pensions so that the hard-working taxpayers who pay for those pensions don’t have to pay as much," he said.

"This is keeping our principle intact," Ryan added. "No tax increases, net deficit reduction, permanent spending cuts in place of the across-the-board [sequester] approach.”

When Ryan says “we are asking federal workers to contribute more to their pensions so that hard-working taxpayers who pay for those pensions don’t have to pay as much”; aren’t federal workers taxpayers too?

You’ve seen the reaction from Pelosi and Dimon, here’s the reaction from America:

This heartbreaking call from a lady in Maryland that loses her unemployment the end of the month due to the deal:


Yes, while Pelosi embraces the suck and Jamie Dimon blesses Ryan and Murray, that lady in Maryland is defaulting on her rent and credit for the first time in 40 years.

And this heartbreaking call from Mike in Kentucky:


Another caller from Arkansas asked about raising the minimum wage this is what you get:


Obama has ticked off all the boxes on the Republican agenda.  This Obama/Ryan budget is the cruelest of all.

Merry Christmas to America from Barack Obama, after all he is the one who promoted an austerity agenda. Well he's off to Hawaii for the holidays.  Merry Christmas from Jamie Dimon, Nancy Pelosi, Paul Ryan, Patty Murray, Chuck Schumer and all the rest of the millionaires who's lives were just enriched by slashing all hopes and dreams of the American people.

By Patricia Baeten  



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