Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Ding Dong the Obamacare Witch is Dead Part II

Seems the new improved Obamacare website has the same problems as the old Obamacare website, it’s Obamacare Stupid.   

David Martosko, U.S. Political Editor at the website “MailOnline” gave the new, improved website a whirl.  Here is what he writes:

·       New Obamacare website 'fix' CRASHES just as White House boasts of its success
·       Government programmers designed a 'queueing' feature to help avoid system crashes, emailing users to return when traffic levels are lower
·       That new add-on, too, crashed on Monday while President Obama's chief spokesman was boasting that it would 'improve the user experience'
·       Between midnight and noon on Monday, 375,000 people visited healthcare.gov – a fraction of whom actually purchased medical insurance
·       Amazon.com expects to complete 13 million online sales on Cyber Monday

So here’s the message he got at Healthcare.gov:

Okay, so he decided to leave an e-mail address and this is the message he received:

Know how I know the Obamacare Witch is dead?  When Peggy Noonan on her blog starts calling for Medicare for all, Obamacare is dead.  Peggy Noonan, speechwriter for Ronald Reagan and avid Reagan worshipper is calling for Medicare for all.  That’s right, the speechwriter for Reagan who destroyed healthcare in America, and was virulently against Medicare and all social programs is now calling for socialized medicine.

From Peggy Noonan’s blog:

Back to ObamaCare.

More than four years ago, in July 2009, I wrote a column in which Franklin Delano Roosevelt offered President Obama some wisdom on health care. Obama’s newly proposed plan—the Affordable Care Act—wouldn’t work, said FDR. In fact, Obama’s proposal put him in a “lose-lose” position…

But FDR had an idea—a sly one, as his ideas usually were. First, he told Obama, drop your current bill. Second, take everyone aback by talking constantly about the national medical program that already exists, Medicare.

The sly fox was telling the young president to show good faith to Republicans by admitting problems, and reassure Democrats by showing his heart and commitment to federal solutions. 

“Then, at the end,” said FDR, “get your Democratic majorities to make one little change in the program—it’s now open to all. You don’t have to be 65. The uninsured can enroll. Do it in the dead of night if you have to, you’ve got the votes.” Such a program, he said, after so many institutional and structural changes, would of course have to have a new name. “I’d suggest ‘The National Health Service.’”

That’s right even Peggy Noonan can see that national healthcare is the only way to go.  So ding dong the Obamacare Witch is dead.  All we need is for a doctor to look at the clock and make the call.

By Patricia Baeten

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