Saturday, October 26, 2013

Edward Snowden the International Gift That Keeps on Giving

Well, well it seems the Bush Doctrine of belligerent foreign policy has not only been continued but “enhanced” by the Obama Administration.  Now there are some in the international playground with their undies in a bundle.  Angela Merkel is not happy that her personal, private phone calls have been intercepted and monitored, nor are the presidents of Mexico or Brazil

This is the biggest foreign policy disaster since George Bush’s spy plane was shot down over China on April Fool’s Day 2001. 

Bush’s in your face foreign policy started with China, by announcing his decision to sell advanced anti-missile air defense systems to Taiwan.  The announcement served no military purpose because the destroyers wouldn’t be ready until 2006, but Bush was appeasing the extreme right of the Republican Party who were still fighting communism.

The systems didn’t even work; they failed every test that Bush tried, even the one where they put a sensor on the nose of the dummy missile to attract the anti-missile interceptor.  But that didn’t matter they were going to show how tough they were to China and enrich the defense contractors to boot.

Well, during a saber rattling demonstration of their power, Bush and Cheney decided to fly a spy plane over China.  During this maneuver our spy plane flew into one of two Chinese spy planes that were spying on our spy plane.  A Chinese pilot was killed and our spy plane was forced to land in Hainan, China.

Bush’s immediate reaction was strident, demanding the US pilots be released and the Chinese return our spy plane without boarding or looking at it.  (And he demanded the pilots have their bibles.)  The Chinese pretty much laughed at Bush and told him he had to apologize first.  They said he had to apologize and say pretty please to get the spy plane back.  Bush hesitated so the Chinese said he had to say I’m sorry, pretty please with a cherry on top can I have my spy plane?

After much squealing and bravado, Bush apologized and our most sophisticated spy plane was completely dismantled by Chinese aeronautic scientists, taking every bit of US technological advancements available.  The plane was then boxed up and shipped to Bush, C.O.D. 

God what some dopes, and to think this administration is even more stupid than that. 

Let’s take a walk down memory lane.  On May 20, 2013 Edward Snowden, a 29 year-old whistleblower who was employed by CIA contractor Booz Allen Hamilton, fled to Hong Kong.  Snowden had revealed classified information to Guardian journalist, Glenn Greenwald, about a massive international communication surveillance program being conducted in secret by the NSA in the U.S. 

When his story was revealed and that he was hiding in Hong Kong, Snowden garnered the sympathy of people of the world.  His act of civil disobedience in blowing the whistle on the United States government’s massive spying program made him a hero to citizens of the world. 

The Obama Administration immediately began demanding that Hong Kong extradite Snowden to the US to face espionage charges.  In response, hundreds of demonstrators took to Hong Kong’s streets voicing support for Snowden, calling for the arrest of Obama.  Pro-Snowden demonstrations broke out around the world.   

Then the Obama Justice Department tried to legally extradite Snowden but bungled their attempt.  The extradition request did not fully comply with Hong Kong law so Snowden was free to leave.  Hong Kong also requested the U.S. to clarify reports from Snowden that the NSA had hacked into computers in Hong Kong violating the rights of their citizens.

So, from Hong Kong Snowden fled to Moscow with the intention of flying to Cuba and on to Venezuela. But a pissed off Obama revoked Snowden’s Visa so he couldn’t travel and demanded Russia extradite Snowden.  Well, we don’t have an extradition treaty with Russia and Snowden didn’t have a Russian Visa, so Snowden was stuck there.  He began requesting asylum from any country.

While Snowden was stuck in Russia, Obama was all over the map, with “I don’t care about Snowden” to threats to any country’s leader that would allow asylum.  At one point, Putin said “It is Like Shearing a Pig There’s Lots of Squealing and Little Fleece”.  In the end Putin allowed Snowden to remain in Russia.

Now we find out Merkel’s phone has been tapped by the NSA since 2002, under George W. Bush.  Makes you wonder what private information Bush was thinking about while meeting all those world leaders.  You wonder when looking at his facial expressions and body language as he’s meeting foreign leaders “what personal information did he have on them?”    

So Edward Snowden is just the “Gift that Keeps on Giving”.  Makes you excited to see the next chapter of this saga.

By Patricia Baeten

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