Monday, October 14, 2013

Fascist Five Ready to Sell America to the Koch Brothers

Yes, we’re barreling down on October 17th.  October 17th is the day that the Treasury runs out of options to fund the government and October 17th is oral argument day when the “Fascist Five” on the Supreme Court have indicated they will sell the Koch Brothers the US Government.

A lot of the problems we are having with the government shutdown and the debt ceiling crisis are the direct result of the “Fascist Five’s” decision in the court case of Citizen’s United.  Since that decision, the Koch Brothers’ Tea Party has held our government hostage. 

Two Senators, funded by the Koch Brothers, Ted Cruz and Mike Lee, have hijacked our government have closed down all operations and are threatening to have the United States default on its debt.  This would stop all Social Security payments, Veteran Benefits, Medicare, Federal Tax Returns, Food Stamps, and School Lunches etc.

Citizens United was started by David Bossie, a former Chief Investigator for the Republicans in the U.S. House of Representatives’ Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.  The Committee was chaired by Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana who was known for shooting watermelons in his back yard to prove the Clinton’s had killed Vince Foster, a close friend of Hillary Clinton, who had tragically committed suicide after years of struggling with depression.

 Bossie led continuous investigations into the Clintons all through the Clinton Administration and had a visceral hatred of the Clintons.  Democrats found his investigations were overblown and overstated.  The Clinton’s were vindicated of all the charges Bossie had brought.

Bossie eventually resigned stating

"The White House and Democrat minority are using this issue to attack you and the committee," Bossie told his boss in May 1998. "It is for this reason and with deep regret I offer you my resignation." When George W. Bush and the Republicans took power, Bossie was stuck outside looking in, running a small activist group called Citizens United.

In 2008 Bossie’s group Citizen’s United planned to unveil Hillary: The Movie, just as Hillary Clinton was planning a Presidential run.  The feature-length film was a hatchet job on Hillary Clinton and the FEC, calling it a campaign ad and deemed it illegal.  Campaign ads were prohibited by McCain Feingold prior to an election.  Bossie sued and won.

The Supreme Court’s 2010 decision in Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission held that Congress cannot limit expenditures in political campaigns as long as the spender, who might be an individual or an organization, including a corporation or union, is not affiliated with or acting in concert with the candidate or political party. The Court held that such “independent” expenditures are not campaign donations, which can be regulated; they are pure expressions of the political preferences of the donors. 

This decision by the Supreme Court opened up the gates of hell and the money flowing into elections increased exponentially opening the door for people like the Koch Brothers to buy not only federal elections but entire state houses like that in Wisconsin, Ohio and Michigan.

The Supreme Court is now scheduled to hear the case of McCutcheon vs. Federal Election Commission.  The case would allow unlimited contributions by individuals.

Right now the Koch Brothers’ Tea Party politicians have our government held hostage.  They have shut down the government and millions are suffering because of it.  If the Supreme Court finds in favor of McCutcheon our Democracy is lost. 

By Patricia Baeten

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