Monday, October 7, 2013

The "Conservative" War on Michael Savage

I used to listen to The Savage Nation, Michael Savage’s radio show, on the way home from work.  While I am a liberal Democrat, not to be confused with the Unrecognizable Progressive Democrat Party of Joe Lieberman and Barack Obama, I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Savage’s program.  His show is a thought provoking show based more on intelligence than emotion.  My one conservative Republican friend and I had very little we agreed on, but Michael Savage’s intellectual program was one.

I recall listening to Dr. Savage during the 2008 bankruptcy of Lehman Brothers and the Bernie Madoff scam and hearing analysis that I had not heard anywhere else. Michael Savage came down firmly on the side of the American people.  While Dr. Savage appears to be a Libertarian, he is not bought by anyone.  He calls out foul wherever it is. 

According to his bio:

He holds master's degrees from the University of Hawaii in medical botany and medical anthropology and a Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley, in nutritional ethnomedicine. As Michael Weiner, he has written books on herbal medicine and homeopathy; as Michael Savage, he has written four political books that have reached the New York Times Best Seller List.

On October 6th I was watching a segment of Washington Journal and the dual guests were, Clarence Page of Chicago Tribune and Mona Charen, Syndicated Columnist.  Mona Charen is a Republican mouthpiece who brought her written talking points with her. 

When they were discussing the vitriol and name calling in congress, Charen stated that she felt talk radio was in part to blame.  She said the tone has become so bitter and so vulgar and some talk radio hosts were to blame.  When asked “who do you blame in talk radio” she said “Michael Savage”.  She said, “he sounds hysterical”.  When she was asked about Rush Limbaugh, she said she hadn’t heard his show recently and she couldn't think of any other talk radio personality other than Michael Savage.

I was really taken back by that because Hannity and Limbaugh are so hateful, and so ignorant.  Neither of them is educated and it’s really evident when they just spew the same hateful talking points year after year and Charen just couldn't think of any other talk radio personality other than Michael Savage.

 I really couldn’t understand why Republicans hate Savage so much, so I went to his radio website and listened to what he had to say. 

You know, Michael Savage is absolutely right, since when is it legal to execute a person for failing to follow orders.  This nation is in real trouble.

This clip is from 2009, and I forgot how much I miss Savage's show.  I had to laugh out loud listening.

I remember when Limbaugh admitted to being a water carrier for the GOP.

God, I miss Savage.  Here's Mark Levin attacking Michael Savage.

Ha ha, what a dope.  So here's what Savage has to say:

Well enough fun for awhile.  But he who laughs last laughs best, I just found this and kudos to Michael Savage who is taking over Sean Hannity's time slot for Cumulus Radio starting in January 2014.

Well played Dr. Savage!  I only hope we'll get you back on the radio in Green Bay soon.

by Patricia Baeten

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