Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Open Letter to 19th Century Tea Party GOP

I am so sick of hearing that the President will talk to Iran and Syria but won’t talk to the GOP.  Guess what?  Iran and Syria have progressed; they are part of the 21st Century.  There is a reason to talk to them, something may be accomplished.

I wouldn’t talk to you nut jobs either.  What’s the point?  You offered to blow up America’s house if you didn’t get your way and were told “no”.  Then you offered to blow up ¾ of America’s house and were told “no”.  So you offered to blow up ½ of America’s house and were told “no”.  Now you say, we made all these concessions and no one will accept our generous offers. 

The Tea Party GOP sent to the Senate a bill to defund Obamacare even though parts of it are already in force.  Obamacare is 3 years old, and the insurance industry and states have already implemented parts of the law and the exchanges are ready today.  The law was designed to offer insurance to the uninsured.  You have no plan to insure the uninsured.

Yes, Obama has postponed the employer mandate, but most employers offer insurance to their employees so it’s not a big deal for most.   Now you want to postpone Obamacare for a year when people are already signing up in the exchanges where their families can get care if they have pre-existing conditions. 

You claim you are listening to the American people.  Well you must have selective hearing.  Over 80% of the American people wanted gun control legislation after the Newtown Connecticut massacre but you refused to listen to the American people because your gun manufacturers and NRA benefactors pull your strings.

Once again your actions, just like Cruz’ non-filibuster filibuster did nothing.  It costs money to shut down the government and to start it up again.  People are living paycheck to paycheck and you don’t care.  Government workers are suffering, contractor workers are suffering, American people are suffering and you don’t care, you want your way.

Yes Obamacare sucks, yes the people are disappointed because they wanted universal healthcare, yes Obamacare pads the pockets of insurance companies, but it is better than what the U.S. has now.  If you are so cocksure that the American people will hate it, then let us find out for ourselves. 

You lost, you are losers.  You have passed legislation to starve the poor.  You have passed legislation to strip public schools of funding so you can offer to send kids from public schools that are failing due to lack of funding and rigid stupid tests that show nothing, so you can have your kids’ tuition in private schools paid for by the taxpayers. 

You want kids to go to schools that teach Jesus rode on dinosaurs.   You want women in burkas.  You are a joke, you are idiots and anyone that would agree to anything you demand is an idiot because when you do get what you demand, you reject the offer and up the ante to demand something even more insane.  You deny climate change and want unlimited air, water and ground pollution.  You want arsenic in water and salmonella in meat.

Then you show compassion by putting in a provision to pay “active duty” troops.  Guess what?  Not all troops are active duty.  Today World War II vets stormed their monument to honor their dead, because you closed National Parks in a snit. 

The American people are already suffering because of sequestration that was a deal between you and Obama.  You are assholes who will get paid and will continue to have healthcare for yourselves no matter how long you hold out.

You have voted to repeal Obamacare 42 times and lost.  You deny science, logic and reason.  This is what you have brought America, bankruptcy.

Your idea of America is a populace that is hungry, stupid, barefoot and pregnant.  Shut up and get out of the way so progress can be made.  You are Neanderthals. 

Hopefully Obamacare will fail and our pampered patrician politicians will see the only sensible way to go is Medicare for all.  Just like Hillary said, all in, no one out.  That is what America needs and this is just the first step to getting there.

Just shut up, and do your job and fund the government or get out and go home.

By Patricia Baeten

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