Thursday, October 3, 2013

Obama, Reid & GOP’s Deadly Circus Comes to Town

One need only look to Obama’s past to get the sickening feeling that he is no Democrat, rather he is Ronald Reagan.  Reagan with his sweet old grandpa demeanor turned out to be the child molester you had nightmares about.  Reagan had a disdain for the poor, the sick and the hungry, as does his reincarnation, Obama.

Obama’s political career has been bankrolled by slumlords that financially and politically benefited greatly from their investment, purchasing a seat in the Illinois State Senate. 

This purchasing power of the rich has bought the Presidency for Obama, the first President with a “D” after his name, to cut social security funding and to systematically begin the destruction of America’s social safety net. 

The GOP feigns rebellion, but they have an agreement with Reid and Obama to destroy America.  Obama and the GOP perform a kabuki dance to hold the nation hostage to Wall Street and can only break the gridlock by selling out the American People’s safety net just as they did the last time the debt ceiling had to be raised.

Look at the latest cavalcade of clowns.  First there’s Obama and his faux Democrats, led by the most feckless, dangerous asshole to ever hold the position of Leader of the Senate, Harry Reid.  They create a Wall Street profit based insurance plan that transfers wealth from the Treasury directly into the coffers of private insurance companies in the form of subsidies.  We are ordered, by law to purchase private insurance with high deductibles and must enter at our own risk not knowing what pitfalls are ahead in this dangerous fun house.

Then you have the overjoyed GOP clowns that feign outrage over the transfer of wealth to Wall Street and shut down the government in order destroy Social Security, Medicare, VA Benefits and all public employment.  Obama then throws his hands in the air and claims he has no choice but to destroy the nation in order to save it.

Then the ball is in GOP’s court.  According to Politico:

With the federal government nearing shutdown, House Speaker John Boehner stood on the House floor Monday and called on his colleagues to vote for a bill banning a “so-called exemption” that lawmakers and staffers receive for their health insurance.

Yet behind-the-scenes, Boehner and his aides worked for months with Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.), and others, to save these very same, long-standing subsidies, according to documents and e-mails provided to POLITICO.

If that isn’t galling enough they send out Senator David Vitter and Grover Norquist at a press conference Monday, calling for fairness for the American People to get the same exemptions they get. 

 David Vitter, the Republican Louisiana Senator who was busted in a brothel wearing nothing but diapers, feigned outrage at congress getting a special exemption from Obamacare.  He was flanked by Grover Norquist who at the age of 12 wrote an oath not to raise taxes that every GOP politician has signed and taken the oath to protect.   

So World War II vets who traveled from all over the U.S. on Honor Flights to see the WWII monument stormed their monument in Washington ignoring the clown cavalcade. 

It should be noted that the Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization.  Some of these vets that our “patriotic politicians” turned away from the nation’s monuments may never have another chance to see our capital.  And it’s not just the WWII monument, it’s all our monuments.

                                                                             Reince Prebus

Enter stage right:  Reince Prebus to show how much the GOP cares about WWII Vets and offers a check from the flush GOP coffers to cover the cost of private security officers to replace the publicly paid guards that are laid off due to government shutdown.  I guess a whore like Prebus would believe that waving a check in front of WWII vets would buy the GOP prestige. 

Excuse me while I puke.  Enter stage left:  Democrats in order to show how much they care about the WWII vets, will allow vets on Honor flights to enter the WWII memorial.

So the veterans are used as props to jam through funding for memorials and parks at the expense of all other government agencies.  What a bunch of ass holes.

                                                                          Dana Bash

Then on cue, the press shows what assholes they are.  Case in point, uber-asshole Dana Bash. Bash uses cancer stricken sick kids to shame Harry Reid into passing a GOP sponsored piecemeal funding of government so only programs approved by GOP are funded and other programs for kids are starved.

GOP assholes had another trick up their sleeve.  Stage a fake conference to reconcile their fake bill to show Democrats won't meet with them.  They pick a bunch of GOP Reps to sit at a table with empty chairs across from them representing Senators that won’t meet with them to pass their phony legislation.

This, folks is what we have in Washington, Asshole Press, Asshole Senate, Asshole House and Asshole President all promoting themselves at the expense of the American People.  All out for themselves.  I notice not one self-respecting Senator or Representative has been seen anywhere near this cavalcade of clowns.

By Patricia Baeten

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