Saturday, October 5, 2013

Pardon My Effing Language But My Head Is Going to Explode

Money for Nothing

God, Almighty.  How effing stupid do Republicans and Democrats think we are?  The U.S. Government was shut down October 1, 2013 because Republicans couldn’t legislate an end to Obamacare, so they quit funding the entire government.

Here's the price tag for the first government shutdown in 17 years: about $1.6 billion a week, $300 million a day, or $12.5 million an hour.

That estimate, from economic consulting firm IHS Global Insight, covers just the cost in work and services the government is unable to perform as it furloughs 800,000 federal workers. According to IHS, pay for federal employees is considered part of the Gross Domestic Product, which is the total value of all goods and services produced in the nation each year. So no pay for the workers means no contribution to U.S. economic output.

Now they start with the parlor tricks.  How about if we fund one department at a time?  No, Assholes that doesn’t work.  You shut down the entire government at one time and it must be opened at one time.

Take CNN’s Dana Bash’s question to Harry Reid, “If you can save one child with cancer, why not pass the Republican bill to fund NIH (National Institute of Health).  God help us, this woman is a “respected journalist”?

To answer Dana Bash’s question, look asshole, what about the WIC food program that isn’t being funded?  WIC is a nutritional program for Women, Infants and Children that provides formula for babies.  What about all the women that are breast feeding that Republicans have cut funding from the SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) program?  Starving women can’t lactate.  Hey, Dana if you could feed one of those hungry children by funding SNAP at the expense of cancer treatment, why wouldn’t you do it?

And furthermore, Dana, let’s say the Democrats do fund NIH scientists to continue cancer therapy, who’s going to transcribe the medical records?  Who’s going to draw the blood?  Who’s going to maintain a sterile environment for these compromised patients?  Who’s going to empty the trash?  Who’s going to clean the emesis basins?

First of all the Democrats made a huge mistake passing Republican legislation to fund the WWII Memorial at the expense of the rest of the government.  It makes them look stupid and weak when VA services are part of the government shut down.

Yes, you've got to just shake your head.

When the government is shut down, everything is shut down.  The Republicans say that open air monuments were shut down to cause the most pain to the American people to give Democrats leverage in blaming the Asshole Republicans who shut down the government.

First of all there are laws and if the laws aren’t funded the government is lawless.  These open air monuments the Republicans speak of had to be closed.  First there are no guards for crowd control and to ensure the safety of the public.  What if a wheelchair falls into a fountain or someone has a heart attack or some nut releases anthrax into open air, or comes with a gun and starts shooting?  Who is going to pick up the trash?  What if a swarm of bees attracted by the mounting trash attacks people at the monument? 

Just look at the Koch Brothers funded tea party that wants to kill Obamacare.  Most of them look like they are probably on Medicaid or Medicare and Social Security Disability.  And the entire nation is being held hostage by a small minority of nuts in congress funded by the Koch Brothers.

Who are the Koch Brothers and why do they have so much power?

Then I turn the TV on Jake Tapper’s The Lead.  His guest is Jeb Hensarling R-Texas (Naturally), Head of the House Financial Services Committee.  Old Jeb was crying crocodile tears for his little children.  “How can we leave our children this debt?” 

Guess what asshole; your children are growing up in Texas, the Calcutta of the United States.  By the off chance that they will live till adulthood in a State with the worst air-quality in the whole, U.S. they are going to need Healthcare and Social Security Disability just to live with the debilitating “asthma or emphysema” from politicians like you selling out your children for Koch Brothers campaign contributions.

Just this year according to the New York Times:

Nestled near subdivisions north of Fort Worth stands equipment that measures air pollutants. On 26 days this year, readings at the site showed higher concentrations of lung-damaging ozone than allowed by federal air-quality standards.

All told, Dallas-Fort Worth violated ozone standards on more days this year — 32 so far — than anywhere else in Texas, including the greater Houston area.
“Every place in Texas suffered worse air quality this year, but Dallas was a particularly extreme case,” said David Allen, a chemical engineering professor at the University of Texas who also directs a state air-quality program.
Oh, the horrors that your children will have to work to pay taxes because by the time they are adults there won’t be many taxpayers because they will be dead.  But not to worry, living in Texas the chance of them becoming productive members of society is pretty far fetched.  According to The Dallas News article:

Texas ranks 50th among the states in the percentage of its population 25 or older with a high school diploma, per capita spending on mental health, the percentage of non-elderly women with health insurance, the percentage of pregnant women who receive prenatal care and share of its workforce – 76 percent – covered by workers’ compensation.

It’s No. 1 in executions, share of its population that lacks health insurance and five categories of air pollution — nitrogen oxide, carbon dioxide, mercury emissions, volatile organic compounds and particulates.
“We often hear our leaders brag about what a great state Texas is for business. Sadly, the same does not hold true for Texas children”.

Let Obamacare go into effect.  It will collapse on its own because it is designed to funnel money to Wall Street Insurance Companies with very little value to the American people.  Sure there’s a few sugar plums in there but the largess of the program is a transfer of wealth from the U.S. Treasury into Wall Street after all One-Fifth of the profits on Wall Street come from the healthcare industry.

When Social Security was started, Franklin Roosevelt understood the only way it would work is if everyone had a stake in it, rich or poor.  You couldn’t expect the wealthy to buy into it if there was nothing in it for them.

In the writings of President Roosevelt:

The third factor relates to security against the hazards and vicissitudes of life. Fear and worry based on unknown danger contribute to social unrest and economic demoralization. If, as our Constitution tells us, our Federal Government was established among other things, "to promote the general welfare," it is our plain duty to provide for that security upon which welfare depends.
Hear that assholes, “our Constitution tells us our Federal Government was established among other things, to promote the general welfare”.  There is nothing about “smaller government”.
Hence, I am looking for a sound means which I can recommend to provide at once security against several of the great disturbing factors in life--especially those which relate to unemployment and old age. I believe there should be a maximum of cooperation between States and the Federal Government. I believe that the funds necessary to provide this insurance should be raised by contribution rather than by an increase in general taxation.
See how smart Roosevelt was, he did not want to fund Social Security through taxes but by individual contributions.  That’s why Obamacare is “effed up” and will fail.
Above all, I am convinced that social insurance should be national in scope, although the several States should meet at least a large portion of the cost of management, leaving to the Federal Government the responsibility of investing, maintaining and safeguarding the funds constituting the necessary insurance reserves.
And I find this quote from Roosevelt particularly relevant today:

It is true that there are a few among us who would still go back. These few offer no substitute for the gains already made, nor any hope for making future gains for human happiness. They loudly assert that individual liberty is being restricted by Government, but when they are asked what individual liberties they have lost, they are put to it to answer.

So when you hear politicians ranting about “means testing” for Social Security, that is the first step for the rich to “opt out” and the program collapses.

The Republicans are saying they are tired of negotiating with themselves, well since when have you become tired of arguing with the voices in your head? 

So quit with the blame game and fund the government raise the debt ceiling and get down to the business of legislating.  If you don’t believe in government, give us your government paycheck, insurance money, travel expenses, and all the campaign contributions you raised and let’s put it in the general fund and move on.

 By Patricia Baeten

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