Saturday, October 12, 2013

The Reid/Pelosi Obama Enablers Must Go NOW!

As Barack Obama prepares to make a “grand bargain” with GOP to destroy Social Security and Medicare, his enablers must go.  It was Reid and Pelosi along with Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, Joe Biden and Ted Kennedy who created and promoted Barack Obama, the reincarnation of Ronald Reagan.  They did everything possible to keep the Clinton’s out of the White House.

After years of Democratic capitulation to the GOP while feigning helplessness, while our civil rights and our earned entitlements have been viciously slashed it’s time to rebel.  Democrats tried to convince their constituents that the country is “center-right” and they had to be milquetoast to stay in congress to “fight” for Social Security and Medicare. 

George W. Bush could not do anything, from the Supreme Court overturning a federal election and codifying into law touch screen voting machines, from going to war, to passing the “Patriot Act”, to destroying public schools, to the devastating tax breaks for the rich while cutting social programs to fund war, to packing the Supreme Court with Tea Party nuts, to bank bailouts; none of it was possible without the help of Democrats. 

Look at the 2008 Democratic Primary.  It was point man Chuck Schumer who presented the Senate Democrat sanctioned candidate for President.  The black guy Joe Biden said “was so clean” ignoring his tawdry past. 

After all the damage done to the United States by the Bush Administration in concert with Senate Democrats, they convinced the American people the democratic candidate would be our savior, as long as they got to pick the candidate.

Hillary Clinton was set up by them along with Nancy Pelosi, Rahm Emanuel and NBC.  In the primary, John Edwards, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama, and every candidate attacked Hillary Clinton over and over.

The Iowa Caucus is where the Democrats solidify their candidate.  There’s no polls open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. just “meet ups” and the candidate is “announced the winner”.  When Florida and Michigan said bullshit we’re not waiting we’re going to have our primaries and Clinton won, the DNC punished them by not counting their votes.

So now we have the same “Democrats” selling us out again.  BUT NOT THIS TIME!  If we learn anything from Ted Cruz it is this, come out swinging.  Don’t stand in line and politely wait your turn capitulating to those who are career politicians.

Democrats had a gentleman’s agreement with Republicans that the leadership in either party would never be challenged by the other party.  How do you think a piece of shit like Ted Kennedy who drove MaryJo Koepeckne into the tidal basin and left her to die while he went to the Kennedy compound to lawyer up could get re-elected over and over again with no real Republican opposition?  Don’t you think deals were made?

And don’t forget, that Jimmy Carter lost his re-election to Ronald Reagan because of Ted Kennedy.  Ted Kennedy ran against an incumbent Democratic President in the Democratic Primary and would not concede loss.  He took it all the way to the convention floor irreparably hurting Carter’s chance of re-election.

Let’s look at recent events, like the full speed ahead charge to war in Syria

Here’s Nancy Pelosi the Minority Leader from the Huffington Post:

On Syria Vote, Nancy Pelosi Loses Liberal California Base

Since President Barack Obama announced that he would seek Congress' support for use of force against Syria last week, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has been tasked with garnering crucial Democratic support for the attack.

But if recent comments from delegates representing the San Francisco Bay area -- Pelosi's loyal base -- are any indication, even staunch supporters may not be behind her on this one.

"I have tremendous respect for Nancy Pelosi as a leader, as a person, as an intellect,"Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose) told the San Francisco Chronicle. "But I cannot ever delegate my decision to her."

Did Pelosi give a shit about her constituents?  Hell, no.  Notice how “liberals” like Zoe Lofgren are so cowed by the Democratic leadership that to buck the leadership there must be a qualifier like “I have tremendous respect for Nancy Pelosi as Leader”.  

Really??  I have no respect for her after she told Democratic “Super Delegates” they were to ignore the people’s vote and cast their Super Delegate votes for Obama over Clinton or be punished by the party.

Now lets see a “real democrat” an unapologetic Democrat, like Alan Grayson.

Now, that’s real leadership.  Dump Pelosi and elect Alan Grayson as “minority leader” and see how long we remain in the minority.

In the Senate, Tom Daschle had a gentleman’s agreement with Trent Lott that he would not be challenged for re-election, but Republicans learned that the old guard had to go.  They ran John Thune against Daschle and poured tons of money, a lot of it probably illegal into his campaign.  But who was going to challenge the tainted money?  Democrats?  Oh please. 

So Daschle lost and then next in line was Harry Reid.  The worst, most ineffective politician ever, but he would never rock the establishment boat.

So the Republicans with this winning strategy of take no prisoners had to get rid of Trent Lott who was still making deals with the hapless Democrats.  Republicans are smart, they bided their time and as soon as Lott made a mistake they pounced.  At Strom Thurman’s retirement Trent Lott give them their opening “Trent Lott said he supported Strom Thurmond's segregationist campaign in 1948”.

A completely innocuous remark, but Republicans pounced and forced him out of office.  They were elated.  They knew if they waited they could get rid of Lott.  And, the beauty was they could blame Democrats for being “overly sensitive” even though none of those cowards would say anything, ever.  Democrats were blamed for years for Lott’s demise.

Republicans didn’t say “who’s next in line”?  Hell, no.  They put Senator Bill Frist, a bomb thrower who just got elected to the Senate from the House.  A guy whose family’s millions came from HMO’s. 

Then they passed the Medicare prescription drug benefit with no negotiating prices and Billy Tauzin threatened any Republican that voted against it with primaries.  The vote was illegally taken after the floor was closed for votes but did any “Democrat” object?  No.  Then Billy Tauzin left the house and went to work for a Pharmaceutical Company as a lobbyist for a couple million dollars.  No questions asked.

That’s how you play the game.  So Democrats have to demand Reid be gone, Replace him with a real Democrat like Elizabeth Warren, not the next asshole in line.

So it’s time we just said “no”.  No cuts to Social Security, no cuts to Medicare, no more public school funds to private charter schools.  Just say no Pelosi, no Reid.  Now, before they enable Obama to destroy our safety net, they must go.

By Patricia Baeten

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