Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Pass Koch Brothers Fascist Agenda or We’ll Kill America

Obama and Biden are Reagan Democrats and could care less about the American people, Social Security and Medicare.  Any programs for the poor and middle class are just bargaining chips to them. 

We have a government run by people who have used their positions in government to become incredibly wealthy, and used those positions to ensure only the incredibly wealthy could run for government.  The longtime democrats in leadership like Harry Reid and Chuck Schumer are responsible for the breakdown in our government.

They hide behind the façade of being Democrats, whose main goal is to save Social Security and Medicare but their goal is far from it.  They are at the ready to throw social programs on the table as bargaining chips. 

After all, it was Chuck Schumer who was front and center to repeal Glass-Steagall and pushed the Gramm Leach Bliley Bill and Ted Kennedy that sold out public schools to Bush’s “No Child Left Behind”.  Our election system has become so corrupt with corporate ownership of the airwaves, press and political parties that only those candidates committed to keeping the status quo are allowed to run on the party ticket.

These people were the same ones who obstructed the Clintons’ attempt to provide universal healthcare for all during Bill Clinton’s Administration.  These Senators ensured Hillary Clinton would not ascend to the Democratic Candidacy for president.   

Had Hillary Clinton, after winning over 18 million votes from Nevada to Puerto Rico, been allowed to run on the Democratic ticket after winning the Democratic Primary, we would have had universal healthcare, full employment and the perpetrators of the biggest bank scam in the history of the world, would have been frog-walked out of Wall Street into prison where they belong.

Can you imagine what it would have done to the economy and to the job market if healthcare were government guaranteed like Social Security and Medicare?  What if employers had that extra money they now must spend on healthcare to hire more employees?  What if people had universal healthcare so they could start their own business?

Over and over these Senators cited that the failure of the Clintons to provide universal healthcare was due to their failure to defer the legislation to the Senate.  They hated Bill Clinton, especially after he forced them to back him on raising taxes on the wealthy, passing a balanced budget and creating 22 million new jobs.  They impeached him for it and would have removed him from office were it not for his popularity with the American people.

During the 2008 campaign Joe Lieberman, who was hated by Democrats, lost his Democratic primary to Ned Lamont, an FDR Democrat.  Ted Kennedy, Chuck Schumer, Chris Dodd, Barack Obama and all the Reagan Democrats refused to support the democratically elected primary candidate, Ned Lamont.  They all went to Connecticut and campaigned for Lieberman on the Lieberman Party ticket, rather than the democrat. 

The same happened to Joe Sestack when he ran against Arlen Specter. He was warned not to run for the Senate, that the Party backed Republican Arlen Specter who lost the Republican Primary.  The Democrats refused to support Sestack and elected Pat Toomey, a Republican.  These “Democrats” are out for themselves and should be shunned.

When Al Franken beat Norm Coleman in Minnesota, the Democrats refused to recognize his win, and he was on his own without help from the Democratic Party to financially face a Republican requested recount.  Coleman had tons of money endowed on him, but he lost in spite of the Democratic Party refusing to help Franken.

But the Democrats preserve their incumbent losers and hobble the real democrats and ensure they hold no chairmanships on committees.  Congress doesn’t care what the American people think, the people do not control who is in office.  That is controlled by the two parties and billionaires like the Koch Brothers.  Make no mistake about it, this was done to us by the New Democratic Party of Biden and Obama.

Every liberal candidate has had to win without democratic support, from Elizabeth Warren to Sherrod Brown.  They represent true hope for America.

Wall Street laundered almost a billion dollars into the Obama campaign after he was the first candidate ever, of any party to refuse public financing.  Their campaign contributions ensured there would be no prosecutions on Wall Street and no universal healthcare. 

The shutdown in government has been sanctioned by both parties so that they can put tremendous pain on the American people.  Obama and Biden gave away the farm with the sequestration followed by the government shutdown.  Make no mistake, the sequester was Obama’s idea and occurred upon his insistence. 

Now, after all the pain sequestration has wreaked on the American people in less pay, less benefits and huge loses in income and security, loss of jobs and loss of homes, the parties are planning to let the debt ceiling fall in. 

That means, no Social Security, Medicare, VA Benefits, no unemployment or any type of assistance will take place after October 17th.  Non-essential government and contractor employees were the canaries in the coal mine. 

The American people will be so beaten down they will accept whatever crumbs the parties decide to give the American people in the form of cuts to all benefits that they have earned and paid for.

In Rupert Murdoch’s “Wall Street Journal” Paul Ryan has penned an Op Ed.  Paul Ryan who was able to go to college and whose family was supported by Social Security after his father died, wants to end Social Security for other families that may find themselves in the same circumstances.  Ryan wants cuts to Social Security and Medicare, kind of like destroying the village to save it.

"Just as a good investment gets higher returns through compound interest, structural reforms produce greater savings over time," Ryan wrote. "Most important, they make the programs more secure. They protect them for current seniors and preserve them for the next generation. That's what the president and Congress should talk about."

Ryan uses the same logic that Franklin Roosevelt warned us about. 

The Koch Brothers agenda that they have their Tea Party politicians promoting are as follows:

Their demands now include a one-year delay of the health care law, fast-track authority to overhaul the tax code, construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, offshore oil and gas production, more permitting of energy exploration on federal lands, a rollback of regulations on coal ash, blocking new Environmental Protection Agency regulations on greenhouse gas production, eliminating a $23 billion fund to ensure the orderly dissolution of failed major banks, eliminating mandatory contributions to the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, limits on medical malpractice lawsuits and an increase in means testing for Medicare, among other provisions.

America is not broke, we have been robbed.  Trillions of dollars have been stolen in 401K’s, pensions, municipal bonds, real estate, student loans, mortgage loans, and the only people in congress that can help us are not speaking up.  Time for us to fight back.
Speak up America.

By Patricia Baeten

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